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The Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Planning your wedding is likely to be one of the biggest, most stressful and time-consuming things you’ll ever do – not to mention expensive. It can pose lots of logistical and financial problems, and what doesn’t help is that most people go into it blind.

How to Deal with Pre-Wedding Stress

No-one who’s ever planned a big event, such as a wedding, could ever claim that they didn’t feel stressed at some point. When you’re trying to organise something important that has so many different aspects to it – the venue, flowers, cake, suppliers, not to

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How to Sleep the Night Before Your Wedding

If you manage to get a good night’s sleep before your wedding, you’ll enjoy your day feeling and looking refreshed. A lack of sleep, on the other hand, may lead to dark circles under your eyes, irritability and excessive yawning – none of which are

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What to Pack in Your Wedding Overnight Bag

Most newlyweds stay at a hotel on their wedding night, whether it’s at the wedding venue itself or somewhere close by. Some brides even stay at the venue the night before the wedding, too – it makes getting ready in the morning so much easier!