7 Reasons Why Wedding Season Is The Best Thing Ever

7 Reasons Why Wedding Season Is The Best Thing Ever

Wedding season is finally here and it has us super excited! Of course couples get married throughout the year, but it’s only around this time of the year that wedding season officially kicks in. Weddings are well known for fun, tears, long nights of dancing and an empty bank account. Even if you’re not the one betting half of your stuff that you will love them forever and ever, weddings can be a magical thing to watch. Seeing best friends or family members getting married to the love of their life is a wonderful thing to be a part of. There are a lot of reasons why we look forward to wedding season, here are some of them:

You get to play dress up

Gone are the days where you can wear matching stripy “mwah” t-shirts with your friends, or rock up to the supermarket dressed as your favourite Disney princess. Your wardrobe now consists of plain Jane work attire, and that dress you’ve owned for years and had to sow 3 times to keep together. We aren’t judging, we all have that one dress that never lets you down – no matter how many bags of Doritos you have ate. Weddings are a great excuse to buy yourself a dazzling new sassy outfit and feel like a million dollars. It’s not just the bride who gets to dress up – obviously don’t turn up in a white ball gown – but why not treat yourself to a new chic jumpsuit, or those show stopping heels you’ve had your beady eye on for months.

18 sausage rolls and a mojito? If you insist

Okay, so of course it’s great seeing your loved ones tie the knot but does it beat the buffet and endless bottles of champers? We’re not too sure. Weddings usually feature either a sit down meal or a buffet, either way there’s food involved. People literally just give you food, over and over again. Free of charge. What’s not to like?

You get to do that Dirty Dancing lift and no judgements are made

There’s no doubt that one of the best aspects of any wedding is the party, and what party is a party without having a good old boogie? Anything goes at weddings when it comes to dancing, whether you’re a two times ballroom world champion, or want to prove that S Club 7 missed an opportunity not making it 8 with your killer rendition of Reach – it’s all encouraged. So, pop on your comfy shoes and hit that dance floor like it’s 2001.

Your Instagram followers might increase

So if you haven’t found Lancashire’s version of George Clooney and made him fall in love with you just yet, it can feel kind of depressing and a bit lonely going to a wedding, we get that. But, on a brighter note a wedding is a great place to socialise and mingle. Sure, it’s daunting turning up alone but there will be so many other people in the same boat. Whether you make a new best friend in the bathroom because she lends you her hair brush, or get your flirt on with one of the grooms co-workers – it’s a great way of socialising and making new contacts.

A chance to see more of the world

A lot of weddings are destination weddings, whether it be an exotic ceremony in Antigua. Or a woodland dream in the Lake district. Most of the time the ceremony ends up being somewhere that is totally different to where you call home. The excitement of traveling to another location to witness your nearest and dearest celebrate the fact they’ve found love. And won’t end up being the neighbourhoods crazy cat person is super great. You could even head down early, or return later and spend some time exploring. 

Make it date night

Of course weddings are obviously for the bride and groom and their love for one another. The whole point of the day is for them to have the best romantic day ever. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a romantic fun night out for you as the guest too. Weddings are literally all about love, so why not take the opportunity to turn it into a date night for you and your partner. Take the time to dig out that killer red lipstick, and make the time to have a dance with your other half. Whether it be to a romantic slow number or the cha-cha slide – it’s all about making memories. Besides, the bride and groom will more than likely love the fact that their loved ones are using their special day as a fun romantic times for themselves too.

It gives you a little bit of hope that the world is a good place

The world is forever changing and it seems more bad things happen than good, especially recently. Attending a wedding and witnessing the marriage between two people who are deeply in love and happy is one of the best things ever. And can restore anyone’s faith a little. Dancing, eating, and making new friends is great. But being a part of something that is truly magical and solely dedicated to love is super great.