Groom & Groomsmen Wedding Style

Choosing the most important suit of your life can be daunting. With so many styles, fit and colours it can be difficult to know which suit to go for. Whether you are going to hire or buy your suit we have all the style inspiration you need to help you make this decision with confidence. 

The Three Piece

The three piece suit is a classic and timeless style that will never go out of fashion. This look will fit in with most themes and gives your groom and groomsmen a dapper and classy look. 

The Beach Suit

Planning a beach or abroad wedding? You’ll want to be comfortable, stylish and confident but chances are you won’t want to wear a three piece navy blue wool suit. A cream suit with a crisp white shirt are the go to option for a abroad wedding, this style is sure to turn heads. 

The Quirky Suit

Want something a little different from a traditional wedding suit style? There are a few small ways to personalise and make your suit your own. Add bright and colourful socks that match your groomsmen, these are sure to add a smile to your guest’s faces. Looking to make an impact? Choose a tartan or patterned fabric instead of a block colour. 

The Modern Suit

When it comes to the suit you choose, there are no rules. Opt for a simple and clean style of a suit jacket with matching trousers and a plain white shirt. This sleek and modern style will never go out of fashion and is a great way to be perfectly dressed without being out of your comfort zone. 

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