10 Signs You’ve Found Your Mr Right

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Mr Right

Christmas is the Season of love, joy and happiness- and what better way of showing it than through a Michael Kors watch or an engagement ring? Maybe you’ve been engaged for a while or you feel as though you have left enough hints in your Internet history for him to finally pop the question- either way, finding your Mr Right is one of the best feelings you can ever feel. But, how do you know when you’ve found your prince charming?

He will slay all of the spiders who enter your home without an invite

Possibly the best thing about being engaged is the fact that you gain a live-in spider killer. If you shout “Spider” from the sofa, lazily watching an episode of Gossip Girl that you’ve seen 467 times whilst eating a sharer bag of Monster Munch, and your fiancé doesn’t respond in 30 seconds… Ask yourself, is he really the one?

He is your personal doctor

Whether you feel like you have thousands of little people in your head jumping up and down all at different times, or throwing up your entire body weight- he’s there. Instead of running away, he wraps you up like a burrito, feeds you soup and strokes your hair.

You can be yourself

When dating, sometimes, occasionally, the real you disappears and for some unknown reason you find yourself claiming to adore football, dirty jokes and cheap beer. When your Mr Right comes along it won’t be that hard to come clean- he knows you leave crumbs in the bed, that you need a pet cat, and that you simply can’t get the hot water to noodle ratio right in a Pot Noodle- but all of this is fine by him.

He can cook more than beans on toast

Nothing says romance like cold congealed beans on burnt toast. No one expects to come from work to a plate of caviar with crème fraîche, but a nice plate of Chicken Kiev and chips wouldn’t go a miss… You’re hardly asking for the world, it only requires a hot oven and a trip to see Mr Tesco.

He doesn’t mind you attempting to sing a duet with Taylor Swift

Whether it’s in the shower, driving to town or whilst cooking dinner, if you want to sing – then you can, and he will love it. If he doesn’t love it- he’s just telling you that to prevent you from getting too confident, simply keeping you grounded, it’s nothing to do with your singing ability – I promise.

He doesn’t take longer than you to get ready

What on earth is going on in there? Is he giving himself a haircut? Maybe he’s trying to contour his face? Is he even still alive? I mean I wasn’t going for the “I’ve just rolled out of bed and BAM I’m in public” look, but after your 2 hour beauty session, apparently that’s the look I’ve gone for


The T.V is in your control

The television is your best friend, your lover when he’s not there, and your partner in crime- he knows this and he respects it. Sometimes, relationships can get tricky, at some point the T.V remote will go missing or be missed placed, and all trust will be lost. You’ll find yourself forcing your partner to stand up to prove that he doesn’t have it, don’t worry, we know he won’t have it, he knows better. If you want to watch Disney films until your heart’s content, you will.

He loves your friends as much as you do

If one of your friends is having a bad day or feeling a bit down in the dumps he will invite them round for dinner or encourage you to go and spend some time with them. Your friends are his and his are yours… Sometimes… Obviously your friends are better than his so you have the bad end of the deal.

You’re allowed to be a back seat driver

Everyone hates that really annoying passenger who sits in the back of the car, pointing out every possible flaw in your driving- nope, not your guy. There’s nothing wrong with the fact that you value both of your lives and he appreciates this. I mean, it’s not easy for you being good at everything, it’s actually quite draining.

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You’re happy

Awww. Ok, it’s a bit mushy and gooey but it’s totally true. Every moment you spend together should be full of smiles and laughter. When you can’t think of anything better than snuggling up, spending a night on the sofa together- that’s when you’ve got your Mr Right.