How to Design Your Perfect Wedding Stationery

How to Design Your Perfect Wedding Stationery

Wedding stationery is something no wedding day can be organised without. But to make your big day a big success, it’s best to get personalised wedding stationery printed especially for you.

How do you make personalised wedding stationery? Pick a simple, uncluttered design with a clear typeface that’s easy to read. This will help the stationery fulfil its function of imparting useful information to wedding guests. Then, ensure that you order all of the stationery with the same design, colour and typeface for the maximum effect.

The best thing about personalised wedding stationery is that it’s surprisingly cheap. You can buy all the stationery and invites you need without breaking the bank, and personalised just for you.

What Wedding Stationery Do You Need?

Before getting started, you should pick out exactly what wedding stationery you need. There are many different kinds you can buy, including:

  • Save the dates
  • Wedding invitations and RSVPs
  • Orders of service
  • Menu cards
  • Note cards
  • Table plans
  • Place cards
  • Thank you cards

Each of these kinds of stationery is best bought from the same store. That’s because each printer will likely have different versions of each colour. But if you have all of your stationery printed in the same kind of blue by the same printer, it should all be the exact same shade.
Then, think of which of these things is the most important to you. Normally, that’s the invitation: it’s often the first thing a guest sees, and is the most expensive and complicated of all of the above. So, start with that and then design the rest around it.

Designing Wedding Stationery

Picking out your perfect wedding stationery isn’t necessarily easy. You want something that speaks for you, that tells your guests what kind of ‘big day’ you’re having. Will your wedding be formal and elegant? Rustic and rural? Colourful and bright? Whatever it is, your wedding stationery can help form that image for your guests.

It is possible to find stationery already designed for you. But all too often, basic designs don’t quite look the way you want them to. That’s why companies like Bride & Groom Direct let you personalise your wedding stationery in any way you like, so that you can make your wedding truly yours.

But what should you think of when you’re designing your wedding stationery? How do you make it look good?
Let’s find out.

Picking a Design

Understanding the need for wedding stationery will help you design it better. The ultimate purpose of wedding stationery is to make your wedding day flow smoother, and to help form lasting memories. So, for example:

• Wedding invitations. These are to clearly invite guests to the wedding, and provide them with necessary information,
e.g. where the ceremony is being held.

• Place cards. These sit in front of each place at each table, so that guests know where to sit at the reception.

• Table plan. These are large cards that help guests figure out which table they’re sitting at.There are many more kinds of stationery, but the purpose of each is the same: to provide your guests with important information.

Why is that important? Because the purpose of something should guide its design: if it doesn’t, then the thing might not fulfil its purpose. This tells us that your wedding stationery should be easy to read and designed without clutter.
Fortunately, you don’t need to create a design entirely from scratch. You can pick from hundreds of templates in the Bride & Groom Direct store that suit every taste, whether you want flowery or formal. Better still, you can find these designs across multiple products, so your table plan can look just like your place cards.

Wedding Stationery Colour

Just as important as the design of your wedding stationery is the colour that it’s printed in. A colour scheme can define a wedding: yellow and blue accent colours are bright and summery, while red is sensual and romantic.
Wedding stationery plays into your choice of colour and theme. It’s common practise to have all of the stationery the same colour, whatever colour that might be, and for that colour to match the rest of your wedding. It’s perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to make your wedding colourful.

When you’re picking a stationery design, pay close attention to what colours it comes in. Stationery like a place card will come in any colour you might like, depending on the materials used, their quality and the design.
Another thing worth remembering is that you should try to get the same shade of each colour in each piece of stationery you order. This can be difficult if you buy each thing from a different shop. You can prevent that by buying all of your stationery from the same store, like ours!

Thinking of Your Budget

You may think that personalising your own wedding stationery would make it expensive, but that’s not necessarily the case. At Bride & Groom Direct, we manage all of our printing in-house. Put simply, this means that we don’t need to charge you an arm and a leg for printing the names of your guests onto your perfect stationery.
As such, you won’t be limited in your choice of products. But what may limit you is how much stationery you want to order. If you need to save money, you could pick only the essentials, like place cards and a table plan. But if you need to save a little money, you could do away with non-essentials like the guest book.
That being said, wedding stationery is surprisingly cheap, even if it’s personalised. At Bride & Groom Direct, we stock hundreds upon hundreds of products each of which can be personalised at no extra charge. That means everything from the couple’s names to the details of the venue and your table plan can be printed professionally for the same price as buying off-the-shelf stationery you’d have to fill in on your own.