4 Free Printable Wedding Table Games To Have At Your Wedding!

4 Free Printable Wedding Table Games To Have At Your Wedding!

When it comes to planning the wedding reception, whilst some of the finer details may be interchangeable, one thing remains clear; we all want our guests to have fun. Whereas most guests will enjoy just relaxing in the conversation and atmosphere of your special day, it can always be a fun idea to add a few games for extra entertainment.

Wedding Table GamesSo what games can we add? Well, without breaking your bank balance, we have created four printable wedding table games that range from fun for kids to potential table riots; all of which can be downloaded and printed at your leisure.


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I SPY: The Wedding Game

Downloadable Wedding Game

For a simple game that is both fun for guests and great for your photo album, look no further than the I SPY wedding game. In addition to making a great impression with your guests, a disposable camera is fun way to ensure that you capture hundreds of iconic wedding moments that the professional photographer may otherwise miss!

Available in four main colours, download with the links below:


The ‘Wedding Advice: For The Happy Couple’ Game

wedding advice game downloadable

Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean that you have it all worked out in the relationship department yet! In addition to being a hilarious read during your post-wedding jitters, the wedding advice game offers you the chance to take some key insight from family and friends who have walked down the path of marriage before you.

Download your free copy of the Wedding Advice for the Happy Couple here. 

Wedding Bingo

wedding bingo free downloadable template

Ok, let’s take a trip back in time. Imagine that first wedding you attended, remember the speeches – specifically how long and confusing they seemed. Not much fun. Now picture that same child except with this fun wedding bingo game. Much more exciting, aye? Give the kids something fun to occupy their time by leaving out this fun game of wedding bingo. Make sure to have a prize ready for the little one who stays strong and gets all the answers!

Download your free copy of Wedding Bingo here. 

Wedding Speech Sweepstake
Part 1

Wedding Speech Sweepstake Downloadable TemplateDownload Part 1 of the Wedding Speech Sweepstake here.

Part 2

Part 2 of Wedding Speech Sweepstake Downloadable TemplateDownload Part 2 of the Wedding Speech Sweepstake here.

For a game that serves as both a talking point for your wedding tables and a fun way to create allure and excitement for your speeches, look no further than the Wedding Speech Sweepstake. This game simply consists of each guest at every table placing a bet on how long the speeches will last and the closest to the time wins. In our version of the speech sweepstake, you can also pencil in a few forfeits for the biggest loser!

Are you having any gamed themed items at your wedding? Which of these game themed items suit you best? 

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