12 Stunning Floral Wedding Décor Ideas for All Seasons

Choosing the exact date—and season—for your wedding is definitely one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in the process of planning your nuptials.
Some choose to get married in the lush summertime, with floaty cocktail dresses, bright colour schemes and blazing sun to light up their wedding photos. Others prefer to have a cosy winter wedding, all wrapped up in warm furs and serving warm mulled wine to their guests for a festive celebration.

Whatever your choice of season, there’s one décor item that is an absolute must at any wedding: flowers! Whether you’re going flower-heavy and having a floral-themed spring garden wedding, or simply want a touch of greenery and blooms to accentuate your theme, having the right floral décor will set the tone and ambiance for your celebration. What flowers are available will depend on the season, too, and this can impact your colour scheme.

We’ve gathered 12 of the best floral wedding décor ideas that you can try for winter, spring, summer and autumn. Enjoy!

Floral Décor Ideas for a Winter Wonderland Wedding

Getting married during winter is all about embracing the holiday season. It’s considered off-season for weddings since most people are focused on the festivities. But this isn’t a downside – far from it, as you’ll find that you can find wedding suppliers, venues and even decorations for cheaper than you would in the summer!
If you want to exchange vows while surrounded by snow (whether real or artificial), add spice to the otherwise boring white background with these floral décor ideas:

Bare Branches

It’s winter anyway, so you can expect to see a lot of bare trees with their leaves fallen off. To adapt the same ambiance, you can make use of branches as the focal point of your décor – such as using a collection of branches as a table centrepiece, complete with sliced logs for your table places.
The feel of the bare branches will instantly transport your guests to a winter wonderland where everything looks natural. Remember that a winter-themed wedding doesn’t have to be overly flowery.

Use a Clever Pop of Colour

If you look at most winter weddings, you’ll see an abundance of white and pale, ice-blue when it comes to colour schemes. But for a bold and beautiful look, why not choose a single vivid colour and combine that with the white elements of your décor?

For instance, you can use red Ecuadorian roses or poinsettias that will add that touch of flair to your winter-themed celebration. Deep, wine-red is a classic winter wedding colour that will work well with a pale backdrop and in low light levels.

Winter Foliage

The great thing about decorating a winter wedding is that you can keep things simple and they’ll still look elegant when combined with the snowy background outside.
Foliage is another great way to add colour to your venue without overspending on flowers. You can use different types and sizes of foliage to create texture and warmth throughout your venue.
Some classic examples of winter foliage include mistletoe, holly, and ivy. This will give your wedding an instant, natural Christmassy feel. Don’t be afraid to make use of it in foliage archways, for example, as an alternative to traditional flowers!

Floral Décor Ideas for a Sweet Spring Wedding

Spring always has its unique charm and flair, especially with the abundance of natural elements such as flowers and new leaves throughout this season. If you want to get married during spring, you have to go for that dainty, sweet look that will surely have everyone swooning. Here are some ideas that you can use:

Embrace the Greenery

Most spring weddings are held outdoors and this gives you the opportunity to use the natural foliage as part of your backdrop for the party. Vines work best for spring weddings since they give that unique flair and can cover up a huge space without you spending a lot on flowers.
You can even adapt this theme into every element of your wedding. For example, ask your florist to provide you with the freshest spring leaves, and use them to decorate your cake! You can use greenery alone, or combine it with spring blossoms for a pop of colour.

Get in the Garden

If you’re getting married in a backyard, embrace your surrounding by lining your aisle with potted plants of different sizes and textures. You can complete the look with a fresh spring floral archway for that beautiful romantic garden look.
You can even put new spring plants, such as daffodils, into pots and use them to decorate your wedding venue if you’re marrying indoors.

Go All Out on Flowers

Spring is the perfect season to go all out on flowers because this is the season during which most flowers are in season. You’ve got your pick of a huge variety of different blooms, in varying colours, sizes and price points.
But to prevent things from getting too overwhelming, aim to choose a single colour palate and just add little pops of colours to your arrangements to make them more interesting.

For instance, you can go for white tulips as your main element and add other types of flowers in bold colours to compliment them. Or go for yellow and have an array of daffodils, buttercups and marigolds to celebrate the upcoming sunny weather.
Pastel colours are absolutely classic for spring, too. If this is you, ask your florist to provide you with an abundance of pale yellow, lavender, blush and baby blue blooms for that sweet look.

