Easy to achieve wedding invitation trends for 2018

You’ve finally made it to the point that you can now send out your wedding invitations! Congratulations, the hardest part of planning your wedding is over, now the real fun can begin – planning all the smaller details that will make your big day perfect. Choosing a wedding invitation is the perfect place to start. 

Your wedding invitations play a big part in setting the scene for your wedding. You can use them to set the first hints of any themes that you might be following. Or simply get your guests excited about how beautiful the day is going to be. 

Below we have rounded up a few of the biggest upcoming wedding invitation trends for 2018 to help you choose the perfect invitations for your guests. 

Metallic Wedding Invitations

Nothing says glam like shine and luxe metals and for 2018 the rose gold trend is still going strong. 

metallic wedding invitation trend

Get the look: Love Evening Wedding Invitation

Focus on the envelopes

Next wedding season, it’s all about the wedding invitation envelopes as well as the wedding invitations. It makes sense really! 

Featured: Golden Pocket Wedding Invitation

Mixing textures

In all forms of fashion, the season is all about mixing textures. Stay ahead of the curve by incorporating this trend into your wedding invitations. A great way to achieve mixed texture theme is with this Pearl and Lace wedding invitation.

pearl and lace wedding invitation trend

Rustic Wedding Invitation

This trend first came to prominence this year and will be bigger than ever next year. Appropriate for all seasons from Winter through to Summer. These rustic wedding invitations will make a great wedding introduction for anyone featuring hints of this trend in their wedding.

rustic wedding invitation

Take a closer look at the Regatta Wedding Invitation

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  • Angeliica Maariane

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