Tori and Scott’s Real Harry Potter Wedding

Tori and Scott’s Real Harry Potter Wedding

Here at Bride & Groom Direct we love real weddings, full stop. The inspiration, the love and the chance at spotting all the dainty touches that make a wedding so unique and so you. Beautiful. So when we were offered the chance to feature a Harry Potter, yes the big HP, themed wedding, we could hardly contain ourselves with excitement!

With all the charm, allure and magic included, may we introduce Tori & Scott, a young couple who took their love for Harry Potter and all things wizardry to celebrate the biggest day of their lives.

Tori and Scott

Wedding Date…


Where did you meet…

We met through a Dallas meetup. It’s a very active community, and I decided it would be nice to meet new people. I met Scott and here we are!

Tell us your proposal story…

He proposed in a field by my parents’ house when we were visiting last summer. It was about 1am, and I took him to a field that was my “safe spot” where I used to go and stare at the stars for hours. We both love space and stargazing, and I wanted to show him. We had looked at rings, but I had no idea he had already bought one! He had my hand and was pointing out constellations, and he said, “ooo, look at that star! And that star! And what about this star?” as he pulled out the ring. The ring box had a light shining when it opened, so the diamond really did look like a star. I started crying for about 20 minutes before he finally asked me, “sooo, is that a yes?” We live in Dallas, so it was really cool to be able to tell my parents in person the next morning.

The Wedding Dress is from…

Circle Park Bridal. I can’t remember the designer, sorry!

The Bridal Accessories are from…

The Wedding Cake was from…

The talent ladies and gents at Jenny Layne Bakery

The Venue…

The beautiful Le Beaux Chateau

We Spot a Photobooth…

The photobooth was from the fabulous Blue Booth

Where did you get the inspiration for a Harry Potter Wedding?

We both adore Harry Potter — one of our first outings together (still just friends) was a Harry Potter trivia night in the Summer of 2012. I have been obsessed with Harry Potter since elementary school, and same with him. He actually suggested it, and I ran with it.

And finally, who took the fabulous photography?

The photographers were Vision 5 Photography

My Wedding Invitations…



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The Wedding of Tori & Scott…

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Wedding Shoes

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23 - Me reading my vows to my two stepkids

21 - Scott reading his voews

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