Wedding Colour Inspiration: It’s Red Hot Up In Here!

Poppy Red Bridal AttireThis week kicks off another month and, therefore, another exciting blog theme…this month, we’re all about the summer wedding colours! We’ll have tons and tons of seasonal inspirations from REAL weddings and real-wedding products (that you can buy! Yippee!) to share with you. Ooh, lady, here we go…

First up is RED. It’s so hot right now. You might think, hmm, red is more of an autumn or winter shade, isn’t it? Oh contraire, ma chere! Red is pretty for summer with its bright snaps in shades of cherry, watermelon, coral and poppy. Check it…

amelie red day invitationColour of Love

When you think of red hues, what image typically emerges in your mind? Red roses, right?!! Yesssss! Play up bright summer reds and introduce your wedding colour theme with the Amelie Day Invitation, which features lovely garden roses in watercolours. With a lil tug of the matching red ribbon, your wedding details are revealed. Tada! 

This invite not taking your fancy? There’s so much more waiting to be discovered when you visit Bride & Groom Direct. Whether you are looking to inject warmth into your wedding with a red coloured theme, or are in need of a design that matches your style, make sure to glean inspiration from our selection of wedding invitations!

red floral table decorationsPhoto Credit: Bridal Guide

Go Coral Crazy!

Who says your summer nuptials need florals? Choosing red coral as your centrepieces is a total save on the wedding mula. The trick here is to pick different shapes of coral – short and stout and long and lean do the trick!

bridal attirePhoto Credit: thearmorofGod

Cherry Picked

Every bridey-face needs an outfit for the day-of-getting-ready party…ya know, when the girls and your mum hang together and one-by-one get their hair and makeup done and finally, help you get dressed. It’s sort of a long day if you are having an afternoon or evening ceremony. So why not don this adorbs number in cherry red while you’re at it?!

ladies in redPhoto Credit:

Ladies in Red

First of all, we can’t even take how adorable this shot is. We would like to attend this wedding, right now, it looks SO much fun. Wildflowers and retro dresses and guys with shorts and ties. Love, love, love. But let’s zero in on those lovely ladies in red. Pretty!

bridal head attirePhoto Credit:  thehoneycomb

Hair Apparent

OK, we are slightly obsessed with Etsy today, teehee! Here’s another red gem we just came across — how perfect for a bohemian wedding. Seriously stylish, woman!

red runnerPhoto Credit: Jessmy

Ribbons of Red

And while we’re on the subject of hair…sort of a stretch, but ribbons go in hair…so that’s our connection here. Stay with us… How about using a fabulous red-lace ribbon in your wedding décor? Whether you use it in your hair or wrap it around your bouquet or favours, it’s a stunning and sexy touch.

food fingerPhoto Credit:

Finger Foods

A cute and more subtle touch is even bringing your love affair with the colour red into your cocktail hour apps or first course. It also happens to be a healthy touch since beautiful red foods include baby tomatoes, cherries, apples and red peppers. Delish!

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