Vote For Your Favourite Proposal Story

Vote For Your Favourite Proposal Story

Last month we featured a competition which enabled brides or bride-to-be to tell us about their magical engagement story for the chance to win £500 worth of wedding stationery. We found and announced our winner earlier this week, however, the response we received was amazing and we didn’t want the competition to end.

Picking only one winner was way too tough for us big softies here at Bride & Groom Direct therefore, we have decided to shortlist 8 more stories which either made us smile, laugh or cry and to re-open another competition! We have already had the difficult task of choosing one winner and the office is now left running short on tissues and tea bags, so we thought we would hand it over to you lovely lot.

All of the proposal stories which we received were special – whether they were a big romantic gesture, or a sweet subtle moment. We just want to thank everyone who took the time to share their life changing moment with us. It truly is a super super exciting time, from the moment the question is asked to the celebrations and the wedding planning.

So, without further ado, get voting!

(Closing Date- 14/2/2016)

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 Kirsty Fields Proposal Story

My boyfriend thought he had the most romantic proposal all planned out. Unfortunately it didn’t quite go to plan!! The 15/01/15 was my 30th birthday. My boyfriend got up extra early and arranged all my birthday presents around a breakfast he had made me and then came back upstairs to wake me up. I was escorted down to the kitchen by him and my then 4yr old and they watched all excited whilst I opened my pressies. Whilst I tucked into my lovely breakfast my other half and 4yr old scarpered back upstairs giggling. Although this then followed with a cross 4yr year shouting NO i don’t want you to, I’m not doing it!!!!

They came back downstairs and I was told to close my eyes. My other half then begged our daughter to say what she was supposed to but she flat out refused. He then said open your eyes to which he was on one knee with the most beautiful engagement ring with a cross toddler next to him. He then said that our daughter was supposed to say mummy will you marry my daddy!! Just before I said yes she cried No!! SAY NO!!

I however replied” yes I’d love too” to which she fell to floor in a massive strop. When was asked why she was so upset she advised us that she thought it would mean she would have to go live somewhere else. We assured her this was not the case and that we loved her very much and It meant that I could have the same name as them rather than being the odd one out.

Still unsure of the whole thing she went to school. During that afternoon I had a call on my mobile, it was the school… I answer hastily worried that she had told them that we were sending her away or something (you know what kids are like) but to my surprise they advised that my daughter wanted to talk to me. She then said to me “mummy I have been thinking about this wedding all day and I would like it if you married daddy as long as I could wear a pretty dress” my heart melted…

Although it’s not a glamorous as most stories must but I can assure you it’s a bloody lot more memorable. I can’t wait till she is 18 and I can embarrass her with this story. Kirsty xxx


Fran Fenton Proposal Story


My now fiancé proposed to me in July 2014 in Portugal, just before leaving for a 9 month deployment with the Navy. The secretive so and so took me to the prettiest beach in the country where I thought I would just be topping up my tan for the day! After much protesting on my part because it was windy, cold and I had sand in all sorts of crevices, we decided to pack up for the day and go back to the hotel. He dashed off to use the toilet, (or so he told me). When we came back we gathered our stuff and made our way to a little cave which you had to go through to get into/out of the beach. As we were going through, he pointed to a glass bottle buried in the sand, with a tea stained script, tied with a red ribbon sticking out of the top. “Fran, Fran, look at this” he shouted as I flounced through the cave in a strop. I turned around, and he said “Come and look at this”. “DON’T TOUCH THAT, THAT’S OBVIOUSLY NOT FOR YOU” I shouted back, hoping to God the idiot wouldn’t disrupt someone else’s cute planned proposal. But, alas as usual he didn’t heed my warning, and proceeded to pull the perfectly buried bottle from the sand. I walked over, a look of horror on my face at what he’d just done, and repeated: “Put that back! Someone’s put it there for a reason” Then, as I looked around to see if anyone had seen what he’d just done, I turned back and there he was, on one knee, brandishing a perfectly tea-stained and torn looking script which read: “Fran, you are the love of my life, will you marry me?” I stalled, for probably too long, and he said it out loud: “You are the love of my life, will you marry me?” And then the tears started, still no word has come from my lips, but people are waiting and people are staring because they can’t get through this damned cave. “YES!” I cried, with happiness I’ve never experienced before, and he picked me up, and we cried, and we laughed and we smiled all the way to the nearest bar to celebrate our amazing news!
My fiancé is the most amazing man in the world, and I am absolutely blessed to have such a thoughtful person in my life. We’re getting married this August, and this competition would really help us out with our arrangements! Best of luck to the winner!
Fran x


Derek Rushforth Proposal Story


Hi, not sure if you get many stories from the male point of view but I was proud of organisation skills leading up to the proposal and thankfully she said yes.

