I love my fiance because of…

I love my fiance because…

beauty and the beast

On the 2nd March this year, we asked all of you lovely ladies (and gents!) what your favourite feature of your partner is. We had a fantastic response, with many of you just bursting at the seams to tell us all about your other half! As we all know, being in love with someone makes them so perfect, and it is so hard to pick just one feature that you like the most! However, many of you gave it a good go and we had lots of fun reading your responses!

As we all know, to be in a romantic relationship with someone usually means that you find them physically attractive. A lot of the time, the attraction is something that you can’t quite put your finger on, it is just there. Sometimes this attraction is instantaneous, with others it grows over a period of time. Either way, I’m sure that most of you can agree that you find your partner physically attractive. This we can all agree on. What makes us different, however, is what feature on our partners we find the most attractive.

We had a huge variety of responses; here are some of our favourites:

“I love everything about my Mr but I most of all love his big blue eyes and big lips!”

“Love him to pieces but his eyes did it for me.”

“He has a prominent muscle on both arms. I love his muscles”

“His eyes because when he smiles his eyes smile too”

More than attraction…

So yes, being physically attracted to your partner is important but I think we can all agree that it’s the emotional connection that really seals the deal! It’s all very well and good being attracted to somebody but if they have the personality of a wet blanket then your relationship would probably not last very long! Personality is the key to falling in love, and this was reflected in your responses:

“Literally can’t pick just one thing alone physically as he’s great all round. But in terms of personality he has a brilliant sense of humour and keeps me laughing even when times are hard!”

“Everything is amazing about my gent. He is the most caring man that I could have hoped to fall in love with. He never fails to make me smile. Even when smiling doesn’t even feel like an option! He cares for my children as equally as his own and would lay down his life for us all. I found my angel in my chap. I love everything about him!”

From Their Smile To Their Bum!

These are just a few of the fabulous responses that we got from our Facebook fans. We’re sure that you will be able to think of loads of things that you love about your partner! The beauty of relationships is that they are all different. Finding out what all of your favourite features of your partners are has reiterated that we have a lovely and diverse group of fans on Facebook! The most popular favourite feature was eyes, which was closely followed by sense of humour. Loving & Caring personality was tied with smile, and many of you considered your partner’s bum to be their best feature!

Let us know what your partner’s best feature is in the comments!