10 Gorgeous Wedding Makeup Looks

It’s your special day, and you get to be a princess who is all dolled up, whether it’s for the ball or the beach! There are so many different gorgeous wedding makeup looks that you can choose from. To start narrowing down the look you want to go for, pull your favorite makeup stylings from magazines or Pinterest and study them closely to decide on your bridal-makeup purchases.

Ask yourself questions like, ‘matte foundation or dewy skin?’ and ‘lots of eye makeup or no eye makeup?’.

Then, book a pre-trial with your makeup artist, and make sure you see yourself in the light — outside, indoors, bright sun or dark night — that you’ll be in on your wedding day.

Also, consider keeping your makeup artist around post-ceremony. They’ll be able to put you back together for family photos after crying during the ceremony and before entering the reception.

Another must: make sure to frequently re-apply lip color. If you are not carrying a purse, have your maid of honor keep your lipstick in her purse or give one to your groom to slip into his jacket pocket for easy access.

The following are 10 beautiful bridal makeup looks to get your beauty juices flowing!

Wedding Make Up 1Photo credit: Bodasnovias.com

1. Glam hippy

She’s sugar and spice and everything nice. Peachy lips and cheeks, natural eye colour with loads of false eyelashes and liner. Oh, and floral headpiece to match!

Wedding Make Up 2Photo credit: Easy-hairstyles.net

2. Rock-star romantic

A nude, yet present, lip and a frosty-smoky eye balance each other out on this romantic bride.

Wedding Make Up 3 BronzePhoto Credit: WeddingPins

3. Bronzed Bond girl

Are you naturally tan or planning to get your tan on pre-wedding? This sexy bridal look makes your eyes pop with hues of brown and black, a light pink lip and pink cheekbones.

Portman Make 4Photo Credit: BeautyEditor

4. Girl-next-door pretty

Let your natural beauty and flawless skin shine through with a barely-there look like Natalie Portman is sporting here.  The key to making this work: blemish-free skin. Don’t attempt it without it.

Wedding Make Up 5Photo credit: Love My Dress

5. Ethereal forest princess

Add a little bit of shine and shimmer in gold shadows and a delicate pink lip and cheeks, and you have yourself a super pretty face for the runway…your aisle! Tip: Dust some body shimmer over your chest, shoulders and arms for a subtle luminescence.

Vintage Wedding Hair 6Photo Credit: FashionDiva

6. Vintage smoky eye

This show-stopping wedding makeup look amps up the eyes in a major way with a full brow line, black full-shadow cat eyes, and a medium-pink lip that complements in a big way.

Wedding Make Up 7Photo credit: Iddavanmunster.com

7. Retro fabulous

If you like to channel the 1950s in your daily wardrobe and makeup application, why not go for it for your wedding day as well? This look dons a bold red lip and black liquid-liner cat eyes with a neutral eye shadow. Va-va-voom!

Wedding Make Up 8Photo Credit: LaurenFliddell

8. Fresh and bridal

This is the quintessential bridal look — natural, yet done, and 100-percent pretty.

Red Lipstick Make UpPhoto credit: Codrean Photography

9. Red lip lovely

Oh, hello, beautiful! Red lipstick makes this bridal makeup style a total “wow.”

Wedding Make Up 10

Photo credit: Kemi Kings Beauty

10. Regal bride

Look closely and you’ll see hints of colour around this Queen-worthy bridal look. The hints of the shimmery green paired with a dark-brown eye and sugary-pink lip equals perfection.

What bridal makeup look are you going with for your wedding?

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