10 Ways to Seal your Wedding!

Wedding Favour Boxes with Seals

Put your stamp on it! The first thing guests see before opening your wedding save the date, invitation, thank you card or wedding favour is the seal holding it all together. It’s that small and classy bonus touch that really makes a visual difference on your paper items.

10 Exciting Wedding Envelope Seal Ideas

The seal can represent everything from your wedding style and theme to the location and even highlight religious beliefs. We have selected 10 varied seal styles for you to choose from to personalise your stationery to perfection.


1. Share the loveClear and Gold Amor Seals

The Greek god of love, Eros, was also known as “Amor”. So bi-lingual of you, add a top-notch touch these Clear & Gold Amour Seal.


2. Rosy outlookSilver Round Rose Seals

Give your guests a sneak peak of your top flower choice for your wedding to complement your floral style with the Round Rose Seals.


3. Set them freeGold Embossed Dove Seals

The two doves on the Gold Embossed Dove Seals carry your save the dates from your doorstep to theirs.


4. Ring it inSilver Ring Seals

Representing your upcoming nuptials (you know, wedding bands, two becoming one, the whole thing!) and your modern bridal style, fall in love with these Silver Ring Seals


5. Amen to thatGold Embossed Cross Seals

show your thanks for their blessings and gifts on their thank you cards with the Gold Embossed Cross Seals.


6. Full of loveLove... Seals

Romantic, classic or bold, this seal fits any bridal style. It is simple and elegant, yet brings a dose of shine in either gold or silver. Show your love with these Love…Seals.


7. Couple upGold Embossed Couple Seals

Nothing is more appropriate than a letter seal that features a bride and groom and has the look of a royal wedding. Afterall you definitely are deserving of the Gold Embossed Couple Seal!


8. Beach brideIsland Paradise Seals

Doing a destination wedding? The Island Paradise Seals show off your exotic theme and location. (We’d like to be there with you right now.)


9. Pushing daisiesGold Embossed Daisy Seals

You won’t find anything sweeter than these Gold Embossed Daisy Seals. We like them for a garden party or rustic wedding affair.


10. Love and happinessSilver Love and Happiness Seals

Stick them on favours or thank you cards to showcase your happy spirit and gratitude to your guests. Go online to to order these Silver Love & Happiness Seals.

Affordable Wedding Seals Waiting To Be Discovered

Apply the finishing touches to your wedding invitations by adorning the envelopes with a seal that represents you and your partner’s spirit. Bride & Groom Direct ensure luxury detailing goes into every letter seal without it costing a fortune. Save yourself money when you shop the wedding seal collection.

Are you sealing your wedding? Or do you have any alternative ideas? We’d love you to share your wedding photos with us! Leave us a comment below or post on our Facebook.