Ultimate Guide to Wedding Cake Toppers: 15 Unique Ideas for Your Wedding Cake

There’s nothing more exciting than planning for your wedding, especially when it comes to the details. Unfortunately, planning a wedding cake is no small feat and can be an overwhelming process.
With so many options and ideas available to you, planning your cake can become confusing. However, there are many creative ways to add a personal touch to your wedding cake. And cake toppers don’t always have to be expensive or extravagant to look amazing!
Today, we’ll discuss some important considerations when choosing a wedding cake topper. We’ll also share 15 unique wedding cake toppers that will help you create a memorable and timeless centrepiece for your special day.

What are Wedding Cake Toppers?

The wedding cake topper is, quite simply, the decorative piece that sits on top of a wedding cake. It’s sometimes made of icing, modelling chocolate or other edible materials, and other times made of plastic. You can also get cake toppers made of wood or card.
Traditional wedding cake toppers were often shaped like people, to symbolise the bride and groom. However, modern wedding cake toppers could be text-based, floral, or in the shape of almost anything you’d like. Generally, the bride and groom will choose a cake topper that symbolises their relationship in some way – or at least goes with the theme of their wedding (such as an anchor for a nautical-themed wedding, or flowers for a spring celebration).

What Do Wedding Cake Toppers Represent?

While the cake topper may appear simplistic in nature, it is symbolic of the couple and their relationship. The figurines can be traditional or offbeat, depending on your personal style and taste. You can go for the classic traditional wedding cake topper or choose funny figurines that will make your cake uniquely yours and appeal to your guests.
Whatever you choose, your cake topper should be an essential part of creating the overall feel of the wedding theme. Remember also that these small figures can quickly become a point of interest for conversation amongst your guests, allowing you the chance to share your story.

How Do I Choose a Wedding Cake Topper?

The best choice of wedding cake topper should capture your personality and the mood of your special day. It should also be something that you both agree on before making your decision.
There are many things to consider when choosing the right wedding cake topper for your big day:

• Safety: choose a cake topper made of non-toxic materials that would not be harmful if accidentally consumed• Size: the size of the cake topper should be proportional to your wedding cake
• Type: here you can choose between a traditional figurine or an artistic creation that will get everyone talking
• Style: the wedding cake topper should complement the style of the cake. It should also fit the overall theme of your wedding, and of course your colour scheme
• Price: budgeting is always important when planning a wedding. It’s worth noting, however, that many attractive options are not too expensive
• Time: cake toppers should be ordered well in advance, so that there is enough time for delivery before the wedding day

It is also essential to use a reputable wedding retailer to buy your wedding cake topper, such as Bride and Groom Direct. That way, you’ll avoid losing your money on a cake topper that doesn’t stand up to your expectations.

15 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for Your Nuptials

Without further ado, here is a list of fabulous wedding cake topper ideas to inspire you.

1. Gold Acrylic Love Cake Topper

The unique look of this Gold Acrylic Love Cake Topper will make any cake stand out. The script font is a modern and elegant touch that will transform your cake into the perfect centrepiece for your wedding.

2. Engraved Heart Shaped Cake Topper

This clear acrylic heart makes a beautiful cake topper and a one-of-a-kind keepsake from your big day. It will be engraved with your choice of a motif (logo), as well as your names and wedding date (or any two lines of wording, up to 25 characters per line). The first line will be inscribed above the design, while the second will be printed beneath it.
Please note that the font style or size on this item cannot be modified due to the engraving procedure; the preview of your names and motif will display in black ink; this is an etched item with no ink colour choice.

3. Mr & Mrs Script Wooden Cake Topper

This wooden cake topper is ideal for any wedding with a vintage feel. The script typeface “Mr & Mrs” lends a touch of class to any wedding reception. Each cake topper is 13.5cm w x 20cm and is constructed of wood.

