Wedding Dreams You Had When You Were Little vs. Reality

Wedding Dreams You Had When You Were Little vs. Reality

While little boys are dreaming of becoming a superhero or a fire-fighter the majority of girls are writing their crushes last name on their notebook to see how they would look together. It’s a fact that a child’s brain works slightly different to an adult, so it’s only natural that your wedding will be slightly different than you imagined when you were younger…

On the morning of your wedding you’ll be gently awaken to the sound of doves outside your window

Unfortunately, the reality is – you’ve been up since 3am thanks to a delightful combination of excitement and nerves. The chances of your room being full of un-diseased fluffy talking singing dancing animals helping you prepare with a morning full of delicate pampering activities are very slim.1

I’m going to break the Internet with my wedding photo gorgeous-ness

Victoria and David Beckham have nothing on you. You won’t even have to try to get that perfect shot of you and your new partner, you’ll be that photogenic Victoria Secrets will be begging you to be their next angel. The truth is, you’ll be peeking around a tree at each other and cringing as you adoringly stare at each other from a distance. Yup, have fun with that.

Everything costs money. EVERYTHING

One thing that our six year old selves didn’t take into consideration was a wedding budget, and the possibilities that little imagination can conquer up with an unlimited budget are endless. It’s kind of soul destroying having to use a good 30% of your budget on unglamorous items such as napkins and chair covers –  and you can forget about the lobster taco’s and smoking cocktails because that would mean an extra £5 a head. Feel free to bring a well hidden hip flask.Untitled design


Inviting every single person you’ve ever smiled at in Tesco

This never really seemed like a problem, with your unlimited budget and all. Even if you can afford that countryside estate with hundreds of guest the chances are it’s going to be booked until 2030. Surely a 14 year engagement isn’t too long?

Ed Sheeran doesn’t start playing at the height of every emotional moment

Okay, so we’re sorry to break it to you but your DJ is probably going to be blasting out party bangers like DJ Otzi – Hey Baby, or cheesy old school requests from your gran and her friends.

cha cha slide

The princess image

When you were a tot, it was almost inevitable that you pictured yourself in a gorgeous puffy princess type dress. You had it all planned out… You would be the most attractive woman EVER, and to be honest it’s a real shame that you’re about to go off the market because every man wants to put a ring around your pretty finger. I mean half of this is still true… maybe a quarter? If it wasn’t for that spot you’ve been fending off for weeks and the fact that you got slightly over excited in regards to the tanning session.

A dramatic grand entrance

You always wanted the grandest entrance possible – a spiral staircase, a beautiful soundtrack and most importantly the sound of all the oohs and ahhs as you elegantly glide past your guests. The reality is, you can barely walk in your bridal heels and the whole ‘all eyes on you’ thing kind of adds a bit more pressure to your already out of control wedding anxiety.Untitled design (2)

Fireworks will go off in the background as your lips lock

Once you’re past the ‘ew kissing, gross’ stage, you imagine the most perfect kiss at the altar. When the day arrives, the nerves are beyond relief and he must have missed the nice peck on the lips kissing memo, instead he goes for tongue and if we’re going to be honest meeting in the middle isn’t always a pretty outcome. The truth is, kissing in front of everyone you know is kind of really awkward and the whole thing just looks super weird in photos.

The heartfelt vows

You have pictured it for all of your teenage years – the delicate tears sliding down your rosy cheeks as your new partner states their undying love for you in the most romantic poetic speech ever heard by mankind. When the day arrives you’ll both be reading off a scrap piece of paper from the night before which probably doesn’t even make sense… maybe you should have just stuck to the one glass of vino.

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