7 Things Not To Say When She’s In Bridezilla Mode

After a couple of months of wedding planning most brides-to-be are pretty much ready to pack their flip-flops and pocket fans, and head off on their honeymoon. The reality is- planning a wedding kind of consumes your life. You and your fiancé turn into hermit’s who can’t really afford to play out anymore, your lunch breaks at work turn into wedding research hour and you spend your days off watching marathons of “Four Weddings”.

All in all wedding planning is a super stressful time, which will probably lead to: lack of sleep, short fuses and petty fights with your hubby-to-be over things which you never thought possible, like the cutlery arrangement. When the everyday stress of planning a wedding pushes you to the dark side, there are a few things which you don’t particularly want to hear…

If you grooms are reading this maybe grab a pen and paper, take note, and spare yourselves.

Can we just go home?

No. No we cannot. It may be fair to say that you might be taking a little bit longer comparing napkins than he’d like, but if this is going to be the wedding of the century then you both need to get your heads in the game.  Like the decision between Ivory and Cream wasn’t difficult enough without the added stress of trying to entertain your other half in John Lewis. No one is saying napkins are fun, but it’s a lot more fun doing it with a happy fiancé, so it may be best to try and stay in her good books.

Are you going to be like this for the rest of our lives?

What a lovely thing to say- charming and ever so helpful. The chances are, by saying that you’ve just made the situation worse by at least 20%, good luck.

I don’t mind

Whether you’ve tagged him in 100 soppy links on Facebook or dragged him in more shops than you ever thought possible, he should never ever ‘not mind’. You don’t expect him to have a degree in Floral Design but his opinion means everything. It’s at the stage where quite frankly, you’ll settle for the slightest amount of enthusiasm and most un-helpful comments on the table confetti – “They can go on our tables” will even do. Anything to avoid that oh-so-awful phrase.

No one will even notice

The truth is you don’t really care if no one will notice, the point is you’ll notice. Whether it’s the bridesmaid dresses you’re having a mini melt down over, or something not as fancy, like which salad dressing to use- you need his support and brushing issues under the carpet will not satisfy that pretty bridal mind.

Calm down!

I don’t know how to break it to you but it’s kind of hard to stay calm whilst arranging 1000 things, keeping in a budget, and avoiding breaking out in stress spots. Surely men know by now that by telling women to “calm down” will result in us reacting in the complete opposite manor- more fool you!

You paid how much for that dress?

Mentioning the price of the dress which you have been dreaming about since a young girl is a no-go. I mean, what will he suggest next? You wear a pair of shoes which you’ve already got? No, no, no, no and no.

We can do this tomorrow, let’s call it a day

Your to-do list isn’t getting any smaller, so it’s fair enough that you want to get things done and be organised. The thought of cuddling up on the sofa with a pizza is all you want too- but the table plan won’t arrange itself, so grab your pen and paper and turn on that fake smile!

Do any of these sound familiar ladies?

  • Vicki Millar

    Good advice here for the groom to be. I’m a professional makeup artist based in Toronto, Ontario Canada and I can tell you that the best advice I give to future grooms is to get involved as much as the bride wants you to be involved. It’s your day too so your contributions matter! Great article!