4. Mr & Mr Wooden Cake Topper

Add this lovely “Mr & Mr” Wooden Cake Topper to your wedding cake to make it extra memorable. This one-of-a-kind cake topper in script style will go with any wedding theme and look amazing on any cake. The rustic feel will instantly bring flair to your beautiful wedding. Of course, this one is particularly suited to a wedding involving two grooms, rather than a bride and groom!


5. Just Married Wooden Cake Topper

Use this “Just Married” wooden cake topper to give your wedding an instantly stylish look. Each cake topper is 12.5cm wide by 14cm high. Presented in a beautiful script font, this white cake topper would suit almost any wedding theme. It would look particularly good at a rustic or vintage celebration, or at a casual beach wedding, for example.

6. Mrs & Mrs Wooden Cake Topper

This Mrs. & Mrs. cake topper’s script font is ideal for any wedding theme and would look great on any cake. This topper is 18cm x 14cm x 0.5cm in size. It’s perfect for a same-sex wedding involving two beautiful brides. Its understated design would particularly suit “naked” cakes, or any with simple yet elegant decoration.

7. Best Day Ever Wooden Cake Topper

Use this “Best Day Ever” cake topper to give your wedding event a vintage flair. The wording of this particular cake topper would suit a casual wedding equally as well as a traditional or formal celebration. Each cake topper is crafted of wood and is 12.5cm in diameter by 14cm in height.


8. Porcelain Bride and Groom Cake Topper

This beautiful porcelain Bride and Groom cake topper is 23cm x 12.5cm x 6.5cm and is a great way to dress up your wedding cake. If you’re looking for a more traditional wedding cake topper design to suit your formal or elegant wedding, look no further. Painted white, it would suit almost any wedding colour scheme or theme.


9. Vintage Affair Cupcake Sticks

Are you opting for a wedding cupcake tower, rather than a traditional tiered cake? (Much easier for serving to your guests!) If so, consider this set of 12 cupcake sticks with a tiny rustic bow printed on a textured card. The phrases “pick me,” “yum,” and “delish” appear on them. Three of the cards are left blank for you to fill in (for example, with the names of the newly-wedded couple), to sit at the top of the tower.

10. Mr & Mrs Cake Decoration

This Mr. and Mrs. wedding cake topper is the perfect simple yet elegant addition to your wedding cake. It comes suspended on two sticks, so that it can firmly slot into your cake without the risk of it falling off – that might make for an awkward cake-cutting picture! This cake topper would suit any wedding with silver or grey as part of its colour scheme.

11. Double Heart Cake Topper

If you’re after a more stylistic look for your wedding cake, consider this beautiful porcelain double heart cake topper. It features two intertwined hearts, one smaller than the other, representing the love of both people in the marriage. Painted white, this topper would suit any romantic wedding regardless of colour scheme. The height of this cake topper is 102mm.

12. Just Married Cake Decoration

This lovely wedding cake topper features the words “Just Married” in an elegant script. The dimensions of this topper are 12 x 13.5cm. This cake topper is made out of a shiny, reflective silver foil, and would suit any wedding colour scheme incorporating silver or metallic elements.

13. LOVE Cake Decoration

Love is, of course, the main focus of any wedding celebration – so why not shout it from the rooftops? This simple yet beautiful cake decoration features the word “love” in a metallic silver script. It will add the perfect final touch to your wedding cake. The dimensions of this topper are 8.5 x 13cm.

14. Indoor Sparklers

Are you looking for a cake topper that’s a bit “extra”, to celebrate your big day in style? These indoor sparklers are perfect for use with drinks or as a wedding cake decoration. Each sparkler is 10cm in length. Due to the nature of this topper, the minimum age for use and purchase is 18.

15. And So the Adventure Begins Cake Topper

“And So the Adventure Begins” – is there any better quote to represent the beginning of marriage? We don’t think so. The inspiring quote is written on this light wood cake topper, making it a sweet way to commemorate the start of your new journey.

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