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Pyramid Wedding Favours

14 Cute and Affordable Wedding Favour Ideas

Wedding favours are small tokens given to each guest by the bride and groom. They are normally presented at the wedding breakfast, on the table next to each guest’s place card. Sometimes, favours are even used instead of place cards (each one being printed with

Can You Use Lottery Tickets as Wedding Favours?

Can You Use Lottery Tickets as Wedding Favours? Wedding favours are the tiny gifts or toys you give to each guest at your wedding. Sometimes, it’s something fun to use at the reception (like bubble blowers). Other times, it’s a memento. But some people give

What Should You Have on a Wedding Table?

When your ceremony’s over, it’s time to relax at the reception. But you still want your reception to look a certain way, with decorations and a colour scheme. Part of the equation is what goes on a wedding table. What should you have on a