Classic Wedding Inspiration

Classic Wedding Inspiration

How many of us have spent hours and hours planning our dream wedding? Whether it’s as a child wearing your mothers heels, walking down a make shift aisle where the guests are your favourite teddies. Or as a 25 year old daydreaming from behind your work desk when you should be analysing a data spread sheet.

One of the most commonly desired wedding themes; is that of a traditional classic wedding. A crisp white wedding dress matched with soft pink roses, walking down the aisle to a groom in a dark navy three piece suit with a matching boutonniere.

A classic themed wedding is all about the big over the top details that you’ve been planning since long before you found your groom. This theme is traditional and timeless, a style that will forever be in fashion.

With this in mind we have found the must have invites, save the dates, table plans…everything you could need to make your wedding the day you have always dreamed off.

With a classic themed wedding, you are sure to take your guests’ breath away.


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Touched by Love Wedding Invitation


Tuxedo Favour Tin


Sheer Elegance Wedding Day Invitation 


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