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Wedding Dress Codes and What They Mean

If you’re in the midst of wedding-planning, you’ve probably started to think about your dress code. As the bride (or groom), you’re expected to dictate the attire that’s expected of your guests. Should it be super-formal, casual, or somewhere in between? The choice is up

Which Wedding Dress Suits Your Body Shape?

Wedding dress shopping is, for most brides, one of the most exciting parts of the entire wedding planning process. However, with hundreds of different designs to choose from, and so much confusing wedding dress terminology, it can be difficult to know where to begin. The

Do You Really Need a Wedding Theme? (Rustic, Vintage, Etc.)

A wedding theme is a particular kind of style or design choice that you’d like to establish your wedding around. You might choose your décor, attire, entertainment and even the venue itself based around this theme. Wedding themes are handy for conveying a particular atmosphere

How to Plan the Perfect Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is the perfect opportunity to get back to nature. If you want a relaxed and easy wedding day, it’s the theme for you. Think barns, gazebos, fields, flowers and forests– sounds perfect, right? There’s a reason rustic weddings are ever popular. It’s