Etiquette Lesson: Five Wedding Rules You Are Allowed To Break


Etiquette Lesson: Five Wedding Rules You Are Allowed To Break

Weddings - Breaking Traditions (by soundman1024)

The modern couple no longer has to follow all the traditional wedding rules that have been passed down the line for decades. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise and go with whatever feels right to you for your big day.

Here are our top five rule breakers of 2018!
Wearing White

Wedding Dress with Red Ribbon Accent

These days, all of the top designers are creating colourful concoctions – some from head to toe. Others just the dress’ accents like a red sash or gold embellishments. Making it easier for you to have some gorgeous gown options if all white is not your thing.

You may simply not like the colour or don’t think it works well with your skin tone. Or maybe you are over-the-moon for pink and that’s that. Alternatively, perhaps it’s not your first dance down the aisle. Ladies embarking on their second marriage might want to play with a hue other than white.

Whatever your reason, here are a few of the designers shaking things up with some cool hues:

  • Vera Wang creates dreamy, avant-garde works of art with each of her gowns. She certainly isn’t afraid to push the envelope, spanning the spectrum from blush and skin-toned all the way to all black. Check out her Autumn 2012 collection here.
  • Claire Pettibone is the epitome of “haute hippy” with her couture bohemian gowns that look like they were made for a fairy bride (in fact, one of her recent runway shows had a fairy theme!). We love her use of blushy pinks and golds. Flip through her look book here.
  • Way ahead of the curve, Monique Lhuillier’s been playing with pastels for years, and the upcoming Spring 2013 collection is no different. Take a look at her Dream dress, a blush Chantilly lace strapless corset gown with draped bodice and circular skirt. Stunning.
Parents names on Invitations

Classic Cake Wedding Invitation

A typical wedding invitation includes certain customary elements: the host line, request line, bride and groom line, date and time lines, location line and reception and R.S.V.P. lines.

These days, however, many bride and grooms are paying for their own big day or choosing a less-formal format, and may not wish to include the host line. Plus, evolving family structures (say, two sets of divorced parents) often make this a tricky part of the process.

If your parents are paying for your wedding, they might have something to say about an untraditional approach. But go with whatever makes you feel comfortable, and explain your reasoning gently to traditional old mum and dad. Start your search for the perfect wedding invitation for family and friends

Wedding Party Gender Seperates

Kissing the Bride's Hand by The Wedding Traveler

Is your bestie a lad? Is your groom’s a lady? It’s unconventional for sure, but you don’t have to force the same-gender rule anymore for your Maid of Honour or Best Man… you could have a Man of Honour or Best Woman!

You’ll want them to still coordinate their outfits with the rest of the wedding party (for picture purposes, people!) – your Man of Honour should look coordinated with the rest of the groomsmen, for example, or vice versa.

Having a wedding cake

Wedding Cake Alternatives by Shauna Younge Dessert Tables

This might be the most FUN rule breaker of the bunch. Not digging an expensive, multi-tiered wedding cake? Say what, you don’t even like cake? Well then, this is your lucky year because now more than ever before there are tons of alternatives.

If you have a favourite sweet, serve it up! Cupcakes, tortes, cake balls (lollipop-style cake on a stick), doughnuts, chocolate bars (no, not a giant tray of Snickers – a buffet of sweets), cookies, ice cream, candy floss, toffee apples—the list is virtually endless. Don’t forget there are many imaginative ways to top and decorate your cake, with plenty on offer in the wedding cake decorations range.

Whatever you sweethearts desire, go for it! The personal connection you two have to your dessert is sure to make it a hit with wedding guests, too.