Should you use a wedding planner to go it alone?

The answer to this question really depends on your available time and your budget. Some brides shudder at the thought of a wedding planner as they feel they will lose control of the day and, after all, isn’t the planning part of the excitement and build-up?

Weddings are big, expensive business and wedding planners who are well-established and good at what they do can earn impressive salaries from their clients. For some brides, the thought of all that effort and organisation just leaves them cold. It can be quite daunting thinking about the whole day down to every last detail and many women just don’t have the time. If you are naturally not a very well organised person and the thought of writing all those wedding invitations just leaves you cold, then a wedding planner could potentially be a lifesaver.

Many brides feel that an independent wedding planner will have a depth of knowledge and experience that they just can’t match. They will be constantly looking at different venues, florists and colour schemes and might be able to offer you something that you hadn’t thought of or didn’t know existed. Most brides want the best day they can possibly have and a skilled wedding planner can offer a depth and range of alternatives that the average individual won’t be able to access.
What are the advantages of hiring a wedding planner?

• They will have organised weddings at numerous different locations that you may be considering so will have firsthand experience of a range of venues
• They can negotiate discounts with suppliers they use regularly so could end up saving you money
• They can steer you away from venues which have not performed well or suppliers which will not offer good service and value for money
• They have vast experience of numerous weddings so can assess your suggestions objectively and impartially and steer you away from things which in their opinion won’t work well
• They can foresee issues and difficulties and avoid mistakes which a less experienced person may not anticipate
What are the main reasons brides hire a wedding planner?
• Working long hours with limited time
• Worries about putting too much pressure on mothers to help organise or other family members
• The bride works away a lot
• The wedding has an unusual element or is overseas
• You are getting married in a different geographical area to where you live

How can you find a good wedding planner?

Personal recommendation is one such route. Try and avoid putting a post on social media as you will receive recommendations from people you don’t know and can’t trust – they might just be promoting their friends’ business.

There is an organisation called the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners or UKAWP which has a useful directory but it would seem that other than abiding by their Code of Practice, there is not that much scrutiny applied to members. Always try and find impartial verification before you use a wedding planner, don’t just read the testimonials they provide but try and source some independently.