Borrow These “Something Old” Ideas for Your Wedding

Bride being fitted for her wedding dress

Weddings are about so many new things — new beginnings, new family, new décor, new dress, new suit and much more. But they are also seeped in personal and family history and tradition, and a celebration of “old” as well. If you are following the custom of something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue (it’s good luck, you know!), the “something old” might be the trickiest piece. Here are some different ideas that you can feel free to borrow for your wedding!

photo frame wedding charm

  1. The photo charm. Honour a relative, such as a grandmother, who could not be there on your wedding day by attaching a small framed photo charm to your bridal bouquet. Such a sweet touch…also a great photo opp.

Sparkling Shoes

  1. Your fave shoes. Who says you have to buy a new everything on your wedding day? Whether you’re going for rustic-cool with a pair of your favourite riding boots or glamtastic with your go-to blinged-out high heels, feel free to wear your trusty old pair (just make sure they are still looking spiffy enough to couple with your wedding dress).

vintage wedding dresses

  1. A vintage dress. You’re a vintage gal, so why not find a vintage dress? A real one, that is, not just a vintage-inspired dress. Google around for wedding dress consignment shops near you or find one online on sites, such as Sell My Wedding Dress.

Something Old Charm Bracelet

  1. Your mum’s blingy-di-bling. You’ve been getting into her jewellery box since you were a little girl — we think this is the perfect time (how could she say no?) to ask if you can actually borrow some of her fabulous jewellery for your wedding. Just make sure to return the items (or you’ll never hear the end of it).
rosemary beadsA family religious heirloom.

If you’re planning on a religious ceremony, it might be a nice touch to carry or somehow weave a family’s heirloom, such as a Rosary, into the day. We have a feeling your grandparents especially will love this little good-faith gesture ;)

Vintage Art Deco Paste Hair Comb

  1. Antique accoutrements. It’s time to go antiquing! Not for furniture or home goods, however — for things like a comb for your hair, bracelet, clutch or anklet. Antique accessories are a great addition to your pretty-perfect bridal look.

What are you choosing for your something old? Did you come up with a fabulous or sentimental idea? We’d love to hear about it!