What Do You Put on a Wedding Note Card?

Wedding note cards, also called guest information cards, are small cards typically sent out alongside wedding invitations (in the same envelope). These cards allow you to provide extra information and extraneous details about your wedding that can’t fit on the invitation itself, or would look out of place.

Unlike a wedding invitation, there’s no standard as to what should and shouldn’t be included on a note card. The information that you put on your wedding note card largely depends on what you would like to inform people of about your day. The possibilities are almost endless – just think about what you’d need to know if you were a guest, and go from there.

This article will talk you through why you need to include note cards with your wedding invitations, and what you can use them for.

Why Do I Need Wedding Note Cards?

In general, it is a good practice to include a wedding note card with your invitations. This is because it allows you to easily pass on information that is important about your day.
Instead of ringing or texting each guest individually, or cluttering your invitation with extra details, a wedding note card allows you to give your attendees all the information they’ll need in an elegant and easy way.

To avoid stress during wedding planning, wedding note cards can be used to pass on answers to questions that your guests may ask. For example: what is the dress code? Does the venue have parking? Do you have a gift list?

Due to the rising popularity of wedding note cards, they have now become just as decorative as wedding invitations. This means you do not have to worry about a wedding note card looking boring or out of place. You can find beautiful note cards that match with your invitations and will help to accentuate the aesthetic of your big day.

What Should I Put on a Wedding Note Card?

There are many different details that you might choose to include on your wedding note card. They’re perfect for any information that your guests will need to know, but which won’t fit on the invitation itself.

Directions to the Venue

If your wedding venue is in the middle of nowhere, you may want to consider using your wedding note card to give guests more detailed instructions as to how to reach your venue. This could include driving directions, a map, nearby parking, and local bus or train routes. You could even include a number for a local taxi service.

Direction Note Cards

Direction Note Cards

Nearby Accommodation

If some of your guests will have to travel far (more than an hour) to reach your venue, you may want to include recommendations for nearby accommodation, such as hotels or bed and breakfasts. If you speak to a hotel in advance to arrange a room block, you may be able to secure a discount rate for your guests.

Dress Code

If you have a specific dress code for your wedding you may want to let guests know of this on your wedding note card. Guests will want to know of this when they receive your invitation so that they can start shopping for and planning their outfit according to your wishes.

Catering Information

You may also want to tell guests of what type of food you are planning on serving at your wedding – even if you aren’t offering your guests a choice of food. This is so that any guests with allergies, dietary restrictions or food aversions can let you know well in advance when they RSVP.

Outerwear/Footwear Recommendations

Are you getting married outdoors, or at a particularly cold time of year? A wedding note card can be the perfect place to offer guests recommendations as to what to wear to protect them from the elements. For example: “we know you’ll want to look your best in a snazzy suit or dress, but please don’t forget to bring a coat to our winter wedding!”

The same applies in reverse, of course – if you’re having a destination wedding in a hot country, it’s only fair to warn guests that they will need appropriate hot-weather gear and sun cream. And if you’re getting married on a beach, don’t forget to advise your guests not to wear stilettos – otherwise they’ll sink in the sand!

Wedding Transportation

If you’re hiring a coach or wedding cars to transport your guests to and/or from the wedding, include details about this on your wedding note card. This is the perfect place to advise guests that they need to contact you to book a seat (and tell them how to do it).

Local Amenities and Attractions

For guests that may be unfamiliar with the town or city you’re getting married in, it can be helpful to include some information on local amenities, tourist attractions or restaurants, for example. This is particularly useful if your guests will be staying overnight in the local area, and will need extra things to do.

Special Requests or Restrictions

Are there any special requests or restrictions that you are imposing on your guests? For example, have you decided that your wedding day will be child-free, or are you having an “unplugged wedding” (no mobile phones allowed)? If so, this is something you’ll need to inform your guests of well in advance, and the wedding note card is the perfect place for this.

What If I Have a Wedding Website?

Wedding websites have grown massively in popularity over the last few years. The idea of wedding websites is that you can collate all the information about your wedding in one place. This means that you don’t have to worry about the space that you have on your invite or wedding note card. It also means that your guests can access this information at any time, even if they misplaced your note card or invitation.

If you have a lot going on at your wedding that you want to let people know about, you may opt to have a wedding website. The best use of a wedding note card in collaboration with a wedding website would be to let guests know of how to access your website. Include a brief statement saying “for more information, see our wedding website”, and a link underneath (or a QR code for guests to scan).

Should I Include a Gift List on My Wedding Note Card?

You probably shouldn’t include a gift list on your wedding note card. This is because that mentioning gifts at all on the invitation can be seen as tacky or gift-grabby. (Note cards count as part of the “invitation suite”, so they aren’t exempt from this rule.)
However, you can mention on your note card if you don’t want gifts at all: for example, “no gifts please – your presence is the only present we need”.

If you decide to go gift free at your wedding, people will need to know about this at the same time that they receive their invite. This is to make sure that no one purchases you a gift before finding out that you don’t want any.
If you have specific gifting requests (such as wanting donations towards a honeymoon) you may want to put these on your wedding website. If you decide to do this you should include a link to the website on the note card, so that guests can find it easily.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Note Card?

Choosing a wedding note card is usually much simpler than choosing an invitation. This is because most people will choose a note card after choosing what invitation they would like to have for their big day.

It is recommended that you base your wedding note card design on your invitation – they should both have a similar theme and colour scheme. This is because invitations and wedding note cards are sent together in the same envelope.
At Bride and Groom Direct, we stock hundreds of note cards that are designed to match our wedding invitations. If you choose a wedding invitation that does not have a matching note, you could opt for the Pearl Note Card or Cream Note Card as these would complement most wedding invitations nicely.

How Should I Send My Wedding Invitations and Note Cards?

If you want your wedding note card and invitation to look even more magical, you could try some of these simple invite but effective ideas to create your invitation suite.

1) Tie the invite and note card together with Satin Ribbon

2) Select a folded or pocket-style wedding invitation, and put the note card inside

3) Stick the notecard to the invite with a Sticker
4) Fill your envelope with Vintage Affair Confetti

5) Consider also having a matching Drinks Token to tie the theme together

Post your wedding invitations, along with your note cards, in the same envelope around 6-8 weeks before your big day (or earlier if you did not send a save the date).

Where Can I Buy Wedding Note Cards?

At Bride and Groom Direct we stock a large range of all types of wedding stationery, including wedding note cards. Our high-quality stationery and accessories are easy to order, and will be with you between 3 and 5 days after purchase.
With over 5,000 reviews on Trust pilot, you can order stress-free knowing that your stationery is in good hands.
As well as stationary we also stock a wide range of wedding gifts and accessories that would suit a range of wedding venues and themes. All product ranges are constantly expanding, so be on the look out for new unique and fashionable wedding ideas at Bride and Groom direct.

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