I designed the engagement ring for my partner from little tidbits of her life. The stones represent important dates in her life and importantly got it engraved with our initials and date I planned on proposing which coincided with our holiday. I had talked to my partner’s father a few months before hand and had convinced him to take the ring through the airport for our journey to Greece. Thankfully we all managed to get to our destination with nothing given away. In hindsight maybe I should have planned it a little better as my stomach was in knots for the first 2 days. Bear in mind I had ring engraved for the Saturday we arrived on the Thursday :( It came to midnight on Friday evening we were having drinks with her parents and i took my partner on a stroll along a beach and pier. Whilst there we stood and watched the night sky. I was shaking like a leaf and my heart beating faster than anything I had ever felt. My partner must have felt it also and asked if my heart was beating that fast because we were standing there under the stars with the waves lapping up the beach. I replied with “No Laura, the reason my heart is beating so fast is because….” and as I got down on one knee … “I would like to ask you to spend the rest of your life with me and do me the greatest honour of becoming my wife”. I swear those few seconds were the longest seconds of my life. When she finally said “Yes!”. I could not believe it. I had to ask if she was positive. If there were shooting stars that night my wish was given. I had the acceptance of a proposal from the most wonderful woman in my life. On our way back to her parents. She could not keep the smile off her face or out of her voice. We sat down at the table and Laura’s mum had a double take as Laura laid her hand on the table. It seems that Laura’s father was in a lot of trouble, as he had kept the whole thing secret from his wife for 2 months.

Thank you for allowing me to tell this story.

Yours happily, Derek Rushforth


Hayley Smith Proposal Story


My proposal couldn’t have been more romantic. I was treated to a day and night in London. We got the train from Bournemouth to London where we had prosecco breakfast on the train. He then gave me a box and in that box was a set of dice, a top hat, a set of Chance and community chest cards and £200. Monopoly being my favourite board game we were going to do a monopoly day around the London sites using the cards. I got my first card on the train which said “you win first prize in a beauty contest you win a hotel on Mayfair for one night”. We went to the hotel to drop our bags. I then got my next card which said “go to jail do not pass go – go directly to London dungeons” After this I got my next card. “Use the nearest station to advance to the shard for lunch” We had the most amazing lunch at oblix with the best views of London. My next card said “advance to oxford street to go shopping with the £200 received at go. I did lots of shopping. I then receive a card that said “you get a festive treat for being wonderful go directly to winter wonderland” he had booked us on the ice rink it was so beautiful covered in fairy lights and a singer on a guitar. He held my hand the whole way around. While we were skating he asked if I wanted my final card. I said yes. We went over to the middle of the stand and I read my final card. It said “will you take a chance on me and receive an early Christmas present?” Followed by a wrapped present. I opened the present and there was a box in the box was my engagement ring. He then said will u marry me. I was speechless I gave him a massive kiss and cuddle and put the ring on. He then said is that a yes then :) I replied of course that’s a yes :) xx I don’t thing I spoke for about an hour after that :) xx


Lauren Stephens Proposal Story


My fiancé and I were on a Holiday in Turkey at the Lykia world resort in Olu Deniz. It was picture perfect. The bluest ocean you can imagine and the warm heat on skin. Anyways it was my birthday. My 24th birthday. He had taken me away for a couple of weeks in the sun to paradise. His best man was also there as he got married in the resort exactly a year before so they came back for their 1st year anniversary. So the morning started off me asking if he’d forgot if it was birthday as there was no sign of a birthday card that morning. his reply “I’ll give you it later” which made me automatically think ‘he’s forgot but hey ho he’s bought me this beautiful holiday so I can’t complain” anyways we got dressed and headed down for some breakfast and he was asking what I fancied doing that day. Which is when I reminded him that last week he had told me he had something planned for my birthday to which he replied, ‘I do.’ I was sceptical. so after breakfast we headed to the pool and I was trying to convince him to get into the pool but he was insistent on reading his book on the sun lounger which I wasn’t too happy which so I got into the pool on my own in a huff and floated around on my lilo looking up every now and then to see if he had moved and changed his mind to join me. At this stage I was thinking ‘it’s my birthday, whys he not joining me in the pool’ so I carried on huffing. About an hour later he joined me in the pool asking if I wanted to go for some lunch. So we went for lunch but he didn’t seem to have an appetite anymore. While I was there on my second helping of waffles and caramel sauce because after all it was my birthday. I asked what he had planned for later and he said well I was thinking we go to the town for some birthday dinner or something. My face said it all. Yes I was grateful but is that it. I was kind of hoping he would pop the question, but hey ho. ‘So do you fancy some archery’ he said. ‘Yeah why not’ says me. so we got on the little resort bus and went to do some archery in the sun (that’s the only reason I was there to be honest to get some colour) Anyways after a few goes my huffing mood was back. I was fed up. I thought he had something exciting planned like whisking me away and popping the question but here we are in a field playing archery. So I say “do you fancy going back to the room now and getting changed and heading to the town then. So we head back to the room and get the alcoholic beverages out of the fridge and I go for my shower. At this stage he’s hoking about in the safe for something probably his passport or money or something. He opens the shower door, ‘are you gonna straighten your hair tonight that would be nice.” I said “you know what the head does to my hair makes it go all frizzy in this humidity, but I’ll do it anyway- spoil you haha” I finish in the shower and he jumps in while I do my hair and stuff. By this time it’s almost 7 o’clock he jumps out of the shower. Only in 5 minutes and he’s in usually 30 minutes. I’m shocked but I say nothing so he and gets changed the quickest I’ve ever seen him get changed and asks me if I’m nearly done doing my hair. “I’ve half of it to do still” I say, “No come on just leave it” I said I can’t it’s gonna be half curly and half straight but he insists and yet again I’m raging and in a huff. I throw on my dress and put my flip flops on and he grabs my hand and pulls me out the door. Didn’t even remember my bag.

