Destination Wedding Invites – Etiquette

Paradise Destination Wedding Invitation

Destination weddings have become increasingly popular as a way for couples to give their guests an unforgettable experience while enjoying one of their own. If you’re planning a magnificent destination wedding, you already have the perfect inspiration for your invitation theme! A creative wedding destination is the perfect partner for themed wedding invitations.

However, while your beloved is at the centre of all your wedding plans, having guests arrive on time is important as well. The logistics of a beach wedding in Mauritius or a winter wedding in a Swedish ice hotel means you must follow a few additional etiquette guidelines.


When do I Send them to my guests?Jetting Off Wedding Invitation

Your guests will love sharing your dream destination with you, and they’ll need enough time to plan. For many people, an impromptu vacation is an impossibility. Give those with tight schedules additional time with save-the-date notices sent four to six months before mailing invitations. These notices can fit with your theme as well; a Las Vegas wedding might be printed on playing cards, for example.

Holiday Ticket Wedding Invitation

For destination weddings, even official invitations tend to be less formal. One idea for a beach wedding is to roll invitations and pop them in bottles with a sprinkling of sand and a few tiny seashells for a castaway theme. While they’re certainly clever, these unorthodox invitations may take a bit longer to reach their recipients, so allow at least an extra two weeks for invitations that aren’t a standard shape, size or weight to arrive. Find amazing save the dates available online. Kick start your creativity by taking inspiration for your wedding abroad, check out an incredible range of wedding invitations.

What about extra details?

Directions cards that include a map of the region and detailed directions will ensure that your guests who’ve travelled such a long way to be with you on your special day don’t become lost a few blocks from the beach. These maps can also tie in with your theme; a Caribbean beach ceremony is a natural fit for a pirate-style map with a cross to mark the spot.

Direction Note Cards

You’ll probably include an information card too. These cards contain all the necessary information about accommodations in the area. If you’ve booked a block of rooms for your wedding guests and party, the card will include the details about reserving the blocked rooms. You may also choose to let your guests seek their own accommodations; if so, providing a list of hotels in the area is a thoughtful touch.


Which Wedding Invites Do I Send to my Guests?

Depending on your destination, your guests may need only their invitations and reply cards. It’s more likely, though, that your guests will need more information about the area, get your reply cards from B&G.