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13 Money-Saving Tips for Planning a Low Budget Wedding

On average, couples in the UK spend over £30,000 on their wedding day. There are so many expenses involved that this is hardly surprising. From the rings and the dress, to venue hire and catering, weddings are an undoubtedly pricey affair. Fortunately, there are plenty

Mismatching Bridesmaid Dresses by LennyBaker

How to Make Your Registry Office Wedding Special

Registry office weddings are popular among brides and grooms on a budget, and those that would prefer fewer guests. By having a smaller ceremony, you can save money and keep your special day intimate and private. But registry office weddings don’t have to be boring

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Wedding Vow Ideas to Truly Inspire

There are few words you can write or say that will ever mean more than your wedding vows. If you find yourself agonising over exactly what to write, you’re not alone, because almost everyone does. That’s why so many people stick with tried and tested