11 Things You Should Do Once Your Ceremony is Over

You will feel like you’re waiting forever for your wedding day to arrive and that you still have loads of time to plan. But when the big day arrives you’ll be so excited and emotional that you likely to forget a few things.
We’ve put together a list of things that most brides and some grooms forget to do after the ceremony is over.

Drink – and not just Champagne!

So the ceremony is over, no doubt the first thing you will be handed is a glass of bubbles as you leave the ceremony room as a newlywed, after all it’s a perfect photo opportunity, but you may want to ask for water too!. It is crucial that you stay hydrated; it’s going to be a very long day, especially if you got married early and you don’t want to start flagging as soon as your evening reception arrives.

Go to the Bathroom

Make sure you go to the bathroom, try and sneak off once your ceremony is over as before you know it you will soon caught up with greeting all your guests and those all-important wedding photos. Remember to ask you maid of honour to come with you, your likely to need a helping hand with your dress, and after all it is one of her duties…

Touch up your Makeup

Whilst in the bathroom you may as well take the opportunity to touch up your makeup. Your makeup artist will be able to advise you what products and colours she has used on you. It’s the perfect opportunity to fix your mascara and eyeliner following your ceremony, especially if it was emotional, plus an added bit of lip gloss is a good idea before having your photos taken.

Make-Up Brushes

Check Your Photo List

It’s a good idea to give your wedding photographer a list of all the important photos you would like taking, keep a check and make sure you’ve got them all after all you only get married once! Make sure that you’ve included things like your ceremony tables and photos of your cake. Good photographers will work with you all day to make sure they are doing the best job possible and that they don’t miss anything.

Change your shoes

After posing for all those photographs it’s probably a good idea to switch your shoes, especially if you are wearing high heels that you normally wouldn’t wear. You could of course just slip them off during the meal and speeches to give your feet a rest and slip them back on later ready for your evening reception to start.

blue wedding shoes



Make sure you eat!! Your may not feel like it and no doubt you will be busy talking to guests and catching up with family and friends but it’s important that you try a grab a little something to eat otherwise with all the excitement and emotions you will soon be running on empty.

Put Your Engagement Ring Back On

Some brides swap their engagement ring to the other hand before the ceremony, some take it off altogether. Once you are married make sure you put it back on. Many brides forget to do this but together they will sparkle, ask your photographer to take a photo of them both.

Collect Any Items From the Ceremony Room.

Make sure you check the ceremony room, you may have left the ring box or even the reception flowers in there, In most cases the staff at your wedding venue will do this for you, if not you could ask a member of your wedding party to do this, it is one of their roles after all. Another thing to bear in mind is that the venue may have another wedding booked in after yours.

Take off Your Veil

Once the ceremony and photographs are over, remove your veil, if you have one of course. It’s not very practical when you are sitting down for dinner or trying to dance the night away as it will just get in the way, it also gives you a change to show off your lovely hair that you’ve had done earlier that morning.

Don’t Forget the Cake

You spent ages choosing the perfect cake, you have photographs of you cutting it but quite often the Bride and Groom don’t get to taste it. Ask your venue to set aside some cake for you and your partner, you will be busy entertaining your guests and might not have time to grab a piece before it all goes. Plus it will be a lovely treat at the end of the night when you retreat back to the bridal suite.

Pure White Wedding Cake

And Last of All….

Take Five Minutes Together

The months, possibly years of planning are over, you’ve made it through the ceremony with no major hiccups so make sure to take five minutes together to enjoy the moment and relish in the “We did it” excitement.
Don’t stress if something hasn’t quite gone to plan or something isn’t quite how you would have liked it, nobody will notice, it’s not like everyone has seen your plans written down. You will be spending the full day surrounded by family and friends so grab that special moment together to reflect. Most of all enjoy every last minute of the day and night, it will pass so quickly and the build-up and planning will be over in a flash.
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