11 Distinctive Wedding Day Keepsake Ideas

Wedding preparations can be daunting, considering the long list of things to accomplish before the big day. From looking for that perfect wedding dress that fits your style and flatters your figure to the venue and wedding theme, no detail can be missed.
But this ceremonial occasion is not just about how gorgeous you look, how perfect the celebration of your union is, or what your guests think of your big day. It is also about keeping the memories to last forever.

After the party and guests go home, your wedding day is over. And you need something to remember the special day: keepsakes that will hold on to the memories, and will bring you back to that beautiful day every time you look at them.
With all the hard work needed to pull off your dream wedding, choosing the best wedding keepsake should be fun and easy. Here are some of the best wedding keepsakes that you can buy before the big day.

1. Anniversary Journal

A wedding journal book for couples is a simple way of telling your love story. Fill the pages with all the memories from not only your wedding day itself, but all of your subsequent anniversaries – from your first wedding through to your 70th, if you’re lucky enough to celebrate it!
Wedding journal books also have space for photos that highlight each year being a wedded couple. Relive your love story and watch how it has blossomed through the years.

2. Wedding Time Capsule

Preserve your wedding mementos in a personalised wedding capsule. Save important memorabilia from your wedding day and save time by putting everything that does not fit in a scrapbook in the capsule.
Then, choose a date to open the time capsule again when can both reminisce about all the good stuff in the first year of your marriage.
If you’re going to bury the time capsule outside, make sure you mark the spot so that you can find it again! Alternatively, you can just keep your time capsule sealed somewhere in your home.

3. Personalised Wedding Cake Server Set

A wedding cake server set makes for a long-lasting wedding keepsake that you can use for many wedding anniversaries to come. Your initials, your wedding date, and/or the words “bride” and “groom” can be engraved on either the knife or the cake server, depending on the design you choose.

There is no better way to celebrate that iconic moment of cutting the wedding cake, and the next anniversary cakes to come. Wedding cake fork sets also look absolutely beautiful in those all-important wedding photos.
Our favourite is this beautiful Heart Handles Serving Set. With handles formed out of gorgeous silver hearts, and your details engraved onto the blade of the knife, it makes for a timelessly elegant wedding keepsake.

4. Glass Display Case

Display wedding memorabilia in a secure, glass-fronted box that can be a great addition to your wall decoration. Whatever you put into the display case is up to you, but we suggest memorably items such as:

1) A collage of your favourite wedding photos
2) Your wedding bouquet, if it’s artificial – or pressed petals from your live bouquet
3) One of your beautiful wedding invitations
4) Jewellery that you wore on your wedding day

The great thing about glass display cases is that, rather than having to keep your wedding mementos tucked away, you can display them proudly for all to see. Just make sure to mount it in a shady place, as you don’t want anything to suffer sun-damage.

5. Wooden Keepsake Box

A wedding keepsake box will store and protect your cherished wedding mementos: wedding cards, veil, photos, champagne cork, and more. An engraved wooden box will keep these souvenirs for years.
We love this Vintage Half Sized Wedding Crate in particular. This personalised box can be customised with your names and your wedding date, and creates a beautiful memento that you can display in your home for years to come.
You can even order multiple and use them as table centrepieces on your wedding day!

6. Message Jar

A wedding keepsake message jar allows you to keep messages from guests at your wedding that you can read at a later time. You can get jars made from many different materials, such as ceramic or glass, so there are plenty to choose from depending on your style preferences.
This Wedding Wishing Jar Guest Book is a fantastic and beautiful option. It comes with a lid and 100 blank wooden hearts, for your guests to leave their messages of thanks and good wishes on your wedding day. You can keep it for years to come and look back on the messages whenever you want, to remind yourself of everyone who celebrated with you!

7. Wedding Photo Album

This may be a classic, and therefore a pretty obvious option, but a wedding photo album will never go out of style. In today’s digital world, more and more brides and grooms are opting to receive their wedding photos in digital format only (on a USB stick or through email). However, there’s something just so beautiful about sitting with your spouse and going through a physical wedding photo album.
You can choose from a huge range of different wedding photo albums in various colours, styles and sizes. We love this Always and Forever Gold Foil Photo Album, featuring an elegant ivory and gold theme, and finished with a golden ribbon. There’s space on the front of the album for your favourite photo!

8. Personalised Wedding Certificate Holder

Most people store their marriage certificate away in their filing cabinet. But once you’ve presented it to all the relevant authorities when changing your name (if you’re choosing to do so), there’s no need to keep it tucked away out of sight forever!
Instead, store and preserve one of your most important wedding mementos in a beautiful wedding certificate holder, like this Love Story Wedding Certificate Holder. Adorned with rustic twine and wooden hearts reading “Mr” and “Mrs”, this holder will keep your certificate safe from sun damage while presenting it beautifully, allowing you take it out and look at it whenever you’d like.

9. Wooden Photo Box

Store and protect your wedding photos in a stylish way. Wooden photo boxes can be customised according to your preference. You can choose a favourite photo of the day and have it printed on the front of the box along with your wedding details: names or initials and wedding date. Engraving is another option that is simple yet elegant.
You can choose a wooden photo box with two compartments of different sizes to separate the bigger and smaller items. The bigger compartment can hold a photo album while the smaller one can store photos, pen, USB flash drive, or scroll.

10. Wooden Block Guest Book

Keep your guests’ well wishes in a fun and unique way with a wooden block guest book, such as this lovely Build a Memory Building Blocks Guest Book. On your wedding day, your family and friends can write their names and their messages on these blank wooden blocks. Made of superb and sturdy quality, you can read back all the good memories and congratulations from your loved ones.
You can stack the blocks together to create a beautiful centrepiece for a table or shelf at home. And what’s more, you can actually use the blocks to play a fun game afterwards – taking turns to remove pieces until the tower falls over!

11. Engraved Glass Cake Topper

What’s better than an edible wedding cake topper made of fondant icing or sugar paste? The answer is a gorgeous, sturdy and long-lasting glass cake topper, such as this Engraved Heart Shaped Cake Topper. Over time, edible wedding cake toppers will eventually rot away, or be eaten – whereas a glass cake topper will last forever.
You can have your wedding date and names engraved on this topper, and choose from over 50 different motifs to go in the centre (from love hearts to roses).

Tips for Choosing a Wedding Day Keepsake

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding day keepsakes.
1) Choose a distinctive wedding day keepsake that is significant to both of you. Think about your love story and the things that you have in common.
2) Opt for wedding keepsakes that are durable, and will last for years after the wedding. The las thing you want is for your memento to break before your first anniversary.
3) Only shop from a reputable wedding supplier, such as Bride and Groom Direct. That way, you know you’ll be getting something of great quality.
4) Always ask for available options for personalisation.
5) Make sure to give enough time for the supplier to fulfil your orders. Personalised wedding keepsakes take some time to be customised so keep in touch with your supplier and set proper expectations.

Nothing beats the feeling of choosing to spend the rest of your life with the person you truly love in front of the people that matters to you the most. How comforting it is to be surrounded by love in your blissful union. How sweet it is to remember all the fun and love you had on your wedding day – hence why it’s so important to keep all the memories that you can revisit whenever you like.
Take your pick from the suggested distinctive wedding day keepsake items that will help you keep your blissful wedding memories.

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