13 Things that change when you become engaged

13 Things that change when you become engaged

Getting engaged is super super exciting! It’s a huge step in life and some things will naturally change as you start this chapter (including gaining a beautiful shiny new best friend on your finger). Below are 13 things which might change when you become engaged…

You actually turn into an adult

Saving for a house, deciding when you’re going to have babies and changing your spending habits-  the days of buying new shoes every other week and hiding them in the back of your closet and pretending you’ve had them for years are over. It’s now time to start planning all of those exciting major life things you’ve always talked about!

You’ll spend a lot of time looking at your left hand

And what a lovely left hand that is. Your hand has now developed into some precious delicate entity that needs to be evaluated at all times. There’s a massive difference between imagining a shiny ring on your finger and actually seeing it, be prepared for all of the oohs and ahhs.

Your text history is about the weekly shop

You both know you love one another; you’re past the stage of stating it in every other text. The important question on both of your lips is Lasagne or Bolognaise? Monday night’s dinner has never felt so important.

You’ll find it weird referring to him as your ‘fiancé’

It’s kind of hard not to feel strange and unnatural every time you say the word ‘fiancé’. But just think, soon you’ll have to refer to each other as husband and wife- oh yeah, that’s a whole new level of strange.

Matching underwear sets and a contoured face are things of the past

You can be 100% comfortable around each other and what a fabulous feeling that is. Singing Taylor Swift at the top of your lungs with Sudocrem dotted all over your face has never felt so good. Plus, matching underwear is totally over rated, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of creativity.

You will join Pinterest and it will become your best friends

You had probably never heard of it before you became engaged. Before Pinterest you used Mason jars to store marmalade and logs to keep the fire going, rather than using them as coasters or candle holders- it is the site of ideas and inspiration. Pinterest will become your happy place. Start building your inspiration board and take a look at our fabulous wedding stationery and accessory shop.

You don’t need to tell him what you want from Starbucks

A Grande Caramel Latte with one sugar. He knows.

He spends more time with your friends and family than you do

He’s slowly becoming one of the family- whether it’s having a hot choccy and catching up on Downtown Abbey with your mum or making war noises with your dad whilst they watch the rugby. He can hang out with your folks’ even if you can’t be there… Someone has to.

You can jump into the shower with him in a totally nonsexual way

You’re late for work and the water bill was at an all-time high last month. See, your saving time, money and the planet.

You see wedding things everywhere, literally, everywhere

The nights of snuggling up on the sofa watching Corrie with a brew are over, your mind is in constant wedding mode and you can’t focus on anything without it turning into wedding talk. Your boss’s teal jumper would be a nice bridesmaid dress colour, the old barn on the corner could make a nice reception venue and those new fish taco’s in Iceland could make fabulous appetizers. 

Your parents start including him in family Facebook/Whatsapp groups

Birthday parties, Christmas events, the local car boot sale – he’s invited to them all.

Your relationship will get way more respect

Now he is no longer your ‘boyfriend’ (the term boy does nobody any favours, surely it should be manfriend) your relationship will become more official and established to your co-workers, friends and family. Everybody stops questioning your future and all of a sudden you are the real deal, soon to be a Mr and Mrs.

Your families merge into one

Aw, probably the nicest one on the list. It’s not weird when his mum rings you about the clocks going back or if your dad rings his dad to vent about the latest football scores- everyone has kind of merged into one big happy squad.