10 Problems EVERY Bridesmaid Will Have To Tackle

10 Problems EVERY Bridesmaid Will Have To Tackle

Being asked to be a bridesmaid and standing next to your girl on her big day is the most amazing and unforgettable experience. Even though it’s one of the greatest honours you can ever be presented with, it can be exhausting, stressful and expensive. It’s not all champagne sipping and fancy dresses – being a bridesmaid comes with its downsides too.

Want to be prepared for when the going gets tough? Here are some of the worst bits about being a part of #teambride.

Your Whatsapp notifications will hit the roof

In this modern world, one of the best ways to communicate as a group is to set up a WhatsApp group. Of course, this is going to make things easier to plan and make all those big decisions, but one of the biggest annoyances are all those notifications. One minute your phone will be clear and one lunch break later you will have 85 messages to try and make sense of.
It never ends. Ever.

Your evening will consist of babysitting her relatives

We want to avoid any chance of a bridal breakdown therefore, it’s your job to make sure that no stress reaches the bride. So, that means you’re spending your evening looking after the Aunty who has had too many G&T’s and ensuring Cousin Sam stays well away from the microphone.GIN

You may think that the big day is your chance to let your hair down and maybe indulge in a few drinks. However, this isn’t always the case. For many bridesmaids the wedding day and night is all about making sure that the bride is calm, that the bride is happy and that those people most important to her are looked after. Which can be more stressful than fun.

You will probably dislike the bride at some point

This will probably be around the ninth revision of the table plan.

When a woman is planning her wedding, chances are that there isn’t going to be much else on her mind. She won’t mean to be a bad friend and she won’t mean to make things all about her, it just happens. The best thing that you can do is to suck it up and let it go. Else you could end up falling out.
Whilst it is amazing to be there by the side of someone you care about on their wedding day, the run up to it can be a little up and down. The best thing that you can do is ride both the highs and the lows and remember that she has asked you to be with her for a reason.

Your facial muscles will start to either spasm or ache – either way it’s not a good outcome

It might sound like a walk in the park but it becomes kinda’ tricky showing excitement at all times. I mean sure, a napkin is a necessity but do we really need to spend hours oohing and ahhing at all of the different shades? 

The oh-so awkward posing for the wedding photos

Why are we jumping in the air and blowing kisses? Now we’re all holding the groom? What does this even represent?

Wedding photos can be great fun and being a part of them is going to allow to have some treasured moments. That said, posing for those photos for what can seem like hours does get tedious. Not only this, but you may also find that your facial muscles start to ache and that smile, which was once so easy, will start to dwindle.

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Having to wear the most unflattering dress ever seen by mankind

Being forced to spend £200 on a dress that makes your boobs look squished, arms look flabby, and legs look just plain weird is not really ideal. The only positive thing is that it’s going on eBay the second the big day is over, and it’s nice knowing another victimised girl in your position is going to get a slightly better deal on this thing – every cloud.

In the most part, a bride is going to pick a bridesmaid dress that her ladies all like. After all, she will want them to not only be comfortable, but feel beautiful too. However, there are also those brides out there that have an idea in mind and are not too keen on budging. If your bride to be falls into the latter category then you may end up with a dress that you don’t exactly love. Which isn’t going to make you feel great when the big day comes around.

There’s so much planning

Engagement party, hen party, wedding rehearsals… All of a sudden University was a breeze. There will be certain points where you will vow to never participate or attend another wedding again, and this will be one of them.

Of course preparing for a wedding is exciting and it is something that many bridesmaids enjoy, but even wedding prep can seem like it’s too much after a while. There are so many things to think about, so many decisions to make and so many ideas to talk through that sometimes you are going to feel that your entire life is all about this wedding and not much else.

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Coming to terms with the bridesmaid hierarchy

Every bridesmaid will be fighting like there’s no tomorrow to prove she knows the bride best. It’s probably best to stay out of the drama, we’re all adults. Although you do have her mums phone number and have known her since she was 2 – just sayin’.

The term bridezilla was created for a reason. It seems that as soon as wedding prep starts, some of the most normal women out there suddenly turn into complete control freaks. Being a bridesmaid for someone is definitely going to show you their darker side and whilst you are will still love them, chances are that you are going to get to the stage where you don’t like them very much.

Your blood pressure is going to be the same as your great grans

Yup, that’s right your blood pressure is going to take a major hit. Why? Because weddings are stressful that’s why.

Unless its wedding related she’s not interested

For the year leading up to her wedding the only topic of conversation which will spout between the two of you will be weddings. When you agreed to be her bridesmaid you pretty much signed your life away for the following year – be prepared for those 1am panic phone calls about dress alterations and the menu options.

BUT, in the end it’s all worth it. There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your best friend stood with a massive smile on her face marrying the guy she loves – and not to blow your own trumpet but she probably couldn’t have done it without you. So, grab yourself a glass (or bottle) of wine and get celebrating.

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