so we are walking towards the beach instead of the reception where we get the taxi and he asks me “do you want your birthday present now or after dinner” and I said sure Turkey is my Birthday present.” by this stage I’m getting ahead of myself thinking oooooh it’s a ring- laughing it off in my head. “sure give me at dinner” and he says “no actually I’ll give it to you now but first we have to go to the beach I want to show you the sunset (only comes out at 7pm and away at 7.15pm) so he’s walking quite fast towards these little beach huts which are beautiful. They have lovely comfy seats in them and a fridge and stuff and you have to rent them a day. Anyways he says come sit in here and I panic and say but we haven’t paid but we go and sit in them anyways. We both sit down and look out throw the straw covered beach huts at the sunset and he gets out his phone. “If that’s a card I will actually kill you” I’m fuming at this point. He says no it’s not just listen. You could have heard a pin drop…. I bolt up straight. So he starts with “it’s been 6 years” and I’m already crying my eyes out (I’m gonna look like a numpty if this isn’t what I think he’s doing) anyways he continues with this beautiful little poem he’s wrote about us. He’s not the kind to write poems at all. He’s a truck driver. Enough said. anyways he’s near the end and I am almost certain what he’s up to and one of the resorts staff comes over to the hut and parts the straw windows and looks in, hears Kris reading his poem and knows what’s happening and shuts them instantly and walks off and moment….Gone…

He giggles and his voice is shaking as he continues to read the last part out ” now close your eyes and listen to this question I’m about to propose” I do so. I’m shaking all over. (He’s getting down on one knee in front of the beach hut with the sunset absolutely perfect splitting through the beach hut and onto what he’s holding in his hand. I open my eyes “will you marry me?” well there I am in bits. I have imagined this moments since I was a little girl and I never imagined it as perfect as this moment was. It was 7.12pm exactly he had timed it just perfect and at that moment my life was complete. There he was kneeling with the ring in hand waiting on me to finish crying so I could respond with the biggest yes of my life. YESSSSSSS! OF COURSE! Nothing would make me happier and he had the biggest smile on his face and tears in his eyes as he placed the ring on my finger and wiped my tears away both grinning like Cheshire cats. Putting his arms around me and carrying me out of the beach hut placed me down on the sun lounger and kissed the faces off each other and cried more with happy tears. He took his phone out and yes wanted to capture the happy moment on his phone. Why it is the happiest moments in our life we are always crying and this is when people want to take a picture of us looking our ugliest. Anyways I was so caught up in the moment we both posed for selfies with me showing off my new ring for the camera and then his best man walks past as though he knew….. YEAH HE DID!! HE KNEW EVERYTHING. So I was able to share my excitement with him and his new wife and her sister and fiancé. it was amazing and yes I started crying again with happiness and excitement and they didn’t stay long but they boys hugged and did guy stuff like they do and made some joke about a ball and chain but i was too happy to take any notice. So then they left us to it, congratulated us and went back to their room as they were going home that night. So I spent all night ringing my mum to tell her and all I can remember from the phone call was her spending 2 minutes singing happy birthday to me and me crying down the phone her getting all worried and me having to reassure her I was ok saying “Kris asked me to marry him” to which her reply was “what did you say” I laughed. Me and my new fiancé both did, of course I said yes mum. What else am I going to say? Anyone who knows us knows how mad we are about each other. Anyways she was happy let’s say and we agreed it was time for dinner if I could console myself. We got a taxi to the town and I was trying to tell everyone I got engaged by no one understood English which was so frustrating I just wanted to tell the whole world. We got to the restaurant and I couldn’t eat my dinner for episodes of crying with happiness realising that I was now an engaged woman. It has never taken me so long to eat a steak in all my life. So I said to him lets go back to the hotel. I’m done. When we got back to the hotel we opened the door and there sat a massive bottle of champagne and a congratulations card. Mark and Sarah the couple who had got married here this time last year had brought the card with them and put the chilled champagne in our room. Tears again. We popped open the champagne and got the music going on the balcony and drank our champagne and danced with each other until the early hours of the morning. (Not forgetting to change our status on Facebook before going to bed haha) I’ve never felt happier, dancing there with him in my arms and my glass of champagne in hand watching the Facebook comments rolling in congratulating us. And that’s our story. I couldn’t have conjured up a more perfect proposal in my eyes. I will remember it forever. And yes he was treated that night too haha.