Floral Décor Ideas for a Sunny Summer Wedding

Oh, to get married under the summer sun! If your idea of the perfect wedding involves the sun, sand and beach, here are some floral décor ideas that you can use:

Use Seasonal Flowers to Keep Costs Down

It’s not hard to find some of the most beautiful flowers in bloom during summer season, so take advantage of that when decorating.
For starters, create a centrepiece that showcases all the abundant summer flowers in your area. You can choose from peonies, zinnias, garden roses and dahlias, and even combine them together to create a unique look.
If you want to go for off-season spring flowers, such as tulips, you might end up paying through the nose for “forced” blooms, since they aren’t naturally around during the summer. Your florist will be able to advise.

Make a Statement at the Venue Entrance

If you want to wow your guests the moment they step inside your venue, you can create a floral arch at the entrance using thick branches, some greenery and flowers that will instantly transport your guests into a summer sanctuary.
And whether you’re getting married indoors or outdoors, don’t be afraid to bring the flowers to your guests, too. A lot of couples now have chair wreaths as part of their wedding décor because of that summer vibe that they give off. You can either choose to keep your wreaths simple with just greens or you can add some flowers here and there to complete the look.

Choose Bright, Bold Colours

The great thing about summer weddings is that, chances are, you’ll have full sun all day. This is the perfect excuse to go for a vivid, bold colour scheme – because lurid colours absolutely pop in the summer sun. It wouldn’t make sense, for example, to have a vibrant hot pink and orange colour scheme in the dull light of winter – but in summer it’s a fantastic choice!
Don’t be afraid to match your flowers with your outfits as well, such as bridesmaid’s sashes and shoes. You want to wow your guests – this is the perfect way to do it!

Floral Décor Ideas for a Golden Autumn Wedding

The word “autumn” may evoke images of leaves falling off trees and the weather getting colder, but there’s a certain gorgeous, crisp, golden aesthetic that make autumn weddings some of the most beautiful. You can make this season as magical as possible by embracing these floral décor ideas for your wedding:

Choose a Warm Colour Palette

Fall is all about beautiful, warm colours like reds, yellows, golds, browns and oranges. Ask your florist to help you select flowers within the same colour family to really enhance the fall vibes at your wedding.
You can also make use of autumn leaves and branches to make the most of the natural abundance all around you, whether it’s for your bouquet or your floral arrangement at the party.

Go for a Rustic or Woodsy Theme

This season truly showcases nature’s beauty, so keep your high-glam, decorate elements to a minimum. Don’t overcrowd your venue with a lot of swanky décor. There’s no need to go all-out with artifice when there’s a whole world of beautiful nature around you to take inspiration from!
Keep things simple instead by focusing on natural décor such as wood, glass, hessian and burlap, maybe with a touch of metallic elements in there as well for a little sparkle and shine.

Embrace the Ombre

A fall wedding is the perfect time to embrace the ombre look into your décor. For instance, you can use different shades of flowers throughout your venue to keep things minimal yet still interesting. Don’t be afraid to add a few pops of green in there, and coordinate your décor through the autumn spectrum all the way through yellows, reds and golds.
Why not break tradition and add an ombré element to your wedding dress or outfit as well, rather than sticking to pure white? Choose an ivory dress that slowly fades into gold, for example, or make a statement in some orange-red heels.

Choose Matching Wedding Stationery for Your Seasonal Wedding

Choosing a wedding theme and colour scheme is definitely one of the most exciting parts of planning your dream wedding. So, whether you’re getting married during the winter, spring, summer or fall, you have to be as creative as possible in choosing the different elements to embrace for your celebration.

The trick here is to take inspiration from your surroundings and incorporating them into your décor to really get the right ambiance as you exchange your vows with your significant other.
Use these ideas as your inspiration for your wedding décor and add your own personal touch to make your celebration truly yours. But don’t forget to also coordinate your wedding stationery with your chosen theme!

At Bride and Groom Direct, you’ll find an enormous range of wedding save the dates, invitations and more, all designed to coordinate with a core theme and match seamlessly with one another. Have a browse through our selection and find the design that speaks to you personally, whether it’s a pastel spring palette or a gold and red winter’s dream.

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