18 Fantastic Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas (Edible and Inedible)

Your wedding day is the most memorable day of your life, and your wedding cake is the centerpiece of the occasion. It’s the last thing you taste on your wedding day, and it’s also one of the first things everyone will see when they enter.
Along with deciding on the right cake, deciding how you want to design and decorate it can be daunting. If you’re not sure what direction you want to go or don’t have much experience in baking, don’t worry! It’s easier than it may seem.
Here are 18 fantastic cake decoration ideas that are both simple and creative and which fit any budget or style preference. Opt for an edible decoration that your guests can all enjoy, or an inedible decoration that can be observed from afar (and kept as a memento).

Edible Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Would you like to decorate your wedding cake with beautiful yet completely edible treats? If so, why not take inspiration from one of the below ideas.

1. Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Sugar cookies look beautiful on any wedding cake. You can make them (or commission them) to be almost any shape and size, and decorated with any colour of royal icing.
If making them yourself, place royal icing in a piping bag with a round or star tip and pipe outline of the desired shape. Fill in the section. Or break apart store-bought sugar cookies and ice them with royal icing, which can then be tinted to match your wedding colour scheme.

2. Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Pretzels both look stylish and deliver a sweet and salty hit that your guests will love. Melt some tempered chocolate (white or dark) in a bowl in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir it, and heat for another 30 seconds if it isn’t completely melted. Dip pretzel rods, or traditional twisted mini pretzels, into the melted chocolate. Refrigerate until firm.
You can also purchase chocolate coated pretzels from most grocery stores. In fact, your wedding cake baker might be able to source them for you, to save you going to the effort.

3. Meringues with Fruit

The vibrant, multicoloured look of fresh fruit will suit any summer, rainbow or outdoor-themed wedding. Accompanied by sweet, pretty and delicate white meringues, it will look perfect on top of your wedding cake.
You can either make the meringues yourself at home, or buy mini meringue nests pre-made from any supermarket. To make at home, whip egg whites until stiff. Add sugar in a slow stream while beating the egg whites. Spoon your meringue nests onto a baking sheet and bake at 100 degrees Celsius for 1 hour and 45 minutes.

4. Toffee Apples

Are you having an autumn wedding? If so, why not top your wedding cake with toffee apples! These will give your wedding cake a beautiful rustic appearance, reminiscent of harvest festivals and Halloween. Use red apples drizzled in dark brown toffee to match your autumn colour scheme.
The great thing about toffee apples is that they’re simple to make yourself, and they can be prepared weeks in advance. You could even have a tower of toffee apples instead of a cake, to save on paying a baker!

5. Edible Flowers

Did you know that some kinds of flowers are completely edible? That’s right – wow your guests by serving them a slice of wedding cake topped with fully edible flowers. This decoration idea would be perfect for any spring, romantic garden or floral-themed wedding.
Examples of fully edible flowers include rose, lavender, courgette flowers, cornflowers and pansies. Make sure you order them from a certified food supplier. Don’t pick them yourself, as it’s all too easy to accidentally pick the wrong flowers – and you don’t know if pesticides were involved. Better safe than sorry!

6. Tiny Cake Pops

A cake pop is a tiny ball of cake crumbs mixed with icing, served on a lollipop stick or skewer. Why not decorate your wedding cake with bright and fun cake pops decorated in your wedding colours?
To make your own tiny cake pops, bake miniature cakes chop them into tiny pieces and mix them with a bit of buttercream icing. Roll the cake mixture into small balls, and freeze overnight. Mould each ball around a lollipop stick, making sure to get as much cake mixture on the lollipop stick as possible. Dip each cake ball into melted chocolate, and place on wax paper to set.

7. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Chocolate dipped strawberries are an undeniably delectable treat. What’s more, they’re very easy to make and look incredibly fancy – so they’ll look perfect sat atop any wedding cake.
Melt tempered chocolate in a microwave for 30 seconds, stir it, and heat for another 30 seconds if it isn’t fully melted. Dip strawberries into melted chocolate, and allow them to set on wax paper. For added visual effect, use a mixture of white, dark and milk chocolate to wow your guests.

8. Petit Fours

Petit fours are elegant miniature cakes popularised by French patisserie. Usually served as an after-dinner treat with coffee, these tiny goodies also make beautiful and posh-looking wedding cake toppers.
Usually, petit fours are covered in finely chopped nuts (peanuts, walnuts, or almonds), coconut, or coloured sugar. However, talk to your wedding cake baker about options open to you. We wouldn’t recommend trying to make these yourself unless you’re a professional baker, as they’re devilishly tricky!

