Why Send Save The Date Magnets?

Why Send Save The Date Magnets?

When most couples send their save the dates, they’re roughly the same. They are small cards sent through the post informing recipients when and where you’re getting married. It is best to send them early leaving your guests plenty of time to arrange time off work.

Why send a save the date magnet? When attached to the recipient’s fridge, it can’t get lost. It will serve as a constant reminder of your wedding day, which will encourage the recipient to book their time off sooner rather than later. It can also serve as a memento for after the wedding. However, card save the dates are more formal, so are still a good choice.
Ultimately, you can pick whichever kind of save the date that you like. So, read on to learn more about the pros and cons of a magnetic save the date, so that you can make your own decision!

What Is a Save The Date Magnet?

A ‘save the date magnet’ is exactly what it sounds like. A save the date is a small item of wedding stationery which you send long in advance of your wedding date, before even your actual wedding invitations. It’s not big on information: all it will tell the guest is who’s getting married, and when and where the ceremony will be held.

The idea is to give your guests time to prepare. Almost all will need to book time off work, and the sooner they do so in advance, the more likely they can attend. This is even more so the case for those who have to travel to your wedding from abroad. A regular wedding invitation is usually sent too close to the wedding date for everybody to prepare in time.
A save the date magnet fulfils the same need. But rather than being a piece of card, it’s a fridge magnet. Your potential guest can stick it to their fridge door, or to any other similar surface made of magnetic metal.

Why Send a Save The Date Magnet?

A save the date magnet has several advantages over a regular save the date. They help your guest remember when and where you’re getting married, and serve as a tiny reminder each time they open their fridge. But there are also a few drawbacks, which might mean that a magnetic save the date isn’t for you.

Here’s everything you should think of: weigh up these points and decide on what’s right for you.

Your Save The Date Won’t Get Lost

A save the date is sent far in advance. Your guests are supposed to have more than enough time to book one or two days off work, and make any other arrangements they need to, e.g. rental cars and minibus bookings.

But if your family and friends are like everybody else’s, doing things this far in advance has its downsides too. When somebody is given a task that they can put off until next week (or at least mañana), that’s exactly what they’ll do. They’ll leave their arrangements until the last minute wherever they can.

What this can mean is that by the time your guest needs to arrange their travel and time off, they may have lost your save the date long ago. It’s a small piece of card, and can easily be lost. But when somebody receives a magnetic save the date, the first thing they’re likely to do is put it on their fridge.

Convenient and Constant Reminder

If your potential guest does fix their magnetic save the date to the fridge, that has another advantage. It’s not just there for when they need it; it’ll serve as a constant reminder, too. It will be there whenever they open their fridge.This is really important. If your potential guest is somebody that tends to put off tasks, these little reminders are exactly what they need. A nudge here and there will encourage them to sort their time off and travel arrangements sooner than they would if they only had a card.

The Magnet Will Be a Memento

So, a save the date fridge magnet has an important function. But it also makes a great memento.

Most people are sentimental at heart, even if they say they aren’t. They’ll want something to remember your wedding by, just like you do. They may want to leave the magnet pride of place on their fridge to remember your big day.

While a fridge magnet isn’t the first thing you would think of keeping as a memento, you can get them in lots of different designs. A tastefully designed magnet with a pretty font and background can look lovely; it doesn’t have to look like something tacky you’d pick up from a grey seaside resort!

They’re Unusual and Unexpected

Most people send a regular save the date. These are normally between the size of a business card and a small pamphlet. They have a pretty background design and a swirly, elegant font.

There’s nothing wrong with any of that, of course. Most people dream of a big wedding, a pretty dress and a fancy suit, classical music and a big reception meal afterwards. Regular old save the dates fit right into that idea of a wedding day, and if that’s what you want, then that’s what you should do.

But if you like the unexpected and you want your wedding to be a little different, then a magnetic save the date could be right for you. When your guests receive their save the dates in the mail, they’ll be pleasantly surprised that you’ve done something new and interesting.

Drawbacks to a Magnetic Save The Date

Of course, a save the date magnet might not be for you. There are good reasons that you might opt for a classic card save the date instead. So, consider these before making your order…

They Aren’t As Elegant

A magnetic save the date is useful, but you could argue that they aren’t as classy or elegant as a regular card one. If you want a big formal wedding, then a fridge magnet might not be right for you.

Remember, your save the date is the first impression most people get of your wedding day. If you haven’t already told them in person, then the recipients might not even know you’re getting married yet! So, if you want to give people the impression that you’re having a big formal wedding, then a card save the date might be the better choice.

You can get them with the same colours, backgrounds and fonts as normal. So, in that department, they’re no less lovely than a normal save the date. But you may think that a fridge magnet isn’t the right feel for an invite to your wedding.

You Can’t Order a Folding Fridge Magnet

Save the dates come in several different designs. ‘Design’ here doesn’t mean the background or colour the card comes in; but instead, it means whether the card is folded or not, or perhaps comes in a tiny envelope with a ribbon.

This is common practise for wedding invitations and save the dates. You can have save the dates that are:

  • Folded in half
  • Gatefold – folded so that the sides meet in the middle
  • Star Shaped – folded so that the card has points (star shaped)
  • Contained within a tiny envelope, and pulled out with a string or ribbon
  • Folded into an envelope shape that can be unfolded

You can do all this and more with a save the date. The idea is to lend an extra air of elegance and sophistication to your save the date; and you can fill the tiny envelope with petals, glitter or something similar for an added surprise. But if it’s a fridge magnet, you can’t fold it, so you can’t do this.

…They’re Unusual and Unexpected

On the one hand, new and different can be fun. It can be exciting; it could be exactly what you want. But if you want a classic wedding, you might not want to deviate too far from the normal. If that sounds like you, then you should pick a regular save the date instead.
You can still style your stationery any way you like. You could even opt for an unusual design. But if a fridge magnet is too odd for you, then there’s nothing wrong with a normal save the date.

No matter what kind of save the date you want, you can find it here at Bridge & Groom Direct. We stock all sorts of different styles. But better yet, you can personalise any one of our designs at no extra cost. That means you can pick the background design, colour, names, dates, folds, everything… Any way you like!

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