Megan Nisbet Proposal Story


Here is my engagement story exactly one year ago today! My now Fiancé was serving in Siera Leone with the army helping to beat the Ebola crisis over Christmas and new year last year, after 5 years together and missing most Christmases due to service abroad this was just yet another knock back. I was looking forward to Kyle coming home mid Feb when i was out for a meal with my best friend! Little did I know she had a surprise up her sleeve, the pair of them had been plotting and scheming behind my back! Kyle caught an early flight home from Africa to his barracks without me knowing went out to by the most gorgeous ring I’ve even seen and a very smart suit came home to our little town in the Scottish Borders hid in his house all night scared to leave incase I saw him and turned up to surprise me at the restaurant! It was the best surprise I could have asked for (or so I thought) until an even bigger surprise came when he dropped to one knee, presented me with the ring and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Not a dry eye around and well worth missing Christmas and new year for!


Jade Forrester Proposal Story


I shaved my hair off for charity on 19th September 2014. My hubby to be popped the question seconds after all my hair was off! It was perfect; he chose a gorgeous ring and managed to keep it all to himself for months without me having a clue. He even asked for my Father’s blessing. He got down on one knee and said ‘You know you’re still beautiful don’t you? ‘Which means a lot to me because even at my most stripped down with no hair he still thought I was beautiful. He is my best friend and my rock, he saved my life without even knowing it and he has made me the person I am today. Without him, I wouldn’t have made it through a lot of things in my life. I cannot wait to see his face when I walk down the aisle and become his wife.

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  • Ritchie Preston

    some serious cheating going on here I think…

    • Lauren Irish

      Ritchie I swear on my own life I don’t know who or how I’m getting the votes but I assure you I’m not cheating. I will do everything asked of me to prove this x

      • Kyle Macleod

        I am the same lauren I can’t believe how many have voted its Crazy. Exiting though.

  • Kyle Macleod

    Can’t believe it. Over the moon my gorgeous fiancé megan has managed to make it to the top 10 story’s never mind over 34,000 votes.
    Good luck everyone. The story’s are great.

    • Lauren Irish

      I don’t even think it’s people voting I think it’s influenced by technology. There’s no way people could vote that much or that this page even gets that many views. It’s crazy. Some people got 30,000 votes in less than 12 hours. That’s not humanly possible.

      • Derek Rushforth

        I agree Lauren. Definetly influenced by technology … I managed to vote 3 times. Once via facebook.once via browser and once via PC..couldn’t vote more than once on one device. I’ve read all the story and there all great. My partner now knows I submitted the story ( I got into trouble) although she doesn’t know about the pics I sent in…*gulp*

        Good luck all


        • Lauren Irish

          I am guilty of voting 3 times as well on my iPad, Mac and on my phone. I know I shouldn’t vote for myself but I didn’t think it was going to get over 50 let alone 30,000 it’s crazy. Oh dear, haha. Oh don’t tell her about the pics. I put mine up even though I wish my hair had been straightened and make up hadn’t run down my face after getting myself into a mess. The happiest times in our lives we are the ugliest. Wedding day crying, having a baby crying, getting engaged crying. Always a blubbering mess lol

          Good Luck everyone
          L xx

          • Derek Rushforth

            I would gladly not tell her but I believe Sarah is putting them on blog this evening… Lol


  • Lauren Irish

    Some engagement photos. These were the beach huts he proposed at and the sunset :)

  • Lauren Irish

    Lorraine and Ben this sounds like how I pictured my engagement. Edinburgh means so much to us our first holiday and a lot of significance and we love up and the adventure book how beautiful Xx

  • Francesca Fenton

    Here’s a couple of pics of our special day! Happiest day of my life <3

  • Jade Forrester

    Just after I said yes! ☺

  • Derek Rushforth

    Shared around my workplace, but sadly as were all in the same building, we all have the same IP address and no one can vote :(
    Good Luck everyone