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Wow. Talk about an amazing response! You may recall we held a proposal stories competition at the beginning of April. Never in a million years did we expect to receive this many beautiful proposal tales, and each and every one blew us away.

Unfortunately, there can only be one winner. After whittling down the entries to our Top 10, arguments were on the horizon as the Bride & Groom team tried to pick just one winner.

This meant only one thing. Open the vote to our wonderful Brides to be!

Below you will see two boxes. The first is the box where you can read each of the Top 10 stories (chosen by us!). After picking your favourite, you can then go on to the second box and vote for your winner.

The voting will close on Sunday 18th May and the winner will be announced on Monday 19th May 2014.

Please be warned: Some will make you laugh and some will make you cry! Enjoy.

Congratulations Stacee!

This is her beautiful story of an engagement in… (I won’t spoil it!)


For my 21st birthday, my partner handed me a beautiful pink box. When I opened it there was a big red cooking apple sitting in amongst loads of paper. I was really confused as to why he had bought me an apple. For a second I actually thought he had bought me a micro pig! He told me if I was confused that I would have to look further into the pink box. When I got to the bottom of it, there was a sheet of paper. It was booking confirmation for the two of us to go to New York with a little booklet. I could not believe it! It was where I had always dreamed of going.

A few months later we were in New York. My partner knew I had always wanted to go and that the one sight I really had to see was The Statue of Liberty. We walked around it completely amazed. It was breath-taking! As we had almost finished walking around the statue my partner turned to me and said ‘I have to speak to you, come take a seat’. Everything ran through my head at this point. I even thought he was going to break up with me or tell me he had met someone else. My heart was pounding (God knows how he must have felt). I took the seat and when I looked up there he was – On one knee, box opened showing a beautiful diamond ring and right under The Statue of Liberty!

Safe to say I said yes and instead of staying on the Island at the Statue, we caught the ferry and went back to call our families.
Everyone back home knew what was happening and I hadn’t the faintest idea!

Since then, we have moved into our own house and also welcomed our first Daughter Mia into the world. We are getting married in February 2016 so our daughter will make the perfect flower girl!

  • Kat

    Such a beautiful couple with such a heart warming story. Love you guys xxx

  • Rebecca

    This is a traditional and beautiful happy ending which is highly admirable and beautiful. Made me cry!

  • Joanne

    Amazing proposal lucky girl

  • Amy mitchell

    Beautiful story Stacee Muir xx

  • nikki harris

    Such a lovely couple both lovely people and the loveliest proposal, Anthony very romantic. Beautiful and very special xxxx

  • jean Moore

    Beautiful and so romantic the best by far

  • Ashleigh Gallacher

    Good luck to my amazing best friends stacee and Vinnie.
    An amazing couple with such a great story!! Bloody hard keeping the secret of us all knowing what was going to happen from stacee. Time felt like it dragged by not hearing any new but was worth it in the end eh Vinnie??
    Good luck guys Love you’s Xxxx

  • Andrew

    Go Naomi & Scott….great story

  • Jennifer

    Naomi & Scott to win – woop woop xx

  • Moira Brewis

    Good luck Hayley & Alexandra ❤️
    Everyone you both know are So Excited for you! Such wonderful proposals…… You will make Absolutely Stunning Brides

  • sharon ker

    Stacee and vinnie to win they r an amazing young mum n dad xxxx

  • Carol Cook

    Great story. Trying to vote but I don’t think it’s happening. :-(

  • elaine

    Please vote for story 9……both are very deserving and are both fighting personal battles x x

  • robbie

    Vote for Scott an Naomi

  • Laura Kerr

    Story 3 to win lovely hard working young couple xxx

  • Kathryn keaveney

    Vote Stacey and vinnie

  • Jo Goodier-bray

    Number 10, to win..
    Scott & Naomi, beautiful couple. ❤️

  • Tracey Keaveney

    Good luck Stacee & Vinnie

  • debbie

    such a lovely true life story good luck guys :) x

  • Helen

    Good Luck!

  • Catherine Friel

    I vote for Stacee and Viney xx Good Luck

  • Suzanne Scott

    Stacee & Vinnie to win!!!!!!
    Beautiful couple who are truly in love . Suz x

  • Margaret

    Good Luck

  • Charlotte joy

    Story 8 beautiful loving couple… Definitely has my vote !!

  • Sonia

    two wonderful people please vote for my granddaughter, she is amazing. love you

  • rob

    story 8