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Wedding Trends You Need to Know If Getting Married in 2020

Weddings have changed so much over the last few decades. Back in the day, weddings could have been made with a cookie-cutter, the bride dressed in a traditional white dress, the groom in a black suit. The venue was a church,  the ceremony was religious,

Planning a Valentine’s Day Wedding

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to hold a wedding ceremony. But bundled with the day’s uniquely loving atmosphere are a few problems you have to be aware of. To hold a wedding on Valentine’s Day, book your venue long in advance. Many other couples

What Should You Have on a Wedding Table?

When your ceremony’s over, it’s time to relax at the reception. But you still want your reception to look a certain way, with decorations and a colour scheme. Part of the equation is what goes on a wedding table. What should you have on a

Wedding Themes and Colours: Inspiration and Budget Ideas

Your wedding is your big day, and one of the ways in which you make it yours is with your wedding theme. Your theme tells your guests what you’re all about: whether you’re glam or more relaxed, for example! The best wedding theme is one