Save the Date Cards for Traditional Brides

Save the Date Cards for Traditional Brides

Traditional brides are attracted to the classic things in life. They want a timeless wedding that showcases their great taste — an affair to remember! Traditional brides are most definitely wearing white. Not choosing a destination wedding and are likely leaning towards having a big wedding. Filled with the faces of not only the bride and groom’s family and friends, but also friends of their parents. 

A traditional bride probably has been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She appreciates all of the age-old traditions that come with a wedding extravaganza. From the bouquet toss to the father-daughter dance. There’s no skimping on the details, either — this is HER day, after all! Just like her dress, she chooses classic wedding colours, such as white and pastels, and a dress-up affair over a casual one. 

Speaking of sophistication, the following are a few traditional save the date cards that we’ve hand picked for a classic wedding.

Pearlesque Save the Date CardThe Pearlesque Save the Date Card boasts a stark-white pearlescent finish. With raised hearts on the front that bring in a hint of sweetness.

Sophistication Save the Date CardSophistication Save the Date Card has clean lines and subtle borders in monotone gold. This is not over-the-top shiny and has just the right amount of metallic for a traditional bride.

Eternal Save the Date CardIt can’t get more simple and classic than the flat Eternal Save the Date Card. With it’s white-is-so-right hue and black ink colour in traditional fonts.

Romance Save the Date CardFor a classic save the date with some more obvious flair, choose the Romance Save the Date Card, which is bordered in an embossed, delicate filigree pattern.

Polka Dot Save the Date CardIf you are all about the polka dots and weaving this pattern into your wedding design and décor, the Polka Dot Save the Date Card is for you with its dainty imprints that border one side.

Whether you are looking for something traditional or want something exciting to kick off first interactions with your wedding, find hundreds of designs in our save the date ranges.

Are cards not your style? Bride & Groom Direct provide plenty of imaginative alternative to traditional card designs for sending to guests. Make sure to take a look at our wooden, metal and magnetic save the dates!