Top 10 Wedding Stationery Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

For your wedding to run smoothly, you’ll need wedding stationery. These are different kinds of card, all printed to have some use in your ceremony or your reception: things like orders of service, table plans, place cards and thank you cards.But when you’re ordering your wedding stationery, it’s easy to make certain mistakes. It happens to every couple. Here’s a list of the 10 most common mistakes you’re likely to make, and how to avoid them, starting with…

1) Spelling Mistakes

Possibly the most basic mistake you can make, a spelling mistake can have unfortunate consequences. Worse still, they’re all too easy to make. Let’s say you want to invite fifty guests to your wedding (a fairly standard amount). You’ll have to write out each guest’s name several times, on the following items:
– Wedding invitations
– Table plan
– Place cards
– Order of Service (if they’re a member of the wedding party, or you thank them specifically)
– Thank You card you send to them after the wedding

All of that adds up to writing out hundreds upon hundreds of names. Sometimes you’ll write the name out, sometimes you’ll type the name out, and sometimes a calligrapher will write it out for you, but it’s inevitable that certain names will be misspelled, especially difficult ones.

Avoiding this mistake is easy but time consuming. Once you’ve finished typing or writing out the names of your guests, go over them to make sure you spelled them all correctly.

2) Ordering Too Few Invites

Ordering the right number of invites should be simple. If you want 48 guests to attend, then order 48 invites… Right? Wrong.
You may not need as many invites as you think. While you may want 48 guests to attend, you’ll only need to send one (1) invite per couple or family. That may bring your total of overall invites that you need to send down to, say, 30.
But in addition to that total, you have to have some invites spare. That is because:

– You may accidentally bend, scuff or tear some of them
– You may have made spelling mistakes on them (see above!), either when typing out names to be printed, or writing on them by hand
– You may send one to the wrong address and have to send another

Try to figure out how many invites you have to send. Then add 10% to the total for spares, just in case. That means if you need 30 invites, adding 10% brings your total to 33. Ordering that many should mean you have more than enough.

3) Not Ordering Samples

One major issue that couples make is to not check what they’re ordering thoroughly enough. What might look good on a computer screen may not be to your taste in person, whether that’s because of the colour, design, quality of the card, or any other number of things.
When you’re ordering in person, this is easy enough to rectify. But when you’re ordering online, this might seem like an insurmountable problem.
If this is a potential issue for you, there is a way around it. You can order samples from your stationer of choice. At Bride & Groom Direct, we offer free samples of any kind of stationery you might be interested in so that you can make sure it’s to your taste before you buy it.

4) Not Ordering Envelopes and Stamps

The wedding stationery itself isn’t all you’ll need. For your save the dates and invitations, as well as your Thank You cards afterwards, you’ll need envelopes and stamps. Otherwise, how will your guests get them?
This isn’t a mistake that’s difficult to fix. If you order through Bride & Groom Direct, we supply envelopes with every piece of stationery that needs them free of charge.
You’ll also need stamps, but these are easy enough to get your hands on from the Post Office or a local corner shop. You can stock up so that you have enough to send everything you have to send.

5) Accidentally Sending Invites to the Wrong Address

This is like a worse version of a basic spelling mistake, because the mistake has big consequences. If you write a guest’s address wrong, they won’t get their invite, and may not know they’re supposed to attend. This can throw a spanner in the works of planning your reception, because you can’t make a table plan before you receive all of your guests’ RSVPs.
This is why you should order more invites (or save the dates) than you will need. You can quickly pop another one in the post, this time with the right address on it. Make sure you do so sooner rather than later, otherwise the guest may think you’ve forgotten them!

6) Non-Matching Designs

This is less a mistake, and more a missed opportunity. When you order wedding stationery from lots of different suppliers, the colours won’t match and the designs won’t be the same. This isn’t the end of the world, but what gives a far smarter impression is for everything to match.
When you order all of your wedding stationery from the same supplier instead, you can order it in the same precise colour. And you’ll know it’s the same colour because we’ll use the same inks to print each piece of stationery!

7) “Watching the Pennies”

Many couples these days are tempted to save as much money as they can on their wedding day. There are several great ways of doing so, including hiring a cheaper venue, renting your dress/suit, and asking guests for cold hard cash rather than gifts. All in all, you can save thousands of pounds you can put towards other things like a house deposit.
One area that’s less wise to save money on, though, is with wedding stationery. You may want to entirely forego sending Save the Dates, for example, or asking guests to find their own seats at your reception rather than referring to a table plan.
But wedding stationery isn’t just a tradition. It’s essential to the running of your ceremony and reception. And besides, it’s far cheaper than you might think to buy professionally printed and personalised wedding stationery, especially if you’re only having a small wedding!
If you’re worried about the cost of your wedding stationery, don’t be. Why not check our online store to see how cheap our stationery is? You’ll likely be surprised!

8) Ordering, Arranging & Sending Your Stationery Bit By Bit

If you’re like most people, then you loathe doing admin. Arranging your wedding stationery involves a lot of admin: ordering the things, writing anything that needs to be written on them, finding everybody’s addresses and writing them out, stamping them, sending them… Because of the admin involved, you may want to sort them bit by bit. This might mean:- Ordering your different kinds of stationery separately (e.g. the save the dates before the invites)
– Sending them one by one…But this isn’t a good idea. Doing things this way makes it more likely that you’ll forget certain guests, perhaps by thinking you’ve already sent your invite to them when you haven’t. The better way to do it is to set aside however long it will take you to arrange everything, like a weekday evening, and power on through it. That way, the task will have your entire focus and you’re less likely to make mistakes.

9) Not Ordering a Personalised Design

If you head to a store on the High Street, there are all sorts of designs you can find, especially for certain kinds of stationery like Thank You cards. The issue with buying stationery from the High Street is that it’s not personalised to you and your wedding! It won’t have:
– Your names
– The names of your guests
– Any pictures that you might want to include (which you often can in personalised designs)
With Bride & Groom Direct, you can personalise all of these things and more. They give your wedding day a professional air, because rather than writing these things by hand, you can have us print them for you. Your guests will be suitably impressed.

10) Leaving It Too Late

Given that couples have so much to organise before their wedding can go ahead certain things can be put off. That’s especially the case for what seem like small things such as wedding stationery. With everything else on your plate, you may want to leave the stationery until last. That isn’t a good idea, certain things, like save the dates and invites, have to be ordered long in advance of your wedding so that you can send them in time. In some cases (like if the wedding will be held abroad), you may even need to send a save the date an entire year in advance. If you send either that or the invitation late, your guests won’t have enough time to prepare. On top of that, you won’t have time to organise your table plan properly, either.
Another potential roadblock is if there’s a problem with the stationery (e.g. spelling mistakes, as discussed above). You want to leave yourself enough time to correct any errors or request any replacements.
The only way to avoid leaving things too late is to stop putting them off! But if you think it’ll take lots of time, effort and money to order your stationery, think again. Our online store offers everything you need all in one place: all of it easily personalised, with matching colours and designs.