What Is Wedding Insurance and Is It Worth It?

Wedding insurance is designed to cover you financially if something goes wrong on your wedding day (or the lead up to it). Its main function is to serve as a safety net in case your wedding has to be cancelled or postponed. For example, if you fall ill on the day, your wedding venue may not refund you – but you can claim back the cost from your insurance.
Most policies will also cover any damage or loss of important wedding-related items (such as the wedding rings). This will allow you to source a replacement.

Many companies provide wedding insurance. Every policy differs slightly in how much it costs, how much you can claim, and for what reasons. This guide will give you a general idea of what wedding insurance is for, and whether it’s a worthwhile expense.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover?

When you purchase a wedding insurance policy, you’ll be given a figure which represents the total sum you can claim. For example, your policy may be worth up to £10,000. If you have to cancel or postpone your wedding, or disaster befalls an important item (such as your wedding dress), you’ll be able to claim back anything up to this amount.
But all companies have strict rules about which scenarios they will and won’t cover. So, what does wedding insurance actually protect you from?

Venue Problems

Wedding insurance will cover you if you can’t get married because of a problem with your venue. This may include the venue going bust and having to close, or physical damage, such as fire and flood. It may also cover you if your venue cancels due to accidentally double-booking your date (though the venue should technically refund you themselves in this case).

Failure of Suppliers

If any of your wedding suppliers (such as the photographer, baker, florist, or wedding transport company) fail to provide the goods or services they promised, wedding insurance will refund you.

This may be because:

• They fall ill on the day and can’t attend the wedding
• They forget about your booking and don’t turn up
• They cease trading or close their company down before your wedding day

It will also cover accidents such as your photographer accidentally losing or deleting your photos.

Accident, Illness or Death

If you or your fiancé(e) get into a serious accident, come down with an unexpected illness, or suffer a bereavement which means you have to cancel or postpone your wedding, your insurance should cover it.
Most policies will also allow you to claim if someone in your immediate family, or an important member of the wedding party, becomes ill or injured.


If you’re unexpectedly made redundant from your job, this may mean that you can no longer afford to have a wedding. In this case, your insurance will refund you for everything that you can’t get a refund for (such as non-refundable supplier deposits, or a wedding dress that you’ve had altered).
Note that this does not mean your insurance will pay remaining balances so that your wedding can still go ahead. It will only cover you for things you’ve already paid for.

Bad Weather

If bad weather on your wedding day means that you (or your guests) can’t get to the venue, your insurance policy will pay out.
When we say ‘bad weather’, we mean extreme weather – such as a huge snowstorm or deep flooding. Your policy won’t refund your wedding just because it’s a rainy day and you wanted to take pictures outside.

Damage or Loss of Wedding-Related Items

If you accidentally lose any items related to your wedding – or they suffer damage, through yourself or anyone else’s actions – you’ll be able to claim the cash back through your insurance.
This may include your wedding attire (e.g. your dress or suit), wedding gifts, wedding rings, flowers, and the wedding cake, for example.

Third Party Liability Cover

Third party liability cover will protect you against any damage you accidentally cause to other people, or property (such as your venue), on your wedding day. Not all insurance policies will include this, so make sure you read the fine print.

Optional Extras

Depending on your insurance provider, a range of policies may be available. ‘Premium’ policies may include cover for optional extras, such as your honeymoon flights being cancelled.

What Does Wedding Insurance NOT Cover?

There are many things that your wedding insurance won’t cover you for. You should be aware of these before you make a decision to purchase a policy.

Changing Your Mind

You can’t make a claim if you change your mind and decide you don’t want to get married. The same goes for your partner. This is known as “disinclination to proceed”, and it includes the following circumstances (among others):

• You and your partner break up
• You get cold feet
• You realise you can’t afford the wedding (and you haven’t been made redundant)
• You fall pregnant and decide you don’t want to get married whilst pregnant

You can only claim if the wedding is cancelled/postponed against your will, due to something like illness, or the venue catching fire.
Honeymoon, Hen and Stag Parties

Usually, your wedding insurance will only cover you for problems relating to the wedding day itself. It won’t cover you for your honeymoon, hen do, stag party, wedding rehearsal dinner, engagement party, etc. You may be able to purchase additional cover for these events.

Dissatisfaction with Suppliers

You can’t make a claim if you aren’t satisfied with the service or goods that a wedding supplier has provided. You can only claim if the supplier ceases trading, doesn’t turn up, or doesn’t provide the service/goods at all.
For example, you can claim if your florist fails to deliver your flowers. But you can’t claim if you don’t like the flowers that you received. This is something you’d have to take up with the supplier.

Problems Known In Advance

Most wedding insurance providers won’t cover you if your wedding is cancelled due to an illness or medical problem that you already knew about. For example, if you are pregnant at the time you buy your policy, it usually won’t cover you for pregnancy-related illnesses.
This also goes for other problems known about in advance. For example, if your florist goes bust before you buy your insurance policy, you can’t claim for flowers you’ve already paid for.

Specific Terms and Conditions

Depending on your policy, there may be more restrictions and scenarios in which you can’t make a claim. For example:
• You may not be able to claim if something was stolen out of an unlocked vehicle
• Some parts of your policy may not be valid if you’re getting married outside the UK
• You may not be able to claim for an incident if you report it too late (e.g. if 30 days have passed)
There may also be an excess fee. For example, if your excess is £70, you’ll have to pay the first £70 towards replacing any damaged items.

Does Wedding Insurance Cover Covid-19?

As we’re currently in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, you’re probably wondering: will my wedding insurance policy cover me if my wedding is cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19?
The answer isn’t straightforward. It depends upon who your provider is, the terms and conditions of your policy, and the exact reason that you’re cancelling or rearranging your wedding.
If you have an existing policy, bought before the pandemic began, you may be covered if you, your partner, or someone in the wedding party contracts Covid-19.

However, you won’t be covered if you are self-isolating or shielding with no symptoms. You actually have to be ill to make a claim – you can’t claim simply because you don’t want to catch the virus.
Some insurance providers will cover you if your wedding can’t go ahead because of a government act (e.g. your venue has been forced to close during a local or national lockdown). However, many will not. You’ll need to contact your insurance provider to find out.
Most new policies, taken out after the pandemic already began, won’t cover you for anything related to the new coronavirus.

How Much Does Wedding Insurance Cost?

How much wedding insurance costs you will depend upon:

• How much you’re spending on your wedding. Policies that cover you for large amounts of money will, of course, be more expensive.
• Whether you, your partner or anyone in your wedding party has an existing medical condition that might interfere with the wedding
• Whether you want a basic or a premium policy. Premium policies usually have lower excess fees, and may provide additional cover for things like your honeymoon

On average, a wedding insurance policy can cost anywhere between £30 and £300. You’ll pay in one lump sum, and the policy will start from the day you buy it until your wedding is over.

Is Wedding Insurance Worth It?

Taking into account the relatively low cost, we’d say that wedding insurance is definitely worth it. Although everyone dreams of having the perfect wedding, you never know what could happen between now and your big day. Even if nothing happens, it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

Most wedding insurance providers will let you take out cover up to 2 years before your wedding day, so get shopping around for policies as soon as possible.

It’s really important that you purchase your policy before you buy or book anything wedding-related, including your venue and suppliers. This is because some insurance providers won’t cover you for items or services that you booked or bought before the policy was taken out. For clarification, talk to your insurer.