7 Reasons You Need Your Bestie When Wedding Planning

7 Reasons You Need Your Bestie When Wedding Planning

7 Reasons You Need Your Bestie When Wedding Planning – If ‘Mean Girls’ has taught us anything, it’s that friendships fade and people move on, and if you’re honest with yourself it’s probably pretty hard to keep track of how many girls you’ve referred to as your ‘best friend’ over the years. However, there’s a moment, and when that moment happens you know you’ve found the one. The best friend one – and nobody will ever come between you, not even Chris Hemsworth. The moment you start spending your weekends in your pj’s watching your TV show binging out on last night’s takeaway, you realise she’s in your life for good.

The two of you have your own language, feel weird when you go too long without talking, and even your fiancé feels like he’s third wheeling when the three of you hang out together. A wedding is a massive deal and it’s important to be surrounded by loved ones and people who you trust, so who better to hold your hand through the journey than your best friend?

So here’s to BFF’s, and 7 reasons to why they are the be all and end all when planning your wedding.

When your inner bridezilla awakes from her slumber she’ll be there to help

Planning 100 things in a tight time limit whilst trying to stay in a budget can be stressful, sometimes leading to the tiniest of things feeling so much worse than they actually are. If you’ve just noticed that your Salad Dressing only has a ‘taste’ of Italy and is not actually imported from Italy itself, it may cause you to freak out. This is the most important day of your life, if you want to ugly cry or lie on the floor throwing a hysterical paddy about condiments then you will – and she will be holding your hand and stroking your hair, comforting you every step of the way.  Untitled design

Bridal boot-camps aren’t on the agenda

There is so much pressure on Brides to lose weight for their big day, but your best friend won’t pressure you into any fitness classes or judge you for binging on a few bags of Doritos on a Friday night. In fact, they will indulge with you. They might even give you the last bit of salsa from the dip selection if you’re having a stressful day.

She knows your best angles and the perfect lighting

Even though you’ve hired the best photographer to ever roam the planet for your day (ok, slight exaggeration, but he’s the best in your postcode area), they don’t know you like she does. The human face is capable of some extremely unflattering expressions – and your best friend knows this way too well. Whether she’s there to help you capture the perfect selfie or to correct your pout – either way she knows better than to post a photo which doesn’t portray your 10/10 beauty online. The triple chins may come out on Snapchat but today is not the day.Untitled design (1)

There is nothing off limits anymore, like literally nothing

You and her are as close as they come, pants have always been optional when you’re around each other, and gone are the days of knocking on her door, you just walk straight in and help yourself to whatever is on offer – pj’s, food and the TV remote. Whether it’s a trip to the loo in that big extravagant dress or needing someone to cuddle to settle those nerves, she’s your gal.

Things will never get too serious

She will always have a witty remark to make and is able to throw a little banter your way when you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps about vendors or money. Some people may think you’re a little harsh to one another – especially during the stressful event of wedding planning, but they just don’t understand that her bad brow day is a reflection on you.Untitled design (3)


If she makes a speech it will be the greatest thing to ever enter your guest’s ears

You won’t have to sit there all nervous about what she might say or what secret she might spill, you know you can trust her with anything and it won’t go any further. She knows how to make you sound like an angel and will have everyone oohing and ahhing instantly. She also knows that she must delete all information on your phone and burn all of your diaries if you were to die.

It’s basically her wedding too

She is your biggest fan and your wedding day is as important as her own. Showing excitement at all times can be pretty draining, especially when it’s to do with table plan costs and cutlery arrangements, but she doesn’t mind because you’re her bestie. The two of you are two peas in a pod, and when something exciting happens to you it basically happens to her too. It’s nice knowing the other pea wishes with all of her heart for your happiness, as nothing would make her a happier pea.

7 Reasons You Need Your Bestie When Wedding Planning

7 Reasons You Need Your Bestie When Wedding Planning