Top 10 Best Selling Rustic Designs

Rustic might be the most popular wedding theme these days. As more and more couples move away from a traditional formal wedding day, they look for other themes with charm, but that aren’t tacky, and have style but can be done on a budget. A rustic wedding ceremony and/or reception fits the bill perfectly.
If you’re looking for inspiration for your perfect rustic wedding, you’re in the right place. Below are our ten best-selling kinds of rustic wedding stationery, including everything from invitations to Thank You cards…

Rustic Kraft Wedding Day Invitations

These invitations are exactly what the rustic theme is all about: casual but not too informal! They’re made from simple square card, rough around the edges, and mix a flowery font with a typewriter typeface below.
But better still, these invitations are just the ticket to get you started on organising your wedding. That’s because they aren’t just an invite: they’re a bundle. Each comes with an RSVP so that your guests can reply to your invite, and it comes with the same font and general design. To fill out the set, you get an old-fashioned brown envelope free of charge, helping save you money.

Rustic Wedding Post Box

Invites aren’t the only kind of wedding stationery you’ll need to pick out; and besides, while invites and save the dates help set the tone for the wedding, you still need to decorate your ceremony and reception venues.
One thing you can use to that end is the rustic wedding post box. This is exactly what it sounds like: a brown card box for guests to leave messages, cards or gifts in. It has a gorgeous design on the front of leaves in a wreath-like vine ring, and the word ‘Cards’ in a pretty, flowing font. It’s supplied flat-packed.

Rustic Twinkle Day Invitation

If those first invites aren’t to your taste, you could try the Rustic Twinkle range. These are a deep grey-brown, with twinkly lights dangled across the top of the card. Underneath is your personalised text (i.e. ‘Mr. and Mrs. Alan Parker would like you to join them…)
The best thing about this set is that it’s made for anybody keeping to a budget. At just 99p per card, you can invite a big group of guests for a tiny price. And as with every other invitation in our range, they come supplied with free envelopes so that you can save even more. What’s not to love?

Rustic Twinkle (Evening Invitation Only)

For any guest that you’re planning on inviting to the reception, but not the ceremony, the Rustic Twinkle range still has you covered. It’s precisely the same in design as the day invitation: a dark background, with pretty lights printed across the top side of the card.
The only difference is in the invite’s text. It’s similar to a regular day invite, but it reads: ‘Mr. & Mrs. Alan Smith would like you to join them at [venue] at 7.30p.m. to celebrate the marriage of their daughter Jane Smith with John Rogers.’ These are popular because many couples these days like to keep their ceremonies small, but their receptions big!

The ‘Endless Love’ Thank You Card

Even though your wedding day may be over, your wedding admin isn’t! Now, you have to send Thank You cards to any guest who gave you a gift… Or contributed to the wedding, or who you just want to thank for turning up. Fortunately, our range of stationery features rustic Thank You cards, too.
The Endless Love Thank You card features a wooden background, as does lots of rustic wedding stationery. This time, it’s a pattern of birch bark with the couple’s initials carved into it (of course, this can be personalised). Again, these are surprisingly cheap for personalised and professionally printed wedding stationery, at just 50p per card.

The Mystical Tree Wedding Invitation

If you’d like something a little darker, the Mystical Tree wedding invite features a gorgeous tree set against a black background. The tree is decked with bright and coloured lights, with what look like stars lighting the sky behind it. Underneath are the names of the couple and the date of the wedding.
Unlike other invites listed above, this one is a side-fold. This means that it’s folded in half like a regular greetings card, which is something you might prefer. If you like the design, we also have reply cards, Thank You cards and place cards in the same colour and with the same trees and lights. This helps you set the rustic tone of your wedding and run with it!

Flora Wedding Day Invitation

The Flora wedding day invitation takes the rustic theme, and takes it further. It isn’t like your everyday wedding invite, so it’s sure to get your guest’s attention. Instead of a fold like a regular greetings card, it features three cards in the shape of luggage tags. Each features something different (e.g. the front has the same message as a regular invite, while the third tag features a message of your choice).
They’re held together by a classy white ribbon run through holes in the top of the cards. As for design, the cards each feature wreaths at the bottom and a plain, white wooden background design.

Willow Wedding Day Invitation

The Willow Wedding Day Invite is another budget option, but it’s side-folded. Its background is of a darker wood than many of the other examples here, and the sides of the card are bordered by pretty white flowers and their stems. In the centre of the card, in the same white, is your personalised text.
This same floral theme continues through to the inside of the design, where your guest will find the full details of your ceremony. These cards are just 99p each, and like the other examples in our list, come with free rustic envelopes.

The ‘Love’ Reply Card

The ‘Love’ reply card is the rustic version of an RSVP. It’s a flat card, like most RSVPs are, and can be included with any invitation that you like (although as this card is a rough mid-brown colour, there are certain designs it goes better with). The stand-out feature of the card is the word ‘love’ in pretty, hint silver hand-writing.
As for the text of the design, this card keeps it simple: there’s a space for the guest to write their name, and they can cross out whether they ‘can’ or ‘cannot’ attend your ceremony/reception. Like many of the designs in this list, this one is just 99p per card. They come with envelopes printed with your RSVP address.

Chiffon & Lace Wedding Day Invitation

This chiffon and lace design is similar to the Flora invite, in that it’s in the form of three luggage-tag style cards. These are held together by a flat white ribbon. But it’s here that the similarities end.
These cards are a deep, unbleached-card brown with white text. At the top and bottom are beautiful chiffon-lace designs of flowers. These provide both texture and aesthetic appeal. The text of the card can be personalised, like all of our invites.
It’s the font that makes these invites stand out. In plain white, most of the text is in capitalised and serif style. But the names of the couple are a handsome, flowing handwritten style for contrast.
That’s not all you can find in our online wedding stationery store. There are lots more designs for you to pick from, both rustic and otherwise. So, why not take a look and see if there’s anything that takes your fancy?