How Do I Make My Wedding Unique?

Everybody wants to have a unique and impressive wedding day. While getting married is a joyous occasion on its own, it’s also fun to wow your guests and leave them talking about what an amazing host you were. So, how can you make your wedding unique?
Start by picking a colour and theme that aren’t currently in fashion will make your wedding stand out. Experiment with different colours until you find something that works for you. Pick a one of a kind dress to be completely unique. Using your own ideas will help, rather than following advice from magazines. You can also buy personalised wedding stationery printed with your names on them.
Whatever you choose to do, don’t worry too much about whether it’s entirely unique to you. There are so many people getting married, that it’s almost impossible to do something that’s never been done. What matters more is whether you’re happy with the way your wedding looks and feels.

How to Make a Wedding Unique

There are lots of things you can do to make your wedding stand out. The most obvious are to pick a theme and colour scheme that nobody else has used before (although this is difficult to do).

Colour and Theme

The colour scheme you use and the theme you opt for are perhaps the first thing your guests will notice. They’re so important that they set the tone for the whole event. So, the best way to make your wedding unique is to make your colour scheme and wedding theme unique.
Of course, this is easier said than done. People get married all the time, and every single bride and groom want theirs to be unique and special too. This means that no matter what colour scheme you pick, it’s likely been done before. There’s nothing you can do about that.
But even if your ideas aren’t completely original, that’s not a problem. You don’t have to come up with ideas that nobody else has ever tried before; just something that you don’t see often. Going with something you don’t see often like a purple and yellow wedding, for example, will make your wedding special.
And, of course, the theme counts too. Again, almost everything you can think of has already been done; but that doesn’t mean you need to do something that’s already done-to-death, like vintage or rustic.

How to Pick a Unique Colour for Your Wedding

There are lots of ways to come up with a colour scheme for your wedding. Most people consult magazines and trendy blogs to see what’s in fashion. Alternatively, you can take inspiration from weddings you’ve been to recently.
The issue with either of these approaches is that they’re not unique! When a nice-looking colour scheme is featured in a popular blog or a magazine with fantastic circulation figures, it immediately gets popular. It’s like baby names; they come in and out of fashion all the time, but the upshot is that there are five kids at your child’s preschool all with the same name!
So, if you want to come up with a colour scheme that’s truly unique to your wedding, you’ll have to come up with your own ideas.

Don’t Buy Off The Rack

Another way of going unique is to buy a unique dress. For almost all brides, the dress is the core of the occasion: everyone will see it, and if it’s a nice dress, everyone will talk about it. By picking a one of a kind designer dress, you can impress that much more.
Better still, but you can buy any kind of dress to wear. When you’re searching for an off the rack wedding dress, you won’t see much variety. While they may have different trains and necklines, they’ll all broadly be the same colour and ‘feel’.
But if you go for a designer dress, you can easily get one in any colour and style that you want. This will, of course, make your wedding more unique but it will also dovetail nicely with the colour scheme and theme you decided to pick.
However, bear in mind that buying a designer dress will be expensive. Doing so will take up a big part of your wedding day budget. If you’re paying for your own wedding (and there’s plenty to go around) then that’s not a problem, but you may want to run this by your parents if they’re paying.

Personalised Wedding Stationery

Using personalised wedding stationery is the easiest way to make your wedding unique to you. ‘Wedding stationery’ is a catch all term for all the cards, pens and favours that need things printed on them. Stationery is a core part of the function of the wedding: things like place cards and printed table plans tell guests where to sit, for example.
Wedding invites with RSVPs give guests all the information they need about your event, and ensure that they reply with whether they’re attending or not.
It is possible to buy some of these things ‘off the shelf’. Wedding invites, for example, can be bought ready-printed. Place cards can be bought too, although you’ll have to write the names in so that people know where to sit. But better than doing that yourself is having personalised wedding stationery printed off: it looks professional, makes your wedding unique, and is surprisingly cheap.
So, how can you use personalised stationery to make your wedding unique? Let’s find out…

Wedding Invites

Your guests won’t be seeing your wedding invites on the day of the wedding itself. But, of course, they serve a hugely important part in the build-up to your wedding day. They tell guests everything they need to know: where the ceremony is held, where the meal afterwards is held, what to expect, when and where there will be food, whether there will be a party that evening… Everything.
But as for making your wedding unique, they can do that too. A personalised wedding invite has two key features you can make unique. These are its design and its colour. The design and colour will tell each guest exactly what kind of wedding you’re holding: rustic, modern, elegant, floral, whatever you like.
Save the dates are like wedding invites. But the idea behind these is that you send them way in advance of the wedding (and long before the invites, which come later). These help guests take time off far enough in advance. They can be personalised in the same way, too.

Place Cards

The place card serves a function, i.e. helping guests find their seats. But it can also fit in with and amplify the theme or colour of the wedding itself. Again, you can pick exactly what design and colour you want; and that applies to the font you use, too.
While these are a small detail, it’s the small details which make a wedding feel unique. And given that personalised place cards are so cheap and easy to order, there’s no reason not to!
Wedding Guest Books
A wedding guest book is like a hotel guest book, but it doesn’t serve the same purpose. Each guest is supposed to sign it, and leave a message, like they would with a greetings card. The idea is that you make a keepsake, something you can pick up, read through, and use to bring up happy memories of your wedding day.
You could use a regular old notebook, but most couples these days use a personalised guest book. These have the couple’s name on the front, and perhaps the date. They feature a design of your choice, and of course, come in whatever colour fits your wedding.

Personalised Balloons

Balloons aren’t strictly speaking stationery, but you can personalise them in the same way. Regular balloons that say ‘Congratulations’ or similar on them are great, but what about balloons that say ‘Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jones’? Or, ones that have funny messages on them? You can print whatever you want on them (so long as you don’t try anything illegal).
Aside from these ideas, there’s no end to the ways you can make your wedding day unique. But more than anything, you have to be happy with your big day. So, even if you know someone else used the same colour scheme, or had the same dress, what matters far more is that you’re ha