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The Ultimate Last-Minute Wedding Checklist

Your wedding day is right around the corner! If you’re like most soon-to-be-newlyweds, you’ll probably be feeling a unique mixture of excitement and nerves. But if you’re the perfectionist type, or prone to anxiety, your head may be swimming with worry about your upcoming nuptials.

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Who Pays for the Drinks at a Wedding (You or Your Guests)?

It’s pretty much a given that at your wedding, you’ll have to pay for your guests’ food. This will comprise a three- or four-course ‘wedding breakfast’, wedding cake, and some kind of refreshment during the evening reception (a buffet or food van, for example). But

What to Do If Your Wedding Guests Don’t RSVP In Time

Every soon-to-be-married couple has one problem in common: invitees that don’t RSVP. For some reason, there are always some potential guests that refuse to respond to their invitation. It’s not always clear why, but it’s important that you find out whether they are or aren’t