A Guide to the Being Mother of the Bride

Some mothers of the bride are very helpful when it comes to wedding planning while others would much prefer to take a back seat and not be involved that much at all. Whichever category you mum falls into make sure that she is ready for your wedding by using this helpful Mother of the Bride checklist

Help with the Planning

It’s an old tradition that the bride’s family pay for the wedding, however times are changing and nowadays most couples pay for it themselves often with the both families contributing towards the costs of the event.
The mother of the bride often helps check out the ceremony and reception venue, she may accompany you on visits or just do the ringing round for quotes. Its up to the both of you how hands on you’d like her to be.

Shopping for that all Important Dress

She should accompany you when shopping for “The Dress”, ok so you may not like it, but she is the one person that will be able to give you an honest, expert opinion as well as her motherly nod off approval and without offending you. Also she’s probably the one person that you will listen to.

Perfecting the Wedding Invitation Wording.

If your parents are paying for the wedding then traditionally the wedding invitation will come from them. However, these days this isn’t the case as most couples pay for their own wedding. The mother of the bride however, is still a perfect person to help perfect the invitation wording, you never know she may even chip in and help towards the cost.

Liaising with the Mother of the Groom

Etiquette dictates that the mother of the bride follows your lead as to the colour of the dress she picks; traditionally she should choose her dress before the mother of the groom and then contact her and use the opportunity to discuss outfits. Lets face it, the last thing you want is that you both turn up wearing the same thing – imagine the horror! They should also make sure that you don’t clash.


Help the Bride Get Ready

It’s the morning of the wedding, typically the mother of the bride should be taking charge, she is the one who should be keeping the peace, stopping the bride from worrying and stressing and keeping her calm. More importantly she would be helping the bride get into her dress and with the veil. A checklist is always useful so she can make sure that the hairdresser and makeup artist etc attends to all bridesmaids etc, and don’t forget any little ones that may be taking part.

Travel to the Ceremony with the Bridesmaids

If you are to marry in a church or you didn’t stay at the wedding reception venue the night before then etiquette says the mother of the bride should travel to the ceremony with the bridesmaids and any little ones that may be attending. Ideally you want to be there around 10 minutes before the bride arrives. However if it is the mother of the bride who is giving her daughters hand in marriage then she should travel with the bride.

Take a Seat at the Front

Nowadays, if the father of the bride isn’t available for whatever reason then the mother of the bride can walk the bride down the aisle. After arriving at the ceremony location, the mother of the bride should greet the guests and make sure that they have an order of service – that’s if your using one of course, she could also pass this duty on to one of the ushers as they should help out as well. She should then take a seat in the front row ready for the ceremony; let’s face it she doesn’t want to miss her little girl getting married.

Sit Next to the Grooms Father

Traditionally the Mother of the Bride would sit next to the father of the Groom on the top table or maybe even on a parents table. Have a chat with your partner and your partner’s parents about how you would like to seat everyone. You may decide not to have a traditional top table. If this is the case then you can always just sit her with your guests

Just be There!

The mother of the bride should be your rock, she should supply you with all the help and support you need both in the planning and build up to your wedding and most of all on the actual day. She should be the “go to person” for your suppliers and help take charge of the guest list. Most of all she should be a wealth of wisdom, advice and most of all emotional support on your special day.