How Do You Design a Wedding Place Card?

There are so many things to think of when planning the perfect wedding. Place cards are a small part of the bigger picture, but it’s important you design them to fit the theme of your wedding too.

How Do You Design a Wedding Place Card?

The colour should be the same as your wedding invitations. Consider the shape and size of your typeface and whether the name will be in capital letters or upper and lower case. You can choose to have a design printed on the card (a pattern of some kind), or choose not to. Whatever fits the design of your wedding is best.
This might sound like a lot of work, but if you work with a wedding stationery service like Bride & Groom Direct it’s anything but!

How to Design a Wedding Place Card

When you’re designing a wedding place card, you have several options. You can make them on your own, although this is an added time and expense you likely can’t afford! Or, you can choose a traditional wedding place card printer like Bride & Groom Direct. You don’t have to have a basic template card, if that’s not what you want. An online wedding place card store like ours has dozens upon dozens of designs most of which you can change the colour of, and all of which you can personalise with the names you need to appear on them. It’s the perfect marriage of convenience and creativity!

So, with that in mind, here’s everything you have to think of when you design a wedding place card. Starting with…

The Colour

Perhaps the most important thing about the place card is the colour. The colour should match the overall theme of your wedding and the table that it’s on and of course, it should have a matching design on it that looks good too.
Because it’s so important, the colour is the first thing you should decide on. If you already have a colour theme for your wedding, then you may want to go with that. It would make the decision easier, at least. But if you want, you could also pick a complementary colour.
Fortunately, the place cards you can purchase and personalise through Bride & Groom Direct all comes in different colours. So, if there’s one design you particularly like, you should be able to get it in the precise right colour for your event. And if you buy the rest of your wedding stationery from the same store, you’ll ensure that the colour of everything matches precisely!


The next most important part of your design is the typeface.
The centrepiece of the place card is the name, so with a typeface that doesn’t look nice, the card won’t look nice as a whole. Most people stick with a flowing script of some kind, handwriting of some kind, on a spectrum from clean and flowing to regal and Victorian.

When you’re picking your typeface, play around with its size and how much space you want it to take up. Should it be small, in the centre of the card? Or should it fill almost all the available space? There’s no hard and fast rule only what’s right for you. When picking the size of your text, think of the longest name you’ll have to write on the card, otherwise it won’t fit!
The colour you use for the font is another thing you’ll have to decide. If the card is a light colour like an ivory, you could stick with black or grey. But gold and silver are both popular, and you can choose any colour you like that goes with your design. A metallic finish goes well with metallic typeface colours, but colours like blue, red and so on look good in matte.

Bold, Italic, in Capitals… Or Not?

You should also think about the way the name is written on the front of the card. Depending on what looks best, you might want to format the names in the following ways:
• Alice
• Alice

You could also pick any combination of bold/italic with capitals, without capitals, without a capital letter at the beginning of the name (i.e. ‘alice’)… Anything you like.
This might look odd written in the middle of this article, but give it a go. As part of an informal design, for example, ‘alice’ in a nice, flowing, handwritten script would look lovely. Similarly, if you have a large, blocky, high-contrast design then you might opt for something like ‘ALICE’. Play around with your design to see what looks best to your eye.

The Design

Last but not least, you also have to think of the design that’s on the card. The space around the person’s name can be left blank, which looks perfectly fine. But for an added touch of class, you can spruce the card up with floral designs around it. Other ideas include:
• Love hearts
• Butterflies
• Birds
• Old Victorian wallpaper-style patterns
• Banners
• Borders
• Cutouts
• Underlines
• Smudges of colour, e.g. a streak of watercolour paint

There’s no limit to the creative flair you can put into your card. Perhaps the least time-consuming way to pick one out would be to scroll through them all, picking out just one or two favourites from each page of the store. Then whittle down your shortlist to just three or four options.
Then, play around with each design that you pick different typefaces, different colours chop and change as much as you like until you’re happy that the design fits well with you