How to Set Up a Wedding Photo Booth in 8 Easy Steps

Planning a wedding includes a long list of must-dos, from booking the venue to finding that ideal dress. In fact, you’ve probably spent the last few months making sure that every detail is perfectly organised down to the last detail.
So, of course, you want to make sure that every moment of your special day is captured for you to remember forever. Hiring a wedding photographer goes without saying, but the next question is: do you need a photo booth at your wedding? The answer is a resounding yes. If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West had a photo booth at their wedding, why shouldn’t you have one too? A photo booth is a great place for your guests to let loose, have fun and create lasting memories by taking their own fun photos.
If you’re wondering how to go about setting up a wedding photo booth, you’re in the right place. Simply follow these 8 easy steps.

1. Find the Perfect Spot for Your Photo Booth

First order of business: location. You’ll want to set up your wedding photo booth in a high-traffic area that has easy access to guests, so that everyone knows it’s there. Most couples put their photo booth near the dance floor or bar area of the evening reception venue.
Just make sure that you choose an area with plenty of space. You’ll need to set up a table with all of your photo booth props, and you’ll need room for the camera tripod and any portable lighting that you choose to set up.

Also, because photo booths are extremely popular, you may find that your guests line up to wait their turn to use it. You don’t want this queue to block off any walkways or impede access to any other important areas of your venue, such as the buffet table.

2. Choose Your Photo Booth Backdrop

Although these photos will be less formal than the ones taken by your photographer, you still need to provide that perfect backdrop to make sure that the photos will come out amazing. The good news is, you have endless options when it comes to photo booth backdrops. Think outside the box and get creative!

If you’re doing a formal black-tie event, you could go for a full floral wall (fashioned from either real or faux flowers). If greenery is more your style, purchase a bulk order of faux silk or plastic plants and fern fronds to use instead.
For a beautiful and brightly-coloured background, create a light wall by investing in several strings of multicoloured fairy lights and threading them through a wire frame. Or for something a bit less dramatic, purchase some beautiful buntings and drape them over the back wall of your venue.

3. Source Your Photo Booth Props

What’s the most fun part of any wedding photo booth? The props! Now that you have your backdrop set up, it’s time to make or buy a whole variety of photo booth props that guests can grab and use for their fun and silly photos. The more options you have, the better. For example:

1) This customisable white and rose gold photo booth frame, which can be personalised with the names of the bride and groom
2) This pack of 10 fun photo booth props, which includes a cut-out microphone, bottle of champagne, glittery lips and a chalk board speech bubble for you to write your own message
3) This vintage-style wedding photo booth prop kit including a beard and moustache, glasses, bow, monocle and various signs

4) For something a little more luxurious, this I Do Crew wedding photo booth prop set including a variety of props and signs finished in quality gold foil.

You also need to make sure that your prop table set up is attractive so guests will be interested to try your photo booth. Don’t be afraid to decorate the prop table with bunting, lights, balloons or confetti to draw guests in!

4. Choose the Right Camera

While your guests can easily snap away using their own mobile phones (and many will), it’s still best to provide a camera for them to use with your photo booth.
Of course, you can always hire a photographer to take these photos and have them compiled into a digital album. But if you don’t have the budget for a photographer, you have two main options:

1) A DSLR camera mounted onto a tripod
2) A handheld instant Polaroid-style camera

Polaroid cameras are popular because photos come out right away, and they can serve as favours for guests to bring home. The only downside is that the film can be expensive, and you won’t have control over how many snaps your guests take. You also won’t have a digital copy of the photos.

A DSLR camera, on the other hand, is a great option because you just need to place it on a tripod and have a remote control that guests can use to take their shots. You’ll have digital copies to keep, and a DSLR camera produces better quality photos than your average phone or instant camera.
The downside is that you’ll need someone to man the photo booth. Lighting could change throughout your party, and camera settings will have to be adjusted periodically.

5. Invest in Good Lighting

Speaking of lighting: since your party will probably go on into the night, it’s very important to provide good lighting for your photo booth to ensure that your guests can take good quality photos throughout the entire wedding reception.
Of course, you may not need to do this if you choose a dedicated room or area of the venue which has bright, even lighting. But many wedding venues will be dimly lit in the evening, so you may need to invest in some additional illumination to ensure the photos come out well.

Speak to your photographer and they’ll be able to advise you of your options. If you don’t have the budget for professional lighting, you can add mood lighting like fairy lights, candles, lanterns, a curtain of lights or even some simple Edison bulbs. Play around with your lights and camera settings, and take test shots while setting up the venue to make sure everything looks great.

6. Set the Photo Booth Hours of Operation

In most cases, your guests will start flocking to your photo booth to take their shots as soon as they realise it’s there. But of course, you’ll want them to focus on the rest of your wedding reception, too – from the first dance to the tossing of the bouquet.
To keep your guests from getting distracted by your photo booth at crucial moments, it’s best to set an opening and closing time for the booth. This will give your guests the chance to enjoy your photo booth for part of the evening, but also take advantage of whatever other entertainment you have set up. You don’t want your guests to be laughing and posing at the photo booth while you’re dancing with your husband or cutting your cake!

7. Remind Guests of Your Photo Booth

Although you’re placing your photo booth in a high-traffic area, you’ll still need to find ways to attract guests to it. Remind them that you have a photo booth through reminders and signage all over your venue. You could also:

1) Mention your photo booth (along with its opening and closing times) in your wedding order of service
2) Add a little card on your wedding breakfast tables reminding guests to use the photo booth
3) Ask your DJ or band to make an announcement over the microphone when the photo booth opens, and another reminder just before it’s about to close

Of course, the best way to get guests using the photo booth is to use it yourself! Make sure you and your new husband or wife get snapping throughout the night and encourage your guests to join in.

8. Encourage Guests to Share Their Photos

If your guests are using their own phones to take photos on your photo booth, you should encourage them to share their shots on social media so you can compile them into your own album.
A lot of couples now use a hashtag for their wedding so that guests can tag them on their images. You should also provide instructions near your photo booth area to remind guests to share their images with you.
For example, have a peg board on your photo booth prop table with an invitation to “share your snaps on social media”, along with your chosen wedding hashtag.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Photo Booth Props and Accessories?

Having a photo booth at your wedding is a great way to keep guests entertained while you collect memories that you can look back on a few years from now.
The truth is, you don’t need to spend a lot just to put together a photo booth that guests will talk about. You just need to be creative with your ideas and make sure that you have all the basics covered—from the perfect spot in your party to the right camera that guests can use for taking their photos.

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