What Signs Do You Need for Your Wedding?

There’s undoubtedly a lot to consider when it comes to planning your wedding. Once you start to think about decorating your wedding venue, one question you might ask yourself is what signs you’ll need.

Unlike purely decorative items, such as lights and floral centrepieces, signage serves a practical purpose as well as a decorative one – and it’s pretty necessary if you want your big day to go smoothly. Signs are an easy way to ensure that your guests know what to do and where they’re supposed to be at any given time.

There are many different types of signs that can be used at weddings. Which signs you’ll need will depend on your wedding venue and setup, as well as the size of your celebration.

This guide will cover what wedding signs are and which signs you’ll need. We’ll give you some examples of both practical and decorative wedding signs so that you can choose the perfect ones for your wedding day.

What Are Wedding Signs?

Wedding signs are any type of communication used to tell guests where they need to be, what they’re supposed to do, or when something is about to happen. They can help keep things orderly at your wedding ceremony and reception by making sure that everyone knows where they should be, and where to find things around the venue. Signs are particularly helpful at larger venues, where guests may get lost.

Wedding signage is also very helpful for communicating what to do. For example, signs can tell guests how to find the restrooms or where they should be seated. They can also help communicate etiquette with guests – such as telling guests that they’re allowed to help themselves at the buffet or the sweet table.

You might also have a wedding sign showing guests the table plan for the wedding breakfast, helping them to find their seats. You might also have a sign at the bar with information on what cocktails are on offer, or instructing guests on how to use their drink tokens. Basically, anything you need your guests to know, you can communicate it using signage!

Do I Really Need Signs at My Wedding?

We all know that weddings are chaotic, and it’s easy for things to get confusing. So the answer is yes: you should absolutely have signs at your wedding ceremony and reception!

You might be apprehensive about spending money on wedding signage, especially if you’re working with a smaller budget. However, wedding signs don’t need to be expensive – there’s a huge range of affordable options out there that will suit your budget.

Practical signs include anything from telling guests where they can find the restrooms or their seats at the wedding breakfast, to instructing them how to help themselves at your buffet (rather than standing around awkwardly, being unsure what to do).

Decorative signs include things like buntings and banners that help make the room look prettier for you and your guests! Though decorative signs don’t serve a practical purpose, they are still an important addition to your wedding. The right decorative wedding signs can help tie your theme and colour scheme together, and really take your wedding décor up a notch.

What Wedding Signs Do I Need?

The answer depends on what kind of wedding you’re having, how large your venue is, and what information you need to communicate with your guests. However, there are certain signs that should feature at every wedding no matter what.

If you’re having a small or intimate wedding with less than 50 guests, and your venue is on the smaller side too, then practical signs such as place cards for the wedding breakfast might be all you need. But if you’re having a big wedding and your venue is in a larger location, then you should also consider displaying directional and informational signs to tell guests where to go and what to do.

Decorative signs are a great way to personalise your venue, and help accentuate your wedding theme. You can use banners and bunting to decorate walls, tables and chairs. These decorative elements will make your wedding venue feel more magical, and can also help to cover over any flaws in your venue (such as a crack in the wall).

Practical Wedding Signs

Some examples of practical signs that you might need at your wedding are:

1) Signs directing guests to important rooms at the venue, such as the toilets, the dance floor, and the dining room. These Scripted Marble Wedding Signs fit the bill perfectly, and would work with almost any wedding colour scheme.

2) A sign pointing guests to the ceremony room, such as this charming Vintage Affair This Way Wedding Sign.

3) A sign instructing guests which side of the aisle to sit on (bride or groom). Or, if you’re skipping this tradition, a sign telling guests to sit wherever they like! For example, this Chalkboard Wooden Sign – Two Families Become One.

4) Table plan and place cards (so that guests can find their seats at the meal). The Ribbons table plan can be fully customised to suit your colour scheme, and comes with matching personalised place cards.

5) Food labels (e.g. “vegan”) for the buffet

6) Beverage signs showing which drinks you have on offer at the bar (and pricing). This Peg Board with Gold Letters would be perfect.

7) “Reserved” signs for VIP seats. These Vintage Affair Mr. and Mrs. Signs are perfect for hanging on the backs of your chairs at the reception, so that other guests know not to sit there!

You might also like to include signs directing guests to particular features at your reception. For example, this Scripted Marble Candy Cart Bunting can be seen from across the room, and will help guests to find the sweet table.

This Mr & Mrs Metal Wedding Sign, reading “please leave your wishes for the new Mr & Mrs”, can be displayed above the wedding post box to aid guests in finding where to leave their cards.

Decorative Wedding Signs

Decorative wedding signs are more about adding a touch of elegance to your venue, rather than providing practical information.
They might not tell guests where to go or what to do, but they’ll help to tie your wedding theme together. You can get decorative signs to match a variety of wedding themes, such as rustic, vintage or floral.

Decorative signs might include things like:

1) Buntings to decorate the walls (perfect for rustic and vintage weddings). For example, this Vintage Affair Hessian Just Married Bunting, made of rustic hessian material and finished with lace. For a more glamorous occasion, this Pink & Gold Just Married Wedding Bunting might be a better fit.

2) Cute plaques to hang above the top table at the wedding breakfast, such as this Amore Mr & Mrs Plaque, decorated with beautiful crystals to add a touch of sparkle.

3) Banners bearing your names and wedding date, such as this Personalized Hearts & Flowers Bunting which is available in either pink or green.

4) Light-up wall plaques – not only do they look pretty, but they help light up your venue, too! For example, this Amore Together Light Up Wall Plaque.

The great thing about decorative signs is that they can be kept afterwards as beautiful keepsakes. They’re a great way to remember your wedding day, and all the work you put into it. If they aren’t too strongly wedding-themed, they can also be reused at future occasions, such as anniversary parties.

Do All Venues Need Wedding Signs?

Theoretically, not all venues need wedding signage. Some purpose-built wedding venues will already have signs pointing guests towards the restrooms, dining room, ceremony room, and so on. If this is the case, adding your own signage might end up making the venue look cluttered or confusing.

Additionally, some venues are small enough that signage just isn’t necessary – for example, if the venue comprises just one room which serve as the all-in-one ceremony room, dining room and dance floor.

We’d recommend visiting your wedding venue at least a few times before the big day and taking note of where everything is, and how much signage there is already. And of course, don’t forget about signs directing guests to their tables and their seats – these are a necessity no matter where you’re getting married.

Where Can I Buy Wedding Signage?

At Bride and Groom Direct, we stock a wide range of wedding signs, banners and buntings to add a special touch to your wedding decor, and help guests find where to go.

Whether you’re in need of practical signage or just want to add a touch of sparkle to the walls, we have signs to fit every wedding theme and colour scheme. We also sell hundreds of customisable wedding invitations and other accessories to help tie your theme together.

If you’re not sure which sign you need – or what type of wedding signage would suit the style and theme of your day – then don’t worry! Our helpful team are always on hand with ideas and suggestions. And don’t worry if you’ve left it a little on the late side – we always aim to ship orders within 5 business days. Shop with Bride and Groom Direct today and join our thousands of satisfied customers!

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