11 Personalised Items You Really Need at Your Wedding

Whether you’re just beginning your wedding planning journey, or have been organising your nuptials for some time, you’ll know that wedding planning is a huge ordeal. There are many little decisions that need to be made before the big day. And with so many details, it can get overwhelming and difficult to keep track of everything.

That’s why we put together this list of 11 personalised items that you really need at your wedding. Some items are necessary to help your day run smoothly and without a hitch, while others are purely decorative, and are designed to look great in photos (as well as making for memorable wedding day keepsakes).
We’ll talk you through each item, how you can personalise it, and why it’s an absolute must-have for a memorable and well-run wedding day.

1. Personalised Order of Service

The very first thing your guests will see as they enter your ceremony venue is the Order of Service. It’s sure to be a keepsake guests cherish for years to come!
The order of service is a guide which leads guests through the ceremony. Yours might start with welcome words from the celebrant, and outline any upcoming readings, hymns (or other songs), and vows.
Your personalised order of service will help your guests understand what’s going to happen and when. You can also add details of what’s going to happen after the ceremony, if you wish.

2. Personalised Wedding Table Plan

A personalised table plan is an integral part of any wedding. This shows where your guests will sit when they arrive at your wedding breakfast, so this needs to be hung up or displayed somewhere prominent that nobody can miss. This helps avoid any last minute mix-ups which is less stressful for everyone.

When planning for seating arrangements, there are no shortages of details to remember! From names to numbers of tables to keeping track of who has dietary restrictions and where they’re sitting, things can get overwhelming very quickly. That’s why personalised table plans are so handy! At Bride and Groom Direct, we offer various styles and designs of table plans, so you can pick one that matches your décor perfectly.

3. Personalised Place Cards

When you’re dividing your guests into groups to sit at tables with certain people, place cards are necessary. They’re a great way to ensure all your guests are in the right place and they can also be a lovely keepsake for each guest years to come. If you don’t already know, place cards are put at each guest’s seat so they know where to sit when they enter the dining room.

At Bride and Groom Direct we offer fully personalised printed place cards which you can use at any wedding celebration. We have various different designs and fonts so you can add your own accents, and lots of different colours to choose from too. And of course, all of our place cards are fully customisable with each guest’s name.

4. Personalised Menu Cards

Nobody likes to sit down for a meal with no idea of what they’re about to eat. Personalised menu cards are informative for guests, and help keep things running smoothly behind the scenes, too.
Menu cards are thick, beautifully printed cards that tell your guests what they’ll be eating. They can also be customised to give details about potential allergens in each meal, and can be marked to clearly show vegetarian and vegan options.
The menu card is usually displayed at each guest’s place setting, or dotted strategically along the table. If you’re offering guests a choice of food and need a pre-order before the day, you can also send out wedding menu cards in the post with your wedding invitations.

5. Personalised Wedding Wine Bottle Labels

Most brides and grooms serve wine during the wedding breakfast or reception. Whether you’re placing bottles on your tables for your guests to help themselves, or have instructed your caterers to top up everyone’s wine periodically, personalised wine bottle labels are a great way of adding a little extra sentimental touch to your wedding meal.

Wine bottle labels come on self-adhesive (sticky) paper, so you can stick them straight to the bottle after first removing the existing label. You can add the newlyweds’ names, your wedding date, and a message to your guests – such as “thank you for attending our special day”. Some wine bottle labels even allow you to upload a photo to the design. (Tip: wine bottle labels also make great additions to alcoholic gifts!)

6. Personalised Cake Knife and Server Set

Have you given any thought to how you’re going to cut your wedding cake? Would you use a boring, normal knife, or use something totally unique and personalised to make it stand out from the crowd?

A beautifully made and engraved cake knife and server set is a wonderful keepsake for any newlywed couple, and it also looks fantastic in those all-important “cutting the cake” wedding photos. Whether you’re serving a classic fruit cake or a novelty wedding cake that’s totally unique, a personalised knife and server set is a great way to make your day that little bit more special.

