How Much Do You Spend on Wedding Invitations?


In the build-up to a wedding, there are so many things to think about buying. Of course, there’s the dress and venue hire—but it’s the little things that add up.

How much should you spend on wedding invitations? If you buy personalised wedding invitations online, the average cost per invitation is £1 to £5. This is roughly the same cost as making them yourself. If you organise wedding invitations through a wedding planner, they can cost thousands of pounds. But for what you get, and the time you save, this extra cost just isn’t worth it!

If you don’t keep the cost of wedding invitations and other small things under control, the expense of your big day will get out of control. Below is our guide to the average cost of wedding invitations, how much to budget for them, and how to find cheap wedding invitations online… So, read on!

How Much do Wedding Invitations Cost?

Modern weddings can be expensive affairs, and the average expense rises each year. The main costs that people think of are things like the dress, venue hire and travel. But the small expenses like wedding invitations add up quickly, too.

But whether you’re budget conscious, or you just think the money would be better spent elsewhere, it’s possible to get custom wedding invitations for a reasonable price. That price is a fraction of what you’d pay to get them through a wedding planner.

So, what’s the average cost of wedding invitations? And how can you get them for cheap? Let’s find out.

How Much to Budget for Wedding Invitations

How long is a piece of string?
While that isn’t a very helpful answer, it’s the right one. The amount you budget for your wedding invitations can range from less than a pound each, to luxury ones for £10 each. When you add up the number of guests you’re inviting, you could spend several hundred pounds.

You also have to consider save-the-dates and RSVPs. Historically, these were sent separately to the wedding invitation itself. But modern invitations combine the RSVP and the invite, and only the save-the-date is separate.

Plus, the overall cost depends on how many guests you’re having. If you’re having a tiny wedding with ten to twenty guests, you could get away with spending £20-30! But if you want to invite a hundred people, then you’ll be spending a lot more.

For an average wedding, you can get away with spending £250 for budget wedding invitations. But you could also spend over a thousand if you wanted. That price includes the invites, envelopes and postage. But the overall cost depends on how many guests there will be at your ‘average wedding’!

Average Cost of Wedding Invitations

Because the number of guests varies between weddings, the average cost of things like invitations is calculated on a per-guest basis. This average figure is how you can compare the cost of weddings like-for-like.

A rough average that people spend for invitations is between £3-10 per guest. If you order wedding invitations online, you can expect to pay somewhere on the lower end of that scale—between £3 and £5. You can also find expensive wedding invitations online, too, and these come with all the luxury trims you might expect: ribbons, different folds, and so on.

If you were to buy invitations from a real-world store or a wedding planner, you would likely pay more—somewhere at the higher end of that scale, between £5-10. While you can take a proper look at the invitation before you buy, you’ll find that the level of quality isn’t different. Real world stores, wedding planners and online stores all get their invitations from the same suppliers!

Plus, you can order a free sample from Bride & Groom Direct of any wedding invite in our online store. That means there’s precious little advantage to buying ‘offline’.

Average Cost of 100 Wedding Invitations
(Budget, Average and Luxury)

The most basic flat designs you can find are also the cheapest. This Vintage Chalkboard wedding day invite is the perfect example: a classic look with a slate-grey background and beautiful font, all of which can be personalised. Each invite only costs 99p, and envelopes are included as standard. You could invite 100 people to your wedding for just £99 plus postage!

If you want something more, you could choose an average-priced option like the Jasper wedding day invitation. This invite is gatefold, meaning it isn’t flat card. It’s secured with a gorgeous ribbon, so opening it becomes an experience. The outer gatefold layer is translucent, and the whole design is floral and beautiful. Plus, you can pick any colour you like.

Because these invites have a little more to them, they cost a little more too. You can have a hundred of them for £2.99 each instead of 99p—a big jump in quality for a little jump in price. Again, envelopes are included, so you don’t have to think about that either.

If you want something stunning, you could pick the Sparkle wedding day invite instead. Like the Jasper invite, these come in several colours—but the design is something else. A luxurious non shed glitter card, sparkling diamante buckle shimmering satin ribbon have been used to create this stunning handmade wedding invitation.

Better yet, there’s a tiny ribbon at the top. Pull the ribbon to reveal your ceremony details printed onto a pearlescent board. These are only £3.95 per card, which is a fraction of what you would pay for the same thing from a real world store, or through wedding planner.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Do Wedding Invitations?

Ordering online is easily the best way to organise wedding invitations. You can find anything you like on sites like Bride & Groom Direct: custom DIY invites, templates, different folds or flat cards—anything.

Better yet, you can find these invites much cheaper than you would get from wedding planners. While wedding planners are invaluable, they charge good money for their services. Considering that you’re likely spending a lot on other aspects of the wedding already, the invites are a good place to save money.

How to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

If you want to save yet more money on your wedding invites, there are ways to do it—and all while still enjoying the wonderful wedding experience. Here’s how.

1) Stick with a Budget Design

‘Budget’ doesn’t have to mean boring. Cheaper designs are generally less complex, but that can actually be a good thing. If you’re opting for an elegant wedding, then you won’t want a big, colourful, complicated design anyway. A plain white card invite with a pretty font would be exactly what you need.

It is possible to get cheap folded designs, too, although plain invites tend to be cheaper. Take a look at our online store and see which designs speak to you. You could potentially save a lot of money if you don’t turn your nose up at the cheaper options!

Another area you can save money is with things like embossing. Embossed fonts cost more because they’re more complicated to produce. Basic printed designs look good as they are! The same applies to any ribbons or additional parts of the invite that you don’t strictly need.
Even cheaper might be to make the invites yourself. If you or your friends are the crafty kind, you could hand-make your invites rather than buy them in—and if you do, the design is completely up to you. The only downside to this approach is the amount of time it takes. If you’re having a big wedding, and there will be lots of other things to organise too, then this idea might not be the best.

2) Deliver Wedding Invites by Hand

If you’re buying budget wedding invites, the postage could cost more than the invites themselves. There’s nothing wrong with that—but you could always cut down on costs by hand-delivering your invites instead of sending them through the post.

You won’t be able to do this with all of them. But for your closest friends and family, you’ll likely be seeing them anyway between now and the wedding. You could always deliver these in person and save a few pounds here and there. Better yet, you get to see their reaction when they get your official invite! If anything, this sounds like the better way to do it…

3) Use Standard Envelopes

Wedding invites come in all shapes and sizes. Like greetings cards, this can sometimes be a little awkward: finding an envelope the exact right size isn’t necessarily easy. And if you do find them, they won’t be as cheap as a regular envelope.

Why not bite the bullet and just use normal envelopes? The effect of the invitation definitely isn’t ruined. If the hand-written address is written in a nice font, and the invite inside looks good, the person receiving it won’t mind. Plus, folded invites have to be opened anyway, even if they’re already out of the envelope. So, again, the effect is far from ruined.

That being said all of our invites come with envelopes of the right size, included as standard. So, that’s another thing off your mind!

4) Buy Wedding Invites Online through Bride and Groom Direct!

Our final tip is to order your wedding invites online. Online retailers use the same suppliers as high street stores do, but supply them at a discounted price. That’s because online retailers don’t have to pay for a real-world store, or anything else that comes with maintaining a physical shop—and that saving is passed on to you.

Bride & Groom Direct have a huge range, with invitations to suit every style and every budget. Whether you want something simple, or affordable luxury, you can find it right here through us! So, why not take a look now, and see what you can find?