Unique Ideas for Save the Date Magnets

Inviting guests is one of the most important aspects of planning a wedding. Most brides and grooms want everyone they love to be able to attend their big day. Sending out save the date magnets about six months before the wedding gives guests enough time to book travel arrangements, take time off work and save money for the trip if they need to.

Calendar Save the Date Magnet

Save the date announcements have become standard, but most of the designs available are boring and monotonous. Unique wedding save the date magnets are a great way for couples to showcase their individual style and make a statement about their relationship while they are informing loved ones of their wedding date.

Photo Upload

Many save the date announcements include photos, and most couples include a single photo from an engagement photo shoot or memorable time. It can be interesting for a couple to use several photos of them doing fun things together like playing music or dancing.

Another creative idea is to include photos of the bride and groom from their childhoods. It’s fun to share baby and junior school photos, especially if the couple didn’t grow up in the same area. Including one or two photos of the bride or groom at about the same ages is a good idea. Too many photos on the fridge magnet will become overwhelming, so the photos should be chosen carefully.

Photo Upload Save the Date Magnet

Pictures of Destination

Couples who are having a destination wedding may want to choose a couple of pictures of their wedding destination on their magnets. These pictures are a fantastic way to introduce the destination to guests who have never been there. If the couple has visited their wedding location, they can include a picture of themselves enjoying that destination. Destination photos give guests an idea of what to look forward to when they attend the wedding.

Using Nature

A picture of the names of the bride and groom as well as their wedding date carved in sand gives their save the date a unique touch. Names and dates carved in a tree with a heart around them is another beautiful way to introduce your wedding date. These options are available online to the bride and groom so that they don’t have to actually carve their names and take pictures of the carvings.

Have Fun With Alternative Save The Date Ideas!

The most important aspect of creative save the date magnets is that they represent the couple who is getting married. Every couple is different, and their wedding is one of the best places for couples to showcase their uniqueness and what makes them special as individuals and as a couple. So you really should choose a save the date invite that’s speaks to you!

Save The Date Magnets & Cards Available Online

If you’re filled with inspiration, begin shopping for your alternative ideas in the save the date magnet collection.

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