7. Personalised Wedding Cake Topper

The cake topper can be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding day – and it’s where all your guest’s eyes will be drawn when they gaze upon your beautiful wedding cake. It’s also an important part of setting the overall decor for your reception.
So, why settle for a generic wedding cake topper, when you can have something personalised and truly unique to you? Choose an edible cake topper (such as a little fondant couple) if you want to have your topper and eat it too.

But if you want something that will last a lifetime, you could also choose an inedible and personalised cake topper such as this Engraved Heart Shaped Cake Topper. This beautiful memento is engraved with a motif of your choice, along with your names and wedding date.

8. Personalised Wedding Guest Book

A wedding guest book is an absolute essential at any wedding. Guests can write their messages on the pages of the guest book, wish the happy couple well, and sign their names. You can keep the guestbook as a long-lasting memento of your special day, and look back on it whenever you want to remember who you celebrated with.

But did you know that you can get customised guest books to really add a personal touch to your special day? Wedding guest books come in a huge range of designs and styles, many of which can be personalised, such as this gorgeous Felicity Guest Book. You can add your names and wedding date to the front of the book, and choose your preferred colour scheme to match your wedding décor. Many of our designs also coordinate with our other stationery items, so that you can choose one that perfectly coordinates with your wedding aesthetic.

9. Personalised Wedding Aisle Runner

Having a wedding aisle runner at your ceremony location adds a sense of occasion, importance, and theatre to your wedding day. It can also add a splash of colour and style – and if you’re not too crazy about how your ceremony venue floor looks, an aisle runner is the perfect thing to cover it up!

Sure, you could go for a standard, plain aisle runner in a solid block colour. But if you’re looking for something that’s truly bespoke for your wedding, then we’d suggest investing in a personalised wedding aisle runner that can be customised with your wedding details.
Aisle runners come in a range of sizes and carry different motifs such as floral patterns, swirls, love hearts and botanicals. Some aisle runners can even be personalised with pictures, such as this Photo Upload 10m Personalised Aisle Runner.

10. Personalised Wedding Photo Booth Frame

Are you having a photo booth at your wedding? If so, adding a customised photo booth frame into the mix can be a great way to personalise the whole experience. Guests will love posing inside the frame, especially if you’ve also provided a range of funny photo booth props – such as moustaches and glasses. The resulting pictures are sure to spread like wildfire on social media and make for great memories!

You will find an enormous range of styles for photo frames, so it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits your wedding theme and style. This Personalised Photo Booth Frame comes with copper letter sticker sheets, allowing you to add your names or whatever message you’d like to the frame. All you’ll need is a steady hand!

11. Personalised Decorative Wedding Buntings

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a beautifully decorated wedding venue that will wow your guests. Buntings are a brilliant choice if you’re looking for colourful, cheap and eye-catching decorations. They can be hung from the ceiling, draped along walls or strung above doorways and archways to create an attractive backdrop that perfectly suits the mood of your day.

You might also consider investing in some personalised decorative wedding bunting for an extra special touch. This Personalised Hearts & Flowers Bunting, for example, can be customised with your names and wedding date. It’s available in your choice of pink or pale green, so you can choose whichever style would best suit your theme.

Order Your Personalised Wedding Stationery and Accessories with Bride and Groom Direct

Embrace the power of print by adding some uniqueness to your wedding stationery and accessories! There are so many ways to make yours one-of-a-kind from top notch designs, patterns and artwork right down to fonts, wording and layouts.
Whether it’s an order of service, table plan, place cards or a cake knife and server set – having personalised items at your wedding will really help you celebrate your big day in style.

At Bride and Groom Direct, we stock a wide variety of personalised wedding accessories and stationery items to help you customise your special day. Our range includes wedding invitations, thank you cards and so much more! To see our full selection, head on over to our homepage today.

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