9. Miniature Marshmallow Garlands

Love is sweet, isn’t it? There’s nothing sweeter than marshmallows. These soft, melt-in-the-mouth treats will appeal to your guests’ “inner child”.
Simply purchase bags of marshmallows from any grocery store, and thread them onto lengths of string to make garlands. Drape them over your wedding cake and over your sweet table. You can also dip marshmallows into chocolate (and leave them to set) before doing this, to make them more colourful. Don’t forget, you can use gel food colouring to dye white chocolate any colour you’d like!

10. Fondant Figurines

Fondant is the traditional choice for wedding cake decoration. It’s the mouldable, sweet icing which you can use to form any shape you’d like. It also comes in a wonderful array of different colours, or can be dyed with standard gel food colouring to precisely match your colour scheme.
You can use fondant to sculpt anything, from flower-shaped decorations to a miniature representation of the bride and groom.

Inedible Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Some of the best wedding cake decorations are inedible. Though your guests can’t munch on them, they can still be beautiful and versatile. One of the biggest advantages to using an inedible wedding cake decoration is that you can keep it afterwards as a memento of your wedding cake, long after the cake itself goes stale.

11. Lace

Lace is beautiful, classy, and elegant – everything that you (hopefully) want your wedding to be. So why not use it to adorn your wedding cake? You can buy lace at any fabric shop, and have it cut to your desired length. Choose a shade and style that matches your wedding dress for an added personal touch.
You can also wrap strips of lace around vases of flowers to decorate your ceremony room, dining room or evening reception area. Lace looks particularly beautiful when paired with fresh tulips.

12. Satin Ribbons

Satin ribbons, like lace, can be found at any fabric or haberdashery shop and comes in many different designs. You can, of course, get patterned ribbon – but solid-colour satin ribbon can really stand out and draw everyone’s eye to your wedding cake.
You can get ribbons in many different colours, from vibrant primary hues to subtle pastel shades, and of course the classic white, silver or gold. There are also a variety of different thicknesses available.

13. Inedible Flowers

We’ve already discussed edible flowers – but the problem with edible flowers is that, well, there aren’t many of them. If you insist on the flowers being edible, you’ll be quite limited in the types (and colours) of flowers that are at your disposal.
Fortunately, there is a solution: use inedible flowers for your wedding cake. They’ll look absolutely spectacular, even though guests won’t be able to eat them. You can use any kinds of flowers you like, including daffodils, orchids and lilies – just ensure that the flowers aren’t directly touching your cake. Set them on a sheet of food-safe acetate so that they don’t come into contact with the icing.

14. Indoor Sparklers

If you can’t go all-out on your wedding day, then honestly, when can you? Using indoor sparklers as a wedding cake decoration is one way to set your wedding day off with a bang (or, well, a fizz). Make sure you light them immediately before cutting the cake – they don’t stay burning for long, but they make for amazing photos.
Sparklers are particularly perfect for late autumn, Christmas or New Year weddings. They’re particularly perfect if you’re having a firework display as your wedding entertainment!

15. Wooden Script Cake Toppers

If you’re having a rustic, outdoorsy or nature-themed wedding, using a wooden wedding cake topper is one way to help your cake match your theme. Some of the most popular styles of wooden cake decoration nowadays are text-based.
Now the only question is, what do you want your wedding cake to say? Best Day Ever, perhaps, or Just Married? What about Mr & Mrs? The choice is all yours! These beautiful script designs look particularly great with ‘naked’ (un-iced) wedding cakes.

16. Porcelain Cake Toppers

Porcelain is a great choice for an inedible wedding cake topper. It’s delicate and romantic looking, but will also stand the test of time if you choose to keep it as a souvenir of your big day. What’s more, being pure white in colour, a porcelain topper will suit literally any wedding colour scheme.
To add a traditional touch to your wedding cake, this porcelain bride and groom figurine would fit the bill perfectly. If you prefer a more modern or stylistic look, you might prefer this elegant double heart porcelain cake topper.

17. Engraved Acrylic Heart

This gorgeous acrylic heart wedding cake topper is completely clear, and would look gorgeous sat on top of any wedding cake. It can be fully customised with your names and wedding date, as well as a motif of your choice. With over 50 designs available, you’re bound to find one that suits your wedding theme.
This beautiful cake topper will “wow” your guests, and can be kept forever as a special memento of your big day. Being made of acrylic, it will last forever if cared for correctly, so can even be passed down as an heirloom!

18. Vintage Cupcake Sticks

If you’re having a cupcake tower instead of a traditional tiered wedding cake, you’ll love these vintage affair cupcake sticks, each adorned with a tiny string bow and bearing a cute message such as “pick me”. Simply pop one into the top of each wedding cupcake for a simple yet effective look. They’re fully recyclable, and would suit any vintage or rustic-themed wedding.

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