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Is It Really Necessary to Buy Gifts for Your Wedding Party?

Wedding party gifts are gifts that the bride and groom purchase (or make) for their wedding party. They’re a way of saying “thank you” for all the time, effort, and hard work that your wedding party has put in to your wedding. Not only will

Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Confetti

The image of a bride and groom being showered with colourful confetti as they leave the church is unquestionably iconic. In fact, the tradition of throwing confetti at weddings can be traced back to the middle ages. It’s how wedding guests traditionally say ‘congratulations’, and


8 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

8 Unique Wedding Guest Book Alternatives Every wedding needs a guest book. Guest books are wonderful souvenirs from your big day that you can keep forever. They contain a record of everyone who attended your wedding, and their well-wishes for your future. There’s nothing wrong

Gifts at a Wedding (a Guide)

Gifts at a Wedding (a Guide) When two people get married, there are lots of gifts that need to be bought, both for them and by them. But when do couples and bridal parties buy gifts, and what should they buy? There are three occasions