You’re Engaged, What Now?!

You’re Engaged, What Now?!

In with all the congratulations and well wishes from family and friends, there may be a lot of questions and expectations surrounding your big day. You and your partner may be unprepared for many of these.

Read on to make sure it stays your day

Congratulations, you’re engaged! Right now you are probably being showered with a thousand and one questions about the big day. Even though your loved ones mean well they still like to offer their opinions and ideas. Maybe you have had your big day planned since you were young and know exactly what you want and how you would like it to feel. But if you haven’t yet given it a thought all the questions can be very overwhelming.

So before you decide to elope here’s how to enjoy planning your special day.

Does Size Really Matter?

Before you start visiting florists and drawing up the guest list it is important to go over the finer details with your finacé. You will need to sit down and talk about the scale of your wedding and decide how big or small you would like the day to be. The sooner you make this decision the better. Make sure both of you are in agreement from the start and then conversation will naturally move onto the guest list.

Start making your list early as it will help to gauge how many people you would like to invite, this will most likely influence your choice of venue.

As well as the number of guests attending you will need to consider how long you would like the celebrations to last. Three-day-events are proving popular nowadays and show no sign of stopping. Research shows many couples opt for a wedding that lasts for two days or more.

Your Budget

Before you get caught up in all the excitement of visiting venues, looking at dresses or choosing the perfect menu, having an idea of wedding costs and working out your budget is a very sensible move. Having a conversation about money should happen when you are deciding what size of wedding you would like. Your budget will most likely determine the kind of wedding you end up have.

Never spend more that you have, your wedding day should not be a source of future debt or financial stress. Only do what is right for you and your partner.

This is going to be the most expensive party you’ll ever throw so make sure you have a budget. Getting your finances in order straight away is highly recommended.

The number-one way to avoid overspending on your big day is to make sure you have a clear breakdown of your budget from the start.

Making Decisions

No doubt your loved ones will have their own ideas of how you should celebrate your big day. They may be expecting a huge wedding when really you and your fiancé would like a smaller more intimate occasion. Some families will expect you to have a religious ceremony when your vision is to have a civil affair.

Don’t let the dreams of you and your fiancé be overshadowed by everyone else’s ideas, make sure you put your heads together first and talk about what you want.

Before you have to answer everyone else’s over excited questions and listen to their ideas, have an honest discussion, just the two of you, and make sure you are both on the same page about all political stuff such as parental involvement, how to include them and their ideas as much as possible or let them down gently. Having this discussion will make you both feel much more prepared.

Enjoy Being Engaged!

Being engaged to the love of your life should ideally be a period of time you and your partner really enjoy. This time can often be filled with the stress of wedding planning. Instead of dreading the massive to-do list take some time out just the two of you, schedule a time to speak about the planning, be honest with each other and end the conversation with a clear to-do list.

But most importantly don’t let the wedding stress come between you and break down communication.

If all this seems never ending, think about the bigger picture and remember why and what you are planning this day for. It will be one of the happiest days of your life so make sure the build-up is just as enjoyable!