When is the best time of year to get married?

This is down to your personal preference, logistics, where you are getting married – if you want the archetypal snowy scene then there is no point in getting married in the Highlands in June – and to some extent, your budget as some months are definitely cheaper than others.

Most couples have a strong preference towards either a winter or a summer wedding so it is usually pretty easy to narrow down a season of around three months but how do you zoom in and highlight the best month or date for you? Here are some considerations.

• Winter weddings have to compete with festive family plans and venues may be busy with seasonal balls and Christmas functions. If you steer outside the period of mid-December through to mid-January and avoid Valentines Day, you should find life a lot easier, and cheaper

• Factor in winter weather – January and February are actually the coldest months, not November and December and snowfall is much more likely after Christmas than during or before it. You might be hoping for romantic pictures of a winter wonderland but will your guests really be able to get to you if there is deep snow?

• Many brides are sold on a summer wedding but you should be prepared for weather extremes. Could you survive in a prolonged heatwave, we have just had one in 2018? What if we have a traditional wet Eglish summer, how will this affect your garden party plans? Most venues have a wet weather alternative but if you are sold on doing it all outside then you might need to think again as one thing you really can’t book is the weather

• If sunshine is critical, why not get married overseas? If you are flexible on destination then you can usually guarantee the weather. You will probably need to use a local agent and you should research the climate thoroughly and independently as unexpected weather events could scupper your plans

• If you have fallen in love with a particular idea of a dress then this might dictate your venue choice and the time of year. It’s no good decking yourself out in a Little Bo Peep Number complete with shepherd’s crook and flower girls if the rain is pouring down outside and it is dull and grey

• Focus on what really matters for you on the big day. If outdoor romantic sunny photographs are your absolute ‘must-have’ then you might need to get married abroad. If you think you can live without them and find a weatherproof or indoor alternative then you may be able to pick a date and a venue that is outside the main wedding season. This will give you greater availability and choice and probably reduce your costs as well

All of the data and statistics from the marriage Registrars is crunched by the Office for National Statistics. Their potted history of wedding dates throughout the decades makes for interesting reading. Once you have set that date though, the fun begins as its time to